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Leesa vs Amerisleep (2021): Which Mattress is Better For You?

A well-rested mind and body are essential for overall health. This is why choosing a mattress that you can comfortably sleep on becomes very important. And in the mattress industry, two brands are often trusted by buyers who are looking not only for comfort but quality and affordability, as well. In this review, we will feature these two reputable brands, Leesa and Amerisleep, to help you choose which mattress suits your needs best.

Leesa vs Amerisleep Comparison Chart

 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Mattress TypesStudio, Original, and HybridFoam and Hybrid
Sizes AvailableTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California KingTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
Height10-12 inches (depends on model)10-14 inches (depends on model)
FirmnessMedium-Firm5 firmness levels
Sleep Trial100 days100 days
Warranty10 years limited warranty10 years limited warranty + 10 years prorated warranty

Design and Construction

Both the Leesa and Amerisleep mattresses promise to cater to every kind of sleeper.

Both the Leesa (left) and Amerisleep (right) mattresses are American-made.

Leesa and Amerisleep are two American mattress brands that have carved a name for itself in the sleep industry. It is not surprising at all since both companies have made it their mission to improve their mattress design to cater to all kinds of sleepers.

The Original Leesa mattress has three layers of foam and each foam serves to provide comfort, contour, and core support. Wrapping it is Leesa’s iconic four-stripe cover that has fire-resistant qualities. Meanwhile, the Leesa Hybrid mattress has high-grade memory foam and premium-grade steel pocket springs for additional edge support and body contouring.

An inside look on the foam layers of the Leesa mattress (left) and the Amerisleep mattress (right).

Amerisleep mattresses, on the other hand, are made with the company’s proprietary Bio-Pur memory foam that is partly made of plant-based material. With this special foam, overheating is avoided which is a common problem with standard memory foam mattresses.

Firmness and Over-all Comfort

While the sleep experts at Leesa set medium-firm foam for all their mattress models, the guys at Amerisleep classified their mattresses according to firmness and support.

All Leesa mattresses have a medium level of firmness.

Leesa has 4 kinds of mattresses to choose from (studio, original, hybrid, and legend). Interestingly, Amerisleep only has 2 mattress categories (memory foam and hybrid) but further divided these into 5 models classified according to firmness.

One can say that the makers of Leesa mattresses are confident they can still provide perfect comfort for all types of sleepers even while setting a universal level of mattress firmness. It can be an advantage for sleepers who do not have a particular preferred position or for those sharing beds with partners.

Amerisleep has 5 mattress models with different levels of firmness.

On the contrary, Amerisleep mattresses come in different models per mattress type and each has customized firmness and support features according to sleep styles:

  • AS1 for stomach and back sleepers
  • AS2 for back sleepers
  • AS3 for all sleep styles
  • AS4 for side sleepers
  • AS5 for those in need of the softest and most supportive mattress

Celliant Technology

Celliant Technology is supposed to aid the body’s recovery during sleep.

All Amerisleep mattresses are covered in Celliant cover.

Celliant fiber is a synthetic material that is often used in mattress covers, sheets, and blankets. Its name is derived from the words “cell” and “reliant” and what it basically does is to absorb energy from the cells, covert it to Far Infrared Radiation (FIR), and reflect the FIR back to the body. In doing so, body temperature, blood circulation, and tissue oxygenation is supposedly improved.

In this area, Amerisleep is the winner because their mattresses are covered in Celliant fiber. Leesa mattresses only have a cotton fabric cover that can either be quilted or combined with wool depending on the model.

Warranty and Value For Money

Amerisleep mattresses are priced higher and have longer warranty coverage than Leesa mattresses.

Amerisleep extends the usual 10-year warranty to another 10 years.

The warranty seals say it all, Amerisleep mattresses have a longer warranty coverage than Leesa mattresses. Then again, it would be important to note that both brands do have the same 10-year full replacement warranty. So for the first 10 years, both companies are willing to replace mattresses subject to specified limitations. Amerisleep, however, extends their warranty coverage for another 10 years but the cost of replacing mattresses is set at 50% of the original price and will of course be covered by the customer.

This extended warranty and other extras mentioned above are obviously some of the reasons why Amerisleep mattresses come with a higher price tag than Leesa mattresses.


Choosing between these two mattress brands will depend on your budget, sleep preferences, and other requirements.

Amazon product

Leesa mattresses are a good choice for sleepers who either have no particular sleep preference or switch from one position to another throughout the night. Most of their buyers are also co-sleeping with a partner or family member. Leesa’s universal level of firmness is also a plus for those buying a bed for a guest room or those buying beds for hotels or guest houses.

Amerisleep mattresses are more for buyers who prioritize comfort and sleep quality. They can also be sleepers who have chronic back, hip, or shoulder pain. It’s easy to choose a type of mattress that will suit a particular sleep style with this brand. Take note also that Amerisleep has other extra features that are not in Leesa mattresses such as the Celliant fiber cover and extended warranty package. All these make Amerisleep mattresses more expensive.


📌 Are Leesa and Amerisleep mattresses made of eco-friendly materials?

Yes. Both brands use eco-friendly materials certified by CertiPUR-US®.

📌 Can I try the mattress before I buy it?

You can always try their mattresses at any of Leesa or Amerisleep galleries or locations. Both brands have a 100-Night Sleep Trial so you can always return the mattress should you feel the need to.

📌 Is shipping free?

Both Leesa and Amerisleep deliver mattresses for free within the U.S.

📌 Do Leesa and Amerisleep sell bed frames, too?

Yes, both Leesa and Amerisleep sell bed frames as well as pillows, blankets, and beddings.

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