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Best Business Checks for QuickBooks (2022): Top 3 Recommendations

One of the many strategies small businesses and new entrepreneurs do to keep their operations systematic and cost-efficient is to use accounting software programs like QuickBooks®. This software has become popular among businessmen because it can also write business checks. Thus, we have come up with a list of the best business checks for QuickBooks that businessmen can consider when printing business checks.

Our top three recommendations are Deluxe, Checks Unlimited, and Checks For Less.

Best Business Checks for QuickBooks® Comparison Chart

NameDeluxeChecks UnlimitedChecks For Less
 best business checks for quickbooks - deluxebest business checks for quickbooks - checks unlimitedbest business checks for quickbooks - checksforless
PriceSee ChecksSee ChecksSee Checks
Year Started191519861996
Available Checks for QuickBooks®2559
Other Software IntegrationMore than 50 platformsCheckmark, Great Plains, Microsoft, MECA, MicroEdge, Peachtree, and Simply MoneyCan customize according to software requirements
Standard ChecksYesYesYes
Voucher ChecksYesYesYes
Away ChecksYesNoNo
Check Security FeaturesHigh Security Checks: Anti-copy technology, safety hologram, heat-sensitive ink, chemical wash detection, and true watermark

Standard Security: Chemically sensitive paper, microprint border, erasure protection, security screen, and warning box
Securiguard® checks available

Standard security: Chemical Protection, Erasure Protection, Security Screen, and Microprint Signature Line
Warning Band, Security Pantographs, Padlock Icon, Microprinted lines, MP Logo, and Security Screen
Shipping & Production2-3 days for most items; at least 10 days for new logos7-14 days with rush shipping option available2-7 days depending on type of check with rush shipping option available
Returns100% Satisfaction Guarantee; Full credit, replacement, or refund available with 90 days100% Satisfaction Guarantee100% Satisfaction Guarantee; Full credit, replacement, or refund available with 90 days
Better Business Bureau (BBB) RatingA+A+A+

Business Checks for Quickbooks®

There are three types of business checks that can be printed through QuickBooks.

QuickBooks® compatible laser checks can be ordered through online retailers.

Business checks are used by nearly all businesses in paying for expenses incurred in their day-to-day operations. There are many advantages in using business checks. For example, business checks are directly linked to the company’s bank account unlike personal checks. Also, they look more professional and adds to the company’s trustworthiness.

The QuickBooks® accounting software is compatible with three types of checks, and these are:

  • Voucher checks. These business checks are often used for payroll as the check page has two stubs that can be torn off. One stub is kept by the employer and the other stub is given to the employee.
  • Standard checks. These are business checks commonly used by regular vendors. One page contains three business checks.
  • Away checks. These business checks are similar to standard checks except that they are hole punched and kept in a 3-ring office binder for easy record keeping.

Deluxe – Best Business Check For QuickBooks® and 50 Other Platforms

Deluxe not only prints business checks but also sells office supplies.

deluxe best business checks for quickbooks
Deluxe’s online shop has a simple and clean layout.

Deluxe is one of the earliest business checks retailers having been in the industry since 1915. Aside from printing business checks, the company also prints deposit slips, business forms, poster signs, and other office essentials. Their shop’s inventory is impressive as is the number of business platforms their business checks can be integrated with.


  • One of the oldest in the business
  • Has a BBB A+ rating
  • Website has layout that’s pleasing to the eyes
  • Online shop is user-friendly
  • Business checks can be integrated with more than 50 platforms
  • Has all types of QuickBooks® compatible business checks
  • Minimum quantity starts at 51 pieces


  • Reaching customer support is a challenge
  • Business checks have higher pricing compared to others

Checks Unlimited – Best Business Checks For QuickBooks® with Special Offers

Checks Unlimited has a lot of coupons and promos available.

checks unlimited business checks for quickbooks checks
Checks Unlimited’s website needs updating.

Checks Unlimited started its business in 1986 as the first direct-mail check printer. From only having 13 check designs, this online retailer now has over 70 check designs in its gallery. However, only 5 can be integrated with QuickBooks®. We also noticed that the business checks online store is hosted in a subdomain with an outdated layout. It may be alright for their long-time customers but it may be unattractive for new customers.


  • BBB A+ rating
  • Various promos and money-saving coupons are always available
  • Mid-range prices


  • Outdated business checks online store
  • Minimum quantity is 500 pieces
  • Limited checks compatible with QuickBooks®

Checks For Less – Most Affordable Business Checks For QuickBooks®

Checks for Less has the lowest price tiers for QuickBooks® business checks.

checksforless.com best business checks for quickbooks
Checks For Less promises software compatibility guarantee to its customers.

Checks for Less is one of the new players in the field, so to speak. Nevertheless, the company has already catered to over 500 thousand businesses with their checks, envelopes, stamps, and other office supplies. What makes them standout from the rest is their Software Compatibility Guarantee where they will match their check with the requirements of the platform. All the customer has to do is to provide a voided check.


  • Better Business Rating A+
  • One of the more affordable online retailers
  • Provides a helpful guide in ordering business checks on their website


  • Limited QuickBooks® compatible business checks


Deluxe is our top pick for this Best Business Checks for QuickBooks® round-up.

best business checks for quickbooks - deluxe
best business checks for quickbooks - checks unlimited
best business checks for quickbooks - checksforless

Each of the business checks retailers that we featured in this list have their own strengths and weakness. Still, we consider Deluxe as the online retailer that offers the best business checks for QuickBooks®. Using their online portal is pretty straightforward and you can easily filter QuickBooks® from the Software Compatibility sidebar. They also offer all three kinds of business checks and these can be integrated with QuickBooks®.

Meanwhile, Checks Unlimited and Checks For Less are still worthy runner-ups in our opinion. Checks Unlimited may have limited business check designs and a website that’s not too attractive, but they do offer a whole lot of choices for personal checks. Checks for Less, meanwhile, has the most affordable price tag among the three but still has fewer designs compared to our top choice.

If you’re still looking for other options, we have a related article that may also help you on where to order business checks online.


đź“Ś What is the difference between personal and business checks?

Personal checks are linked to your personal bank account. On the other hand, business checks are used to pay for expenses using the company’s funds because it is associated with the company’s bank account.

đź“Ś Are business checks also available from banks?

Yes, but typically it is more expensive than ordering online. Moreover, online retailers often produce business checks faster than banks.

đź“Ś Is it safe to use business checks bought from online retailers?

Online retailers of business checks offer a wide variety of security features. Examples of these are anti-duplication ghost watermarks, fluorescent fibers, scanning prevention, etc.

đź“Ś What is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is an accounting software commonly used by small businesses and nonprofits. With its cloud-based features, entrepreneurs can easily share the company’s accounting data with other employees, CPAs, and tax professionals.

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