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Best Electric Bikes (2022): Which One Fits Your Lifestyle And Budget?

Electric bikes have gotten a bad rap over the years, seen as a tad gimmicky and way too expensive. But electric bikes have proven their worth and are now well-loved for how lightweight they are, how easy they are to use, and how much power they pack. Now, there are so many types in the market that serve as wonderful forms of transport for different kinds of people. If you can see yourself cruising around on an electric bike and would like to get your hands on one, we’ve rounded up the best models to help you out.

Best Electric Bikes Comparison Chart

NameSpecialized Turbo Vado SL EquippedVanMoof S3Tern GSD S00 LX
 Turbo Vado SL chartVanMoof S3 chartTern GSD chart
PriceCheck Price at SpecializedCheck Price at VanMoofCheck Price at Clever Cycles
MotorSpecialized SL 1.1, custom lightweight motorFront-wheel hub 250W โ€“ 350W with 59Nm of torqueBosch Cargo Line, 400% assist, 85 nm torque, max speed 20 mph
Battery Specialized SL1-320, fully integrated, 320Wh504Wh capacity Integrated LG cell, removable for servicingSingle battery 500 Wh
HandlebarsStout Mini Rise, alloy, 9-degree backsweep, 15mm rise, 31.8mmOne-piece adjustable handlebar and stemTern Sweep, 6061-AL, Tern Andros Adapted
SaddleBridge Sport, hollow cr-mo rails, 155mmOne-piece integrated designTern GSD by Velo, with rear handle
GearsShimano SLX, Rapidfire Plus, 12-speed, w/o OGDIntegrated automatic 4-speed hub, electronic automatic shiftingEnviolo SP
BrakesTektro HD-R510, hydraulic disc, 160mmFront and rear hydraulic disc brakesMagura MT5, 4-piston hydraulicdDisc, 180 mm rotor, sport pads brake

Specialized Turbo Vado SL Equipped

The Specialized Turbo Vado SL Equipped is the best electric bike overall.

Turbo Vado SL design
The Turbo Vado SL is equipped with a smart control system.

The Specialized Turbo Vado SL Equipped ticks off so many boxes so it bags the spot for best electric bike in our book. For starters, no one would take it for an electric bike given how compact it is. Somehow, they’ve managed to squeeze in a powerful motor and battery into a small frame that weighs no more than 33 pounds. Aside from being significantly lighter than traditional bikes, its versatility earns it plus points too. Because it’s a hybrid bike that’s equipped with flat handlebars, it’s easy ride it at different speeds on top of different surfaces.

The best thing about the Specialized Turbo Vado SL, however, is the fact that it makes cycling a safe and convenient experience. Thanks to its smart control system, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice before you’re able to get home nor do you have to manually adjust assistance while you’re driving. Also, its head tube is fitted with a hidden shock so that it’s less of a nasty experience when you run over potholes. This electric bike even has custom fenders that shield you from the rain.

VanMoof S3

The VanMoof S3 is the best electric bike under $2,000.

VanMoof S3 design
The VanMoof S3 supports Apple’s Find My app.

If you’re new to the world of electric bikes, it’s natural to be tight-fisted with your very first purchase. For those looking for the best electric bike under $2,000, the VanMoof S3 is a solid option. It offers great value for money considering that it already comes with a bunch of accessories such as built-in alarms and lights. This electric bike also proves that you don’t have to splurge so much for style. It’s quite a looker, designed with sleek lines and a floating rack. Also, you can do away with ugly bike chains because the VanMoof S3 supports Apple’s Find My app.

However, biking means knowing how to be your own mechanic but it’s quite hard to fiddle around with the VanMoof S3’s parts. That’s because a lot of it is proprietary and aren’t meant to be replaced. While it has that as a drawback, its price, style, and smooth ride make it hard to pass up. Also, the VanMoof S3 is a better match for taller riders. If you want something smaller that’s in the same price range, you can look into the VanMoof X3.

Ride1UP Core-5

The Ride1UP Core-5 is the best electric bike for seniors.

Ride1UP Core-5 design
The Ride1UP Core-5 has a step-through design for easy mounting and dismounting.

If there’s a senior in your life you’d like to buy an electronic bike for, the Ride1UP Core-5 is a reliable option you can consider. Equipped with gears and a powerful motor, it allows seniors to ride uphill and get a good workout in without getting too tired.

And because it’s a step-through bike with step-back handlebars, seniors will have no problem mounting or dismounting it, plus it encourages them to maintain proper posture while they’re riding. Most importantly, the Core-5 is easy to control, ensuring the safety of seniors at all times. To top things off, the Core-5 is an affordable, entry-level electronic bike that won’t take a huge toll on your wallet.

One drawback of this electronic bike, however, is the set-up process. It might be a little too tedious for seniors to assemble so it would be best to offer them a hand. There a bunch of tutorials on Core-5’s website though and their customer support is excellent so those things should help.

Metakoo Cybertrack 100

The Metakoo Cybertrack 100 is the best electric bike on Amazon.

