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YOSUDA vs Cyclace (2021): Which Exercise Bike Should You Buy?

An exercise bike is a great way to keep in shape in the comfort of your own home. There are various models available in the market and if you aren’t knowledgeable when it comes to them, choosing one can get confusing and overwhelming. Today, we’ll try to help you with that by comparing two of the more popular exercise bikes right now, the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike and the Cyclace exercise bike. These two affordable bikes offer various features such as a belt driven system, adjustable resistance and more. So which one of these bikes should you buy? Below is our YOSUDA bike review and comparison against the Cyclace exercise bike.

YOSUDA vs Cyclace Bike Comparison Chart

ModelYOSUDA Indoor Cycling BikeCyclace Exercise Bike
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Dimensions45 x 21.6 x 40.2 inches47.24 x 24.21 x 47.24 inches
Max User Weight270lbs330lbs
Adjustable ResistanceYesYes
Adjustable SeatYesYes
FeaturesAluminum alloy pedals, wool brake pads5-way handlebar, adjustable foot pads, ventilation holes to dissipate heat
Transportation WheelsYesYes
Tablet HolderYesYes
LCDTime, Speed, Distance, Calories BurnedOdometer, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories Burned
Warranty1 year1 year

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Review

For its price, the YOSUDA exercise bike has impressive specs and features.

yosuda vs cyclace yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary review
The adjustable design of the YOSUDA stationary bike makes it suitable for people of all sizes.

The YOSUDA indoor cycling bike has a compact design that won’t take up too much space in your home gym or anywhere inside your house. Weighing less than 70lbs and having small transportation wheels at the front, the bike is easy to move when not in use. You can easily move it in a corner when you’re done using it or if you don’t have a dedicated place for it. It comes in silver and black with orange accents that add to its overall stylish look.

The frame of the bike is made of heavy duty steel so it is quite durable. It can support up to a maximum load of 270lbs, so most people can use it without problem. As for comfort, the padded seat can be adjusted in four ways and it has a height range of 25 – 35 inches. The handlebars are also adjustable and the bike pedals also come with an adjustable cage to prevent slippage.

When it comes to performance, the YOSUDA exercise bike has an adjustable resistance that you can control via a knob. It comes with a 35-pound flywheel that allows you to have a smoother experience. Having a heavy flywheel is impressive, considering that this bike is quite affordable.

Other notable features of the YOSUDA exercise bike include the LCD screen that allows you to monitor your speed, distance, time and calories burned, a tablet/phone holder and an easy to reach water bottle holder. The YOSUDA exercise bike also has a wool brake pad that minimizes noise. For its price, this bike offers a lot of features.

Cyclace Exercise Bike Review

The more expensive Cyclace exercise bike offers a few improvements and features over the YOSUDA bike.

yosuda vs cyclace exercise bike review
The Cyclace exercise bike also has an adjustable design.

The Cyclace exercise bike is slightly larger than the YOSUDA exercise bike above. It is measured at 47.24 x 24.21 x 47.24 inches, so it will take up more space. In addition to that, it is also heavier, weighing 86.45lbs. That said, the Cyclace exercise bike is still one of the more compact exercise bikes in the market. Also, even though it is heavy, it is still easy to move since it has two wheels at the front.

Made of heavy duty steel, the Cyclace exercise bike is very durable. It can bear a maximum load of up to 330lbs, so even larger people can use it without damaging it. The seat is padded and contoured, and it can be adjusted in four ways. The handlebar is also adjustable and it has various grip options for comfort. The Cyclace exercise bike comes in a grey, black and silver color combination with yellow accents.

Similar to the YOSUDA exercise bike, the Cyclace exercise bike has a belt driven system to reduce noise when in use. It also comes with a 36-pound flywheel for smoother rides. The resistance of the bike is adjustable as well, allowing you to choose the level of resistance that you need to progress through your workout.

The Cyclace exercise bike comes with a tablet holder, a water bottle holder and an LCD display that shows you the time, distance, speed and calories burned. These are pretty standard features for exercise bikes in its price range.

Differences and Similarities

The YOSUDA and Cyclace exercise bikes have a lot in common.

yosuda vs cyclace differences
The YOSUDA (left) and Cyclace (right) exercise bikes come with an LCD monitor and a tablet holder.

To start things off, these two exercise bikes have a lot of similarities. They both have a tablet/phone holder, a water bottle holder and an LCD display that allows you to monitor different stats such as time, distance, calories burned and speed.

The biggest difference between the YOSUDA and Cyclace exercise bikes is their maximum load capability. The YOSUDA exercise bike can support up to 270lbs of weight, while the Cyclace can support up to 330lbs. If you are over 270lbs and you want to start exercising, you should pick the Cyclace over the YOSUDA exercise bike as it can support you better.

Performance-wise, the two are similar. They have heavy flywheels and their resistance levels are similar. Furthermore, they both have a belt driven system, so they won’t produce too much noise, unlike those with a chain system.

Design-wise, the YOSUDA exercise bike is more compact and it is also lighter, so it is easier to move around. It also has adjustable caged pedals to prevent you from slipping and losing your momentum. The Cyclace exercise bike, on the other hand, has a more comfortable handlebar that gives you more grip options for comfort.


The YOSUDA exercise bike offers better value for your money.

Amazon product

The two bikes have more similarities than differences. They have similar features that include a tablet holder, a water bottle holder and an LCD display. They also have similar performance. Since that is the case, we concluded that the YOSUDA exercise bike offers better value for the money since it is a lot cheaper than the Cyclace exercise bike. It’s also more compact and easier to move around, so that’s an added bonus. However, one downside to it is that it can only support up to 270lbs, so if you are heavier than that, it can’t properly support you. In that case, you should pick the Cyclace as it can support a maximum load of up to 330lbs.


๐Ÿ“Œ Is YOSUDA a good brand?

Yes, even though they are not as well-known as other top brands in the fitness industry, YOSUDA is a good brand that offers affordable and sturdy exercise equipment.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long is the warranty for the YOSUDA exercise bike?

It comes with a 1 year warranty and a 30-day full refund guarantee.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is Cyclace a good exercise bike?

Yes, the Cyclace exercise bike is a good entry-level/mid-range exercise bike with excellent performance and useful features.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can you burn fat riding a stationary bike?

Yes, you can burn a lot of calories and fat using a stationary bike.

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