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Best Custom Metal Business Signs Suppliers (2022): Durable Signs For Your Business

Businesses are often judged by their signs. After all, signs leave a lasting impression. If it’s well-designed and attractive, it can generate a positive perception of your business. While signs made from plastic or acrylic are popular, metal signs are often seen as an expensive option. However, their durability and finish more than make up for the extra dollars spent.

The best custom metal business signs suppliers know this. As such, you’ll find several companies providing bulk discounts. To help you save, suppliers even have online design tools, so you create your metal signage. Below, we check what these companies have to offer. Looking for a different material? Check out our review of the best custom business signs suppliers.

Best Custom Metal Business Signs Suppliers Comparison Chart

 VistaPrint delivers some of the best quality metal signs in the industry.
BannerBuzz offers highly customizable templates for its metal signs.
Signs.com boasts a huge inventory of signs and excellent customer service.
GotPrint offers some of the best rates for bulk purchases of metal signs.


The best custom metal business signs supplier for its polished print output.

VistaPrint Custom Metal Business Signs Suppliers
Clients can choose the orientation and material for their VistaPrint metal signs.

VistaPrint has been in the industry since 1995. These years of experience have contributed to its expert service to countless small businesses. Today, it’s known for the production of cohesive and consistent promotional materials โ€” among them, metal signs.

VistaPrint constructs its metal signs using durable, 3mm rust-free aluminum. They also come reinforced with a plastic core. For customers, there are 8 size options to choose from. The smallest is the 3″ x 8″ unit that starts at $16. Meanwhile, its 24″ x 36″ option starts at $164. Both sizes come with a coated white aluminum finish, which offers a matte texture.

If you want a sign with a warmer tone that can disguise smudges or blemishes, opt for the brushed aluminum variant. This makes it suitable for printing business names or logos, although the finish doesn’t support white ink. The smallest brushed aluminum unit starts at $19, while the largest costs $189.

VistaPrint also recommends drilled holes for metal signs. However, the feature costs an additional $7 to $14, depending on the sign size. At this time, VistaPrint only has one-sided printing for its metal signs but clients can choose from horizontal or vertical orientations.


The best supplier of metal signs for its highly-customizable templates.

BannerBuzz Custom Metal Business Signs Suppliers
Patio signs from BannerBuzz can either be reflective or non-reflective.

The go-to supplier for vinyl banners, BannerBuzz also carries several styles and types of metal signs. But its most common offering is those made from aluminum. These range from parking signs to templated units specific to the service industry. For the latter, bar signs are the most popular. The option comes in four standard sizes, although custom dimensions are also supported.

BannerBuzz’s bar signs can use either reflective or non-reflective material. For the non-reflective unit, prices start at $25 for the 12″ x 18″ option. Reflective signs, on the other hand, cost $34.43 for similar dimensions. These are made from hard-sheet aluminum known for its durability and corrosion resistance. Similar options are available for restaurants, coffee shops, and patios.

Clients can upload their artwork for printing on metal signs. BannerBuzz also offers a friendly design tool so you can create your artwork online. Each product comes with a myriad of templates that can be easily personalized. Some customization options include adding shapes, changing backgrounds, uploading images, and applying clip arts.

If you don’t have a creative eye, you can hire an in-house professional designer. Here, clients can describe the look and style of their sign. They can also upload pegs, inspirational illustrations, or sample graphic elements. BannerBuzz offers this service for $9.99. However, for purchases above $500, the design assistance is free.


The best custom metal business signs supplier for customizable sizes.

Signs.com Custom Metal Business Signs Suppliers
The brushed aluminum signs from Signs.com use an e-panel material and UV printing method.

For top-notch customer service, consider Signs.com. The company has been in the business for over 30 years and is known for offering a hassle-free order experience. Signs.com is also transparent when it comes to cost and will never charge hidden fees. It boasts a huge inventory of products, too, including a range of aluminum signs.