Metakoo Cybertrack 100 design
The Metakoo Cybertrack 100 only takes around 3 hours to charge fully.

If you don’t want to look beyond Amazon for an electric bike, the number one bestseller on there is the Metakoo Cybertrack 100. An affordable, entry-level electric bike, it has a 350W motor, a 375Wh battery, and a top speed of 20mph. While it definitely won’t win any races if put against the more powerful models out there, it’ll do nicely for leisurely off-road or trail riding. But because it’s more for casual riders than serious or advanced ones, it’s kind of overkill for this electric bike to have 21 speeds. Even experienced riders are used to switching between just 7 speeds.

However, the Metakoo Cybertrack 100 does have one neat feature that everyone will appreciate. It comes with a 4A charger which is way more than what you’d expect from a budget electric bike. This means that you only need around 3 hours to fully charge its battery. And with every charge, you can cover about 30 to 37 miles. Fast charging is great if you’re always using and charging your electronic bike.

Tern GSD S00 LX

The Tern GSD S00 LX is the best cargo electric bike.

Tern GSD design
The Tern GSD S00 LX is equipped with Bosch’s cargo line motor.

If you’re always hauling heavy things or you have kids to bring around with you, the Tern GSD S00 LX is a good investment. This cargo bike is decked out with Bosch’s top-notch cargo line motor which allows you to ride along effortlessly even if you’re carrying a ton of things. And because it’s hard enough to balance a heavy load, it has an Enviolo shifter that lets you change gears even when you’re not moving. It’s a nice touch too that it’s equipped with a locking kickstand because when you have children as passengers, you want everything to be as safe and secure as possible.

However, the Tern GSD S00 LX is easily one of the most expensive electric bikes you’ll encounter. But for the hefty sum of money you fork over for it, you get some pretty nice things in return. The belt drive can withstand all weather conditions, the suspension seat post is cushy and comfortable, and you even get an Abus wheel lock for extra protection against theft.

Lectric Ebikes Lectric XP 2.0

The Lectric Ebikes Lectric XP 2.0 is the best electronic bike under $1,000.

Lectric XP 2.0 design
The Lectric XP 2.0 has more features than its predecessor.

If you’re looking for something even cheaper than the VanMoof S3, you can try your luck with electronic folding bikes. That said, we recommend the Lectric Ebikes Lectric XP 2.0 which we think is the best electric bike under $1,000. Not only is it powered by a 500-watt rear hub motor, but it’s equipped with chunky tires as well. This combination makes for an extra smooth and pleasurable ride. In addition, the 2.0 version boasts of even more features than its predecessor, including front wheel suspension, more comfortable handlebars, and water resistance of IP65.

But as with all electronic bikes, the Lectric XP 2.0 does come with some flaws. For a folding bike, it’s not very apartment-friendly, as it folds in awkwardly and is pretty heavy at 63 pounds. But that’s easy to forgive given its price point, performance, and features. It’s a nice bonus too that it comes with a bunch of accessories like fenders, lights, an integrated display, and a rack.


There’s an electronic bike for all types of needs and budgets.

The Specialized Turbo Vado SL Equipped bags the number one spot for many good reasons. It’s powerful and versatile yet manages to be compact. And most importantly, it’s able to make the ride a safe and worry-free experience with its well-thought-out features. However, it’s not the most affordable option out there. If you’re looking for something that’s under $2,000, the ultra stylish VanMoof S3 is a good pick. If you want something even cheaper, the Lectric Ebikes Lectric XP 2.0 won’t cost you more than $1,000.

As for those looking for an electronic bike for someone in their life who’s older, the Ride1UP Core-5 is worth considering for its senior-friendly design and features. If what you need, however, is a powerful and solid electric bike that can carry heavy loads with ease, look no further than the Tern GSD S00 LX.

If you love the convenience of Amazon and don’t want to shop for an electric bike anywhere else, the Metakoo Cybertrack 100 is the best pick on there. It’s straightforward and reliable and even has fast charging.


๐Ÿ“Œ Which is the best electronic bike?

In our book, the Specialized Turbo Vado SL Equipped is one of the best electronic bikes you can get your hands on. Not only is it powerful and versatile, but it’s also able to provide a safe and worry-free experience with its well-thought-out features.

๐Ÿ“Œ Which is the best electric bike for seniors?

The Ride1UP Core-5 is a good option for seniors. Its design makes it easy for them to mount and dismount and also encourages them to maintain proper posture while riding. Also, it’s easy to control, ensuring their safety at all times.

๐Ÿ“Œ Which is the best electric bike under $2,000?

If you’re looking for something that’s under $2,000, the VanMoof S3 is a good pick. Aside from being stylish, it’s a great deal because it comes with a bunch of useful accessories.

๐Ÿ“Œ Which is the best electric bike under $1,000?

The Lectric Ebikes Lectric XP 2.0 is one of the best electric bikes under $1,000. It provides a smooth and pleasurable ride and boasts of many useful features and accessories.

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