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Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells Review (2021): Best Dumbbells For Your Home Gym?

As the number of people working from home is increasing, so is the number of people working out at home. This has resulted in high demand for home gym equipment and a price spike on them as well.

One brand you might come across as you search for home gym equipment that won’t break the bank is Yes4All and their 200lb dumbbell set. This set of adjustable dumbbells costs much less than popular dumbbell sets (like the Bowflex SelectTech 552) and has received thousands of online reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. But is the Yes4All adjustable dumbbell set right for you? Read our review below to find out.

Popular Adjustable Dumbbells Comparison Chart

Yes4all Adjustable Dumbbells Bowflex SelectTech 552TELK Adjustable Dumbbells
PriceAmazon productAmazon productAmazon product
TypeTraditional adjustable dumbbellsWeight selection dial mechanismTraditional adjustable dumbbells
Min Weight 1x dumbbell5lb5lb5lb
Max Weight 1x dumbbell100lb52.5lb100lb
Plate LockSpin-on collar with boltDial lockSpin-on collar
MaterialCast iron/steelSteel/plasticEnamel coated cast iron/steel
Number of Plates242024


The Yes4All adjustable dumbbell set is popular because of its low price and heavy weights.

Yes4All claims to have better quality gym equipment at lower prices.

The Yes4All adjustable dumbbells are much like any other adjustable dumbbells you may have seen at the gym or sports shops. Unlike the Bowflex SelectTech 552 and other sets with special mechanisms that make weight adjusting quick and easy, the Yes4All dumbbells have to be adjusted manually. This involves removing the collars and manually adding and removing plates from the handle. The process is very straightforward but can be a bit time-consuming. 

There are perhaps two reasons why people buy the Yes4All adjustable dumbbell set. The first one is because they are cheap. You can often get them for a little over $200. For a pair of dumbbells that can go up to 200lb total, that’s a steal. We just mentioned the second reason—they can go up to 200lb. There aren’t many adjustable dumbbell sets that can go that heavy. For many people, benching, deadlifting, and squatting a pair of 52’s just isn’t going to cut it.

What’s in the Box?

The Yes4All adjustable dumbbell set comes with everything you need to get started.

Image showing what’s included in the box.

When you order the Yes4all adjustable dumbbells online, you will receive them in three large cardboard boxes taped and strapped securely. Inside these boxes are your handles, plates, collars, and a few rubber o-rings.

The Yes4all 200lb package comes with 2x 16” handles, 16x 10lb plates, 4x 5lb plates, 4x 2.5lb plates, 2x spin-on collars, and several rubber washers to keep the plates from clanging against each other. You also get your warranty documentation and a user guide. Each piece is individually wrapped in plastic for extra protection.


The Yes4All dumbbells come in a standard adjustable dumbbell design. The handles, plates, and locks can be used with most dumbbell sets.

At first glance, the Yes4All dumbbells look like any other adjustable dumbbells. When you take a closer look, however, you’ll notice that the handles are a bit longer than standard handles and the plates are much larger. 


The Yes4All adjustable dumbbell set comes with two 16” handles. The ends on the handles for the plates measure 5.5” each. The knurled center measures 5”. On heavier dumbbells, you will usually get longer grip handles, but these have a standard 5” for better stability when lifting. The handle diameter measures 1.15” which is a standard size. You will have no problem finding additional weights that will fit these handles. 

The handles come in a nice chrome finish. Lower cost dumbbells usually have several rough edges and imperfections on the finish but Yes4All seems to have done a really good job with their dumbbell handles. They aren’t perfect, some pairs will probably have more imperfections than others but it isn’t something to be concerned about. You can run your hand against the handles and they feel pretty smooth. 


You get a total of 24 plates with the Yes4All 200lb adjustable dumbbell set. These come in 16x 10lb plates measuring 9.25” in diameter, 4x 5lb plates with a 6.5” diameter, and a 4.6” diameter on 4x 2.5lb plates. The plates are made from cast iron and are coated with black paint for protection from corrosion and to give it a sleek look. 

The Yes4All plates come with several imperfections probably due to knocks during shipping. You’ll find dents and portions where the paint has chipped off. The plastic protection inside the box isn’t enough to protect these heavy plates. These imperfections, however, will not affect performance in any way. If you’re not meticulous about cosmetics, the little dents and scratches really won’t matter. 


The Yes4All adjustable dumbbells come with standard threaded star-lock collars. These measure 2.7” in diameter on the outer ring with a 1.15” hole. They share the same chrome finish with the handles. These locks have rubber o-rings (which you will have to install before using) that help keep your plates secure. A nice addition that you don’t normally find on cheaper adjustable dumbbell sets is the little bolt locks on the collars. These help keep your plates in place even with you’re doing quicker movements with the dumbbells.

Accuracy and Performance

The weights on the Yes4All dumbbells don’t have perfect accuracy but they’re close enough that they won’t cause any problems. Overall the dumbbells perform as they should.

As you might expect on cheaper weightlifting equipment, the Yes4All adjustable dumbbell set doesn’t have razor-sharp weight accuracy. The difference, however, is insignificant. When weighed using a DYMO M25 digital weighing scale, the results were as follows:

  • Handle with two collars: 5.34lb 
  • 2nd handle with two collars: 5.38lb 
  • 2.5lb plate: 2.94lb
  • 5lb plate: 5.18lb 
  • 10lb plate: 10.08lb 

As you can see, the weights came in pretty close to their claims. The inaccuracies are too small to matter when you’re working on your reps. 

When it comes to performance, the Yes4All dumbbells perform like any other set of adjustable dumbbells. The rubber o-rings that come in the box do a fairly good job of keeping the plates from rattling when you’re pumping reps. The locks can be tightened so you can be confident that the plates won’t fall off. The only downside is that adjusting the weights is very slow. The plates are big and heavy and the collars cannot be snapped in place. If time isn’t an issue, this won’t be a problem. If you need to change weights in between quick sets, however, this is when you’ll run into problems.


The Yes4All adjustable dumbbells are the perfect low-cost dumbbells for your home gym.

Amazon product

Yes4All has done a pretty good job with their 200lb adjustable dumbbells. You get everything you need in a set of heavy dumbbells. The overall quality is quite good so you can expect these dumbbells to last for years to come. The little imperfections on the finish and the slow weight adjustment can be quite annoying, but for the price you pay, you can’t really complain. In our opinion, the Yes4All adjustable dumbbells are the perfect low-cost set for your home gym.

Yes4All also sells lighter dumbbell sets. They have a 40lb set, a 50lb set, a 52.5lb(popular weight) set, 60lb set, and a 105lb set. You can choose from any of these sets if you don’t need to go all the way up to 200lb. 


📌 Can I use different plates with the Yes4All dumbbell handle?

Yes, the Yes4All adjustable dumbbell set comes with standard 1.15″ diameter handles. These can be used with a lot of other plates.

📌 Are Yes4All dumbbells high quality?

Because of their low cost, you aren’t getting the highest quality dumbbells. That being said, these dumbbells do what they’re made to do and the fit and finish are quite good.

📌 Are Yes4All dumbbells rust-proof?

Yes, the dumbbell handles have a chrome coating and the plates are painted with a rust-resistant black paint. The coats are not as thick as the ones you find in the more expensive dumbbells but they do their job quite well.

📌 Can I purchase additional weights?

Yes, Yes4All sells different plates on their website that you can use with the Yes4All dumbbell set.

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