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Best Business Checks With Logos (2022): Who Should Customize Your Checks?

A great way to boost your company’s reputation is by using business checks. Put your company logo on them and you’ll look even more professional to your clients and business associates. While customizing them with your logo will set you back a bit more, the added cost is worth it if you want to be perceived a certain way. To help you figure out who you should order your business checks from, here’s a roundup of the best printing services who do a great job at customizing.

Best Business Checks With Logos Comparison Chart

NameDeluxeChecks UnlimitedVistaprint
 Deluxe chartChecks Unlimited Business Checks ReviewVistaprint chart
PriceCheck Price at DeluxeCheck Price at Check UnlimitedCheck Price at Vistaprint
CPSA CompliantYesYesNo
Customization Options5 standard designs and 8 premium designs14 designsWide range of highly customizable designs
Shipping CostPrices vary depending on orderFree standard deliveryFree standard delivery for orders above $75
Money Back GuaranteeYesYesNo


The best customizable business checks overall.

Deluxe company overview
Deluxe’s business checks are high quality, secure, and highly customizable.

Deluxe tops our list because no one else has as much experience as they do. Having been in business for a hundred years, they’ve proven themselves to be a trusted printer of business checks. Not only is the quality of their products top tier, but they’re also able to do customizations such as putting your company’s logo on your business checks for a premium look. They guarantee all orders too, promising to replace or reprint if you’re not satisfied for whatever reason. Most importantly, their checks are secure, equipped with anti-fraud features such as a safety hologram, heat-sensitive ink, chemical-wash detection area, true watermark, and erasure protection.

You can choose from a wide range of products at Deluxe’s website, including manual, laser, and electronic business checks. In addition, you can order as little as 50 checks or as much as 3,000, making them ideal for both small and large businesses. Ordering online is an easy and straightforward process.

Checks Unlimited

The best customizable CPSA-compliant business checks.

You can save up to 18% when you order online from Checks Unlimited.

If you want CPSA-compliant business checks but don’t want to fork over a hefty sum of money, Unlimited Checks is the way to go. To give you an idea of their rates, they have a starting price of $84 for 500 checks. Not only are they the cheapest service provider in this category, but their business checks are also a lot more customizable than their direct competitors’. If you want to showcase your logo, for example, they can do just that for you for a custom price. Just a little tip, you can shave 18% off your total checkout price when you order your business checks online via Unlimited Check’s website.

Aside from their good standing with the CPSA, lower rates, and higher customizability, their business checks are compatible with more accounting software too. You can use them with programs like Peachtree, Simply Money, and Checkmark, allowing you to keep an accurate record for easy filing of taxes.


The most customizable business checks.

Vistaprint business checks
Vistaprint offers dozens of customization options, styles, and themes.

With Vistaprint’s endless customization options, you can make your business checks look exactly the way you want them to so that they can represent your branding well. Whatever style or theme you want to go for, whether elegant, professional, fun, or whimsical, they’ll be able to run with your ideas and print them into reality. Of course, your logo and additional messaging can be added to your business checks too. Do note, however, that this level of customizability comes with a steep price tag, making Vistaprint the most expensive printing service on this list. The ballpark figure for 50 checks is $37.

Aside from highly customizable business checks, Vistaprint offers a wide selection of other business supplies and marketing materials too such as business cards, stickers, flyers, brochures, you name it. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you could possibly need to promote your business.


The best customizable business checks for reordering.

Walmart business checks
Walmart’s business checks are affordable and customizable.

Walmart isn’t just for retail goods because if you didn’t know, they print business checks too. What’s great is that you can get them at the same level of affordability as other Walmart services and products. It’s just $49.96 for 500 checks which is significantly cheaper than what you can get from other printing providers. And surprisingly enough, Walmart can even customize your laser business checks to include your logo and a message if you’d like.

The best part about Walmart’s customized business checks is how efficient the ordering process is for repeat customers. When you’re out of business checks, they’ll just ask for your account number, bank routing number, and zip code. They’ll then have your custom checks ready for reorder within a matter of seconds.


Customizing your business checks with your company logo gives them a more professional look.


Best customizable checks overall

Deluxe verdict

Checks Unlimited

Best affordable customizable checks

best business checks for quickbooks - checks unlimited

Deluxe is way ahead of the pack given their extensive experience in the industry, the unparalleled quality of their business checks, and the security features they’ve put in place. Of course, they wouldn’t be the winner if not for their high level of customizability. That said, they can be a little expensive. For something more affordable, you can turn to Checks Unlimited instead which offers customizable CPSA-compliant business checks at budget-friendly prices.

As for Vistaprint, it’s best to tap them if you want a very specific design that goes perfectly with your company’s branding. Aside from their impressive ability to customize, they also offer a bunch of other business supplies so you can get everything you need to promote your business from them. As for those who always find themselves out of business checks, it’s easy to repurchase from Walmart. Thanks to their efficient setup, your custom checks will be ready for reordering within seconds.


📌 Are Deluxe’s business checks reliable?

Yes. Having been in business for a hundred years, Deluxe has solidified their reputation as a leading printer of checks and paper forms. In fact, they’re known as “the check company” that delivers high-quality and professional business checks.

📌Does Walmart make business checks?

Aside from retail goods, Walmart also prints business checks. They can customize them for you as well by putting your logo and a message.

📌Who prints the most affordable CPSA-compliant business checks?

If you’re on a tight budget, you can turn to Checks Unlimited which offers customizable CPSA-compliant business checks at budget-friendly prices.

📌Can Vistaprint customize their business checks?

Yes. Vistaprint’s business checks are highly customizable, plus they offer a wide range of styles and themes.

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