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Zosi vs Annke (2022): Comparing 4K PoE Security Camera Systems

Are you looking for reliable cameras for your surveillance system? Chances are you’ve heard of Zosi and Annke. Both brands carry an extensive catalog of home security cameras, including PoE camera systems. However, what makes their products stand out is that they’re reasonably priced.

For Zosi, the 8-channel 4K PoE system is one of their best sellers. Annke, on the other hand, has its H800 system garnering top reviews. Zosi’s product is cheaper than Annke’s. But does the price difference mean it has fewer features? Below, we compared the two PoE systems to find out.

Zosi vs Annke Comparison Chart

Product Image 
Model ReviewedZosi 8 Channel 4K PoE Security Camera SystemAnnke H800 4K 8 Channel 4 Camera PoE Security System
CameraBullet camerasBullet cameras
Resolution8 MP8 MP
Field of View90ΒΊ102Β°
UsageIndoor and outdoorIndoor and outdoor
Video Recording4K4K
IP Video Input8 channel8 channel
Built-in MicrophoneYesYes
Night VisionYesYes
Night Vision Distance100 ft, black and white100 ft
NVR HDD Capacity2TBUp to 6TB

Zosi vs Annke Company History

Zosi has been around longer than Annke.

Zosi vs Annke Company History

Zosi has been in the video surveillance system for over 15 years. The company’s focus is the design and development of professional-grade security solutions. However, the aim is to bring the technology into the more accessible smart home market.

Zosi shares it invests 8% of its sales revenue in R&D for continued product innovation. Among the hallmarks of their solutions is they’re easy to install and use β€” perfect for residential areas.

Meanwhile, Annke started out just in 2014. Although relatively young, the company has established its presence in the home and business security solutions industry. Its lineup of PoE security camera systems remains a best-seller. They also come in more attractive designs.

Annke has helped over 5 million customers across the globe. Moreover, they received over 30,000 reviews from consumers.


Zosi and Annke’s PoE camera systems feature several components for setting up home surveillance.

Zosi vs Annke Design
While Zosi has a sleeker NVR (left), Annke’s PoE cameras (right) have a more attractive design.

As a security system, you’re getting several components when you purchase either from Zosi or Annke. But focusing on the cameras alone, there are already clear differences. Although both systems follow the bullet-type design, Annke’s security cameras look more stylish. The square form with rounded corners lends the units a modern aesthetic.

In contrast, Zosi’s cameras look more conspicuous. Much of this can be attributed to the wider front plate of the devices, which has to accommodate spotlights. The angled exterior also adds to the prominence of the cameras. You can install Zosi and Annke’s cameras indoors or outdoors. The devices are weatherproof, with respective IP66 and IP67 ratings.

Moving to their NVRs, Zosi takes the lead. Its recorder boasts a sleeker housing, thanks to a brushed finish. Annke’s NVR, on the other hand, looks a bit outdated. While it does the job of video recording, it’s not exactly a device that blends discreetly into a home.

Package Contents

When it comes to package contents, you’ll get more from Annke. Its 4-camera PoE system comes with two 98 ft. network cables and two 59 ft. network cables. The bundle also includes mounting hardware, stickers, manuals, and remote control. Users get a USB mouse and HDMI cable as well.

Zosi’s PoE system comes with several feet of cables per camera, too. The package also features a power supply, and mounting kit, along with an HDMI cable. However, it doesn’t come with remote control, and its ethernet cables aren’t as lengthy as Annke’s.

Camera and Audio

Zosi wins in night surveillance but overall quality goes to Annke.

Zosi vs Annke Camera and Audio
Keep track of home, visitors, and guests across your home with Zosi and Annke’s systems.

Zosi and Anke’s PoE IP cameras have several things in common. First, the units from the two brands are 8MP in resolution. They also use a Sony CMOS image sensor. When it comes to video recording, you can enjoy up to 4K Ultra HD. Given the video quality, Zosi and Ank opt for a more advanced H.265+ compression to save on storage.

The daytime quality of video streams is impressive on either system. However, you’ll see more with the PoE camera from Annke, thanks to its wider viewing angle. In terms of night vision, both do a respectable job, with a night vision distance of 100 ft. But the Zosi’s built-in spotlights give the edge with the additional illumination. In fact, it offers color night mode, too.

Audio-wise, there’s nothing revolutionary with the 4K PoE cameras. Zosi and Annke equip their units with built-in microphones. This means two-way talk is possible, as well as audio recording. If you insist on choosing one of them, Annke’s audio system does include noise filtering for slightly better sound quality.

Features and Storage

With Zosi, you get smart features and a handy siren. Annke’s system, on the other hand, wins in app compatibility and NVR storage.

Zosi vs Annke Features
Zosi and Annke’s security cameras support customized motion detection areas.

Like today’s home surveillance systems, Zosi and Annke put emphasis on smart features. Both brands integrate their solutions with a mobile app.

For instance, the Zosi Smart App connects freely to the PoE cameras, giving you access to the different channels monitored. Combined with AI detection, Zosi’s system sends customizable push notifications to your phone. If you want more at-home alerts, Zosi includes a siren to help deter intruders and alert homeowners.

Annke, on the other hand, misses out on a siren. But the cameras do support Smart Motion Detection Alerts. Here, the notifications are sent to the free Annke software available for smartphones, tablets, and even computers. The platform also gives users remote access to the camera system’s settings.

As PoE cameras, you get your standard NVR with the package. Zosi’s comes with a 2TB HDD for 24/7 recording. A USB backup is supported, too. Meanwhile, Annke’s security solution has options for up to 6TB of HDD capacity.


Zosi’s PoE camera system rivals Annke’s in features and quality but at a lower price tag. Annke’s value, however, is in the design and the higher storage capacity of its NVR.

PoE camera systems are a cost-effective way to install a surveillance system at home. Network connectivity is faster over ethernet and covers a wider area. Here, Zosi’s 8-channel 4K system offers a slightly affordable alternative to Annke. The solution comes with most of the features of its rival β€” from motion detection to smart alerts. However, it also adds a few β€” spotlights, sirens, and color night vision. The only downside is that Zosi’s NVR has a lower HDD capacity. So if storage for recordings is your priority, you’re better off with Annke’s 4K PoE camera system.


πŸ“Œ Are Zosi cameras good?

Zosi is a reliable brand of security cameras. They’re well-built and are packed with several security and smart features. Moreover, they’re affordable compared to higher-end brands.

πŸ“Œ What are some of the advantages of a PoE camera system?

Power-over-ethernet camera systems run on cables. Its PoE switch provides direct power to the system, so you can install the cameras further from a power source. It also offers faster data transmission, better coverage, and more robust security.

πŸ“Œ Is Annke a good brand?

Annke is a good brand for home and business surveillance systems. Although founded only in 2014, the company already boasts of having served over 5 million customers.

πŸ“Œ Can I expand the HDD capacity of the Annke PoE camera system?

Yes, you can. The Annke H800’s NVR is available in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, and 6TB capacities.

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