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Best Postcard Printing Services (2024): Top GotPrint Custom Postcard Printing Review

Postcards have a timeless charm that bridges the digital and physical worlds, offering a personal touch that emails, Instagram reels, or Facebook greetings can’t match. In an era of digital overload, custom postcards stand out, making a memorable impact for businesses and personal milestones alike. But where do you find the best postcard printing services?

Enter GotPrint.

GotPrint provides an entirely web-based service tailored to the needs of consumers and small- to medium-sized businesses. With its user-friendly platform and high-quality printing, the company is a top choice for those seeking effective and beautiful print marketing solutions. Below, we explore GotPrint’s custom postcard printing services and what makes them a standout in the postcard printing industry.

What Is GotPrint?

GotPrint, a 100% family-owned web-based printing service founded in 2001, operates from facilities in California, Kentucky, and Texas, using advanced technology to provide high-quality, eco-friendly products at competitive prices.

GotPrint began in 2001 as a small family business dedicated to delivering reliable printing services. Today, the company operates from its headquarters in Burbank, California, where four buildings covering about 110,000 square feet house departments like Customer Service, Accounting, Pre-Press, Press, and Graphic Design. GotPrint also has production facilities in Hebron, Kentucky, and Grapevine, Texas, from which they print and ship their products.

As an entirely web-based service, GotPrint focuses on meeting the promotional needs of consumers and small- to medium-sized businesses — from posters to business cards. Known for its use of advanced technology, GotPrint employs state-of-the-art Heidelberg Offset presses, ensuring high-quality, eco-friendly finished products.

Every day, GotPrint handles the promotional needs of numerous businesses and individuals. GotPrint also offers competitive pricing without compromising product quality and integrity. Since the company is 100% family-owned and operated, GotPrint maintains these low prices by not being backed by investors or governed by a board of directors.

GotPrint Custom Postcard Printing

GotPrint offers customizable postcard printing with a variety of sizes, shapes, paper stocks, and specialty finishes to meet diverse marketing needs.

Postcards are a powerful and versatile marketing tool, allowing businesses to deliver messages directly to potential customers’ mailboxes. GotPrint makes customized postcards simple, offering a variety of sizes, paper stocks, and finishing touches to meet diverse needs.

Sizes and Shapes

GotPrint provides over 30 postcard sizes, ranging from the standard 4″ x 6″ to the larger 9″ x 12″ options. They also offer more than 10 mailer-friendly sizes, with EDDM-eligible options clearly marked for convenience. Beyond the typical rectangle and square shapes, GotPrint can create custom postcards in half-circle, circle, rounded rectangle, and leaf shapes.

Paper Stock

GotPrint’s custom postcard printing features multiple paper stock options. The 14 pt. gloss cover stock offers a high gloss and UV coating, providing durability. For luxury postcards or high-end invitations, the ultra-thick Trifecta paper (24 pt. to 38 pt.) is distinctive and memorable. Additionally, premium linen, kraft, and matte paper stocks are available, with varying coating options depending on the paper chosen.

Speciality Paper Finishes

GotPrint’s 16Pt premium matte cover offers elevated finishes to enhance your print. Choose from a Raised UV finish, which makes graphic elements pop off the page, or Raised Foil, available in gold, silver, and rose gold, to add definition between foiled elements and the rest of the design.


Pricing for GotPrint postcards varies based on size, paper stock, finish, and quantity, offering cost-effective options with high-quality, vibrant prints and bulk order availability.

The cost of GotPrint’s custom postcards varies based on size, paper stock, finish, and quantity. For example, a 3” x 3” square postcard on 14 pt. gloss paper starts at $12.60 for 100 cards. Standard-sized 4″ x 6″ double-sided postcards begin at $26.40 for 100 cards. Larger postcard sizes typically cost more than mailer-friendly options. Special shapes, like the rounded rectangle, start at $19.70, while a half-circle design begins at $42.78.

GotPrint offers both single and double-sided postcard printing, with the option to add rounded corners for a softer look. While double-sided printing and additional elements such as raised UV or foil finishes do increase the cost, GotPrint’s pricing remains cost-effective. This is particularly true given the rich, vibrant quality of the prints and the ability to order in bulk.

GotPrint Design and Ordering

GotPrint offers design and ordering options, including uploading designs, using online tools, or their in-house design team, with available proofing services.

With GotPrint, there are three options for submitting a postcard design. If you already have a design, you can simply upload it when ordering your card.

For those interested in creating their own design, GotPrint offers an extensive template gallery and online design software. This user-friendly tool allows you to easily add images, shapes, text, backgrounds, and other design elements. While it lacks advanced features, it is perfect for beginners in graphic design.

If you don’t have a design ready or prefer professional assistance, GotPrint’s in-house design team is available to create a ready-to-print design for you. Several packages are available for this service, with fees depending on the complexity, including the number of graphical elements, type of copy, and number of revisions.

Accuracy in artwork is crucial, and GotPrint offers proofing options to ensure this. With Instant Proof, customers can instantly upload their design or create one using GotPrint’s Online Designer software. GotPrint provides a checklist for review, but does not proof your artwork.

For a manually processed option, GotPrint checks for resolution and bleed to ensure your designs are print-ready. They do not check for spelling, punctuation, or layout issues. However, customers receive a PDF proof of their design for an additional fee and a 24-hour processing time.

If you choose GotPrint’s design service, you are ensured a professional and polished final product.

Final Thoughts

GotPrint is a top choice among the best postcard printing services, offering customizable options, advanced technology, and competitive pricing to ensure high-quality, impactful postcards.

GotPrint is one of the best postcard printing services, offering a blend of customization, advanced technology, and affordability that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re a business aiming to capture attention or an individual sending a personal message, GotPrint provides a seamless experience with tools for every skill level. From their user-friendly design software to professional design assistance and high-quality finishes, GotPrint ensures your postcards leave a lasting impression. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, GotPrint is a standout choice for all your postcard printing needs.

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