Businesses can customize the standard aluminum signs to any size starting at 4″ x 4″. Signs.com uses 0.008″ aluminum sheets for this product, reinforced by a solid polyethylene core. The base size costs $16.56 for single-sided printing. It comes with a standard coating and is available in six shapes. Clients can also upgrade to a glossy coating and add drill holes and accessories for a fee.

Meanwhile, brushed aluminum signs start at $24.64. Unlike the standard option, this sign is made from 3mm brushed aluminum panels with the same polyethylene core. Durable as they are customizable, Signs.com recommends this product for internal and external use.

If you want something visible both day and night, you can opt for the reflective aluminum signs. It uses the same materials as the standard unit but comes with an engineer-grade reflective vinyl overlay. Prices start at $17.93, with options for one-day shipping. All Signs.com metal signs can be purchased with volume discounts. They also come in customizable templates.


GotPrint offers huge savings for bulk orders of its aluminum boards.

Custom Metal Business Signs Suppliers
Customize your signs with GotPrint’s order form.

Headquartered in Burbank, California, GotPrint has over two decades of experience producing promotional materials for businesses. The company also has facilities in Kentucky, Texas, and even India. As a family-owned business, GotPrint is known for its budget-friendly printing rates. This extends to its custom aluminum boards.

Sleek and sturdy, these boards are offered in two thicknesses โ€” 3mm or 6mm. The material has a white exterior and a black core and comes in 11 shapes. Its rectangular sign is available in 17 standard sizes. Customers can choose either horizontal or vertical orientation, too. A 3mm, 6″ x 18″ rectangular sign costs $26.95. Meanwhile, a large 24″ x 36 unit is priced at $56.99.

For front and back printing, the same base level sign comes in at $41.85 per unit. Rates exclude shipping, which can be regular (2 to 5 business days) or rush (2 business days). However, additional fees are applicable for hole drilling and accessories. Fortunately, volume discounts are available, with savings of over 50%.

In terms of design, you have three options. The instant process allows clients to upload an artwork or use GotPrint’s online designer. Next, the manual process includes a PDF proof for a $5 fee. Lastly, you can avail yourself of the company’s professional design service. Packages range from $99 to $299 and include as many as 5+ concepts and 8 revisions.


VistaPrint, BannerBuzz, Signs.com, and GotPrint are some of the best custom metal business sign suppliers in the country.

Durable and attractive, metal signs are a great way of carving your brand’s identity and messaging. Given their versatile and robust construction, they’re reasonably priced, too, especially if you order in bulk. Speaking of bulk, GotPrint is our recommendation for large orders. The company offers some of the best volume discounts for custom aluminum boards.

Signs.com, on the other hand, is our choice for variety. Its inventory of metal signs comes with a plethora of templates. The company also offers excellent customer service and clear and transparent pricing. In terms of customization, BannerBuzz has the edge. Its design tool features several templates that can be closely personalized.

For a quality finish, VistaPrint is the way to go. Known for its expansive catalog of promotional products, VistaPrint’s metal signs are some of the most polished in the industry. Creating your sign design is also easy, thanks to the layout and printing guidelines they offer.


๐Ÿ“Œ What are the advantages of metal signs?

Metal signs offer two main advantages. First, they’re more durable than acrylic or plastic. Most metal signs use aluminum, too, which is rust-resistant. Second, metal signs have a more professional aesthetic. Brushed or reflective finishes lend them an air of sophistication that’s hard to achieve using other materials.

๐Ÿ“Œ What are the different options for metal signs?

Metal signs can be non-reflective, reflective, or brushed. Non-reflective units use thinner metal sheets. Their main advantage is being lightweight. As its name implies, reflective metal signs have a more polished finish. They also provide additional visibility in low-light conditions. Lastly, brushed metal signs are arguably the most attractive. This type of sign is not pre-painted, giving it a matte texture.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are aluminum signs affordable?

Given their construction, aluminum signs are affordable. Since they’re more durable than other materials, they require minimum maintenance. Moreover, they can last for years, which should give you your money’s worth.

๐Ÿ“Œ Do aluminum signs rust?

Aluminum doesn’t rust. However, it does corrode, especially if exposed to certain environments like seawater.

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