About Us

Compare Before Buying is a comparison of the best gadgets, gear and software for shoppers who don’t want the hassle of trying to figure out which is the best choice. Whether you’re looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, wireless headphones or a portable generator, we make deciding between products easier with handy comparison charts and detailed reviews.

Our comparisons and recommendations are created through countless hours of research, testing and evaluation by teams of experienced journalists, researchers and consumer product experts. Think of Compare Before Buying as the go-to guide when trying to decide on an important spending decision, and the nerdy friend who knows way too much about all sorts of gadgets and software programs. Our purpose is to make buying decisions less stressful so you can spend more time enjoying your life to the fullest.

We take pride in maintaining the highest journalistic integrity and standard in our articles, and we continue to maintain editorial independence in all of our business operations. Our reviews and comparisons are always created entirely by our editorial team and without any input from our revenue team.

So you compare the best of everything?

We cover an ever expanding range of consumer products and services in our detailed comparisons and reviews. Our editorial and research teams contain experts across countless product categories with years of experience in reviewing consumer goods.

We focus on products and services that our readers are most interested in. We don’t always recommend the most expensive option, or the one with the most bells and whistles. We choose our recommendations based on what we think will work best for people in the long term and fit nicely into their day-to-day lives. We understand the importance of making the right spending decision and don’t make any recommendations lightly.

The recommendations and choices we make take countless hours of detailed research and investigation. In addition to the expertise of our writing team, we draw upon knowledge and data obtained from interviews, research reports and real buyer feedback. When necessary we also employ the help of specialist subject-matter experts. We also spend hours reading through verified customer reviews to inform our decisions, as what matters to regular shoppers is most likely going to matter to our readers as well. You’ll notice the most of the products we recommend aren’t top-of-the-range overpriced models; instead we focus on quality and affordability and will only recommend higher priced products when it’s justified.

All the recommendations you’ll find on our site are the same that we’d make to our own friends and family, and the same products and services we use ourselves on a daily basis.

Do affiliate commissions influence your recommendations?

Straight up: Our writers and editors are not informed about which brands or companies our business development team have established affiliate relationships with, and as a result they are not influenced in any way when making their recommendations.

When readers choose to buy the products and services we recommend after reading our detailed articles, our work is often supported by an affiliate commission from the retailer when a purchase is made through one of our links. If one of our readers makes a purchase but isn’t happy with their decision and decides to make a return or refund, we will not make anything. As a result, there’s no incentive for us to recommend inferior products or services on the basis of affiliate commission. In fact, we strive to recommend the best products that our readers will enjoy and continue to use for many years. We believe this is a fair system that keeps us fully committed to serving the interests of our readers.

For us, the most important thing is the trust and relationship we’ve built with our readers. If we started promoting or recommending products based on our biases or external influences, our readers would quickly lose faith and stop supporting our work. We always welcome our readers to fact-check and provide feedback on our articles, since we are always open to suggestions and improvements to the way in which we present our comparisons.

What if the comparison I want isn’t on your site?

Send us an email to [email protected] if you need assistance making a particular spending decision. Or if you have a recommendation for a comparison that you think our readers would be interested in. Our staff – comprised of intelligent and thoughtful people from across three continents – would love to help you.