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Wyze vs Ring (2021): Whose Indoor Smart Security Camera is Better?

More and more homeowners who want to monitor their space have been looking to Wyze and Ring for reliable smart security cameras. If you’re on the market for wireless indoor security cameras that won’t break the bank, the Wyze Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam are two solid options to choose from. We deep dive into their similarities and differences to guide you in choosing your smart indoor camera.

Wyze Cam vs Ring Indoor Cam Security Camera Comparison Chart

ModelWyze CamRing Indoor Cam
PriceCheck Price Check Price 
Dimensions2.20″ x 1.97″ x 1.97″1.81″ x 1.81″ x 2.95″
Max Resolution1080p HD1080p HD
Field of View110° wide angle140° diagonal
115° horizontal
60° vertical
Motion SensorYesYes
Custom Motion Zones13
Motion NotificationsYesYes
Night VisionYes, Up to 30 ftYes
Two-way AudioYesYes
Noise CancellationNoYes
Siren ActivationNoYes
Smart Sound AlertsSmoke Detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Smart AssistantAmazon Alexa
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Memory128 MBNo
External StoragemicroSD, up to 32GBNo
Subscription ServiceFree rolling 14-day cloud storageRing Protect
3 USD/month/device
10 USD/month for unlimited devices
Black (coming soon)

Design and Installation

Both the Wyze Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam are compact and sleek

wyze vs ring smart security indoor camera
The small footprint of the Wyze and the Ring lets you install them anywhere in your home

While the Wyze Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam have slightly different shapes, they both have a small footprint and their white matte finish offers a premium look. Both smart indoor cameras can be mounted on shelves, walls, or even ceilings. However, they are not weatherproof, so if you’re looking to install smart home cameras outdoors, these are not what you need.

Something to consider when installing the Wyze and the Ring is they need to be close to a power source as they cannot work with batteries alone. Where the Wyze trumps the Ring’s installation feature is in its 3-axis design that lets you tilt and point the Wyze Cam at any angle that will best capture videos of the monitored spaces. This is more beneficial for homes with limited power outlets as you can adjust the angles easily anywhere you mount the Wyze Cam.

Video Quality

Both the Wyze Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam can capture 1080p videos, but the Ring offers a slightly clearer and wider field of vision

video quality of ring indoor camera
With 140° diagonal field of view, the Ring Indoor Cam narrowly edges out the Wyze Cam’s 110° wide angle

For their price, the Wyze Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam deliver great quality 1080p videos so you can see details better. While they both take 1080p videos, the Ring Indoor