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Best Business Check Printing Services (2022): Our Top 3 Picks

Issuing business checks to pay for operational expenses is the best option for businesses. A business check not only looks professional, but it is also linked directly to the company’s bank account. But with banks and online retailers both printing these, you might be wondering which of them could be the best business check printing services for your company. Deluxe, Checks Unlimited, and Checks For Less are our top 3 suggestions and we’ll explain it further in this article.

Best Business Check Printing Services Comparison Chart

NameDeluxeChecks UnlimitedChecks For Less
 best business checks for quickbooks - deluxebest business checks for quickbooks - checks unlimitedbest business checks for quickbooks - checksforless
PriceSee ChecksSee ChecksSee Checks
Year Started191519861996
Software IntegrationMore than 50QuickBooks®, Peachtree, Checkmark, MECA, Great Plains, Microsoft, Simply Money, and MicroEdgeClaims to have 100% software compatibility
Standard ChecksYesYesYes
Voucher ChecksYesYesYes
Away ChecksYesNoNo
Check Security FeaturesHigh Security Checks:
Anti-duplication, ink heat-sensitivity, true watermark, and chemical

Standard Security:
Microprint border, erasure protection, chemical sensitivity, security screen, and warning box
Securiguard® checks available

Standard security: Chemical Protection, Erasure Protection, Security Screen, and Microprint Signature Line
Warning Band, Padlock Icon, Mircroprinted lines, Security Pantographs, Security Screen, and MP Logo
Shipping & Production10 days for new logos and 2-3 days for most items7-14 days regular shipping, rush shipping option availableBetween 2-7 days depends on type of check with rush option available
Returns100% Satisfaction Guarantee100% Satisfaction Guarantee100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Better Business Bureau (BBB) RatingA+A+A+

Best Business Check Printing Services Considerations

The best business check printing services are those that have these.

Business checks can also be bought from online retailers.

Business checks can be conveniently requested from banks. The downside of this, however, is that banks often have limited check designs and features. Thus, business owners and small entrepreneurs that are very particular with branding order business checks from online retailers. Asking yourself the following questions will help you find the best business check printing service provider for your business.

  • Selection of designs. Do they have a wide range of design options that can match your company’s branding? Do they offer customization?
  • Accounting software integration. Are their checks compatible with the business software your company is using?
  • Security features. How many security features do they provide for standard pricing and how many for premium add-ons?
  • Website user-friendliness. Is it easy to browse through their website? Is the website design aesthetically pleasing?
  • Pricing, promos and discounts. Do they offer promo coupons, free shipping, and other discounts?
  • Ordering process, shipping, and return policies. How long does it take to receive your order? Do they provide a full refund for returns?

Deluxe – Best Business Check Printing Services For Most Software

Deluxe not only prints business checks but also sells office supplies.

deluxe business check printing services
Deluxe can print different types of business checks.

Deluxe has been a business check retailer since 1915. From then on, the business has grown to provide its clientele with checks like manual checks, ledger checks, continuous checks, and others. Office supplies can also be bought from the store’s website so they now serve as a one-stop-shop for all business needs.


  • BBB A+ rating
  • More than a century of experience in the industry
  • Huge inventory of designs for all check types
  • Provides business checks that are compatible for more than 50 platforms
  • As low as 51 pieces minimum quantity required
  • Clean and simple-to-use website


  • Priced higher compared to competitors
  • May be challenging to reach customer service

Checks Unlimited – Best Business Check Printing Services with The Most Promos

Checks Unlimited provides promos and discounts not only for business checks but for personal checks as well.

checks unlimited business check printing services
Checks Unlimited’s website has a separate tab for Special Offers.

Checks Unlimited takes pride in being the first direct-mail check printer in the country. From having a mere 13 check design gallery when they started in 1986, the check printer service provider now has over 70 personal check designs. They also print address labels and check accessories. Our only concern about ordering business checks from Checks Unlimited is the website layout and design. It is obviously outdated and this is probably the reason why the business check gallery is hosted on the site’s subdomain.


  • BBB A+ rating
  • Has special offers and promo codes
  • Mid-range price tiers


  • Website needs updating
  • Ordering starts at 500 pieces

Checks For Less – Best Printing Service For Custom Business Checks

Checks for Less has the most affordable packages for business check printing.

checksforless.com business check printing services
Checks For Less checks are compatible with over 4,500 software applications.

Checks for Less was founded only in 1996 but already has a good customer base. Thanks to the printing business started by John and Cindy LeFevre over 40 years ago. To date, the company has served more than 500,000 businesses nationwide.

Checks for Less is one of the new players in the field, so to speak. Nevertheless, the company has already catered to over 500 thousand businesses with their checks, envelopes, stamps, and other office supplies. What makes them standout from the rest is their Software Compatibility Guarantee where they will match their check with the requirements of the platform. All the customer has to do is to provide a voided check.


  • Better Business Rating A+
  • Lowest prices guaranteed
  • Offers full customization of business checks
  • Has complete guide to ordering business checks online


  • Limited displayed designs on its website
  • Website can use some improvements


Deluxe emerges as the best business check printing service among the group.

best business checks for quickbooks - deluxe
best business checks for quickbooks - checks unlimited
best business checks for quickbooks - checksforless

Deluxe is our top pick for this round-up. We not only appreciate the fact that it has over 400 designs for all types of business checks but also because they sell office supplies. The website is clean and easy to use. The filters help a lot in searching for a specific check type or software compatibility. Their checks may be pricier compared to others but they accept orders of as low as 51 pieces. By the way, we have also chosen Deluxe as the supplier of the best business checks for QuickBooks.

Checks Unlimited and Checks For Less are definitely good alternatives as both offer more affordable business checks. We believe that new entrepreneurs may benefit more from having their business checks printed from either of these two suppliers.


📌 When should I use a business check?

It is best to use a business check to pay for expenses incurred in operating your business so as to avoid touching your personal funds. Also, issuing a business check add to your company’s trustworthiness since it looks more professional.

📌 Where can I order my business checks?

You can order from your bank or from online retailers. While it is convenient to just order from the bank, you will be able to save more from check printing service providers. You may also be able to request customizations that are specific to your software.

📌 Why should I order my business checks online?

Online retailers of business checks offer a wide variety of security features. Examples of these are anti-duplication ghost watermarks, fluorescent fibers, scanning prevention, etc.

📌 Can I print my own business checks?

It is legal but it is not recommended. Checks are printed with magnetic ink. While there are office supply stores that sell check printing kits, the best business check printing services have security features that you may not be able to print on your own.

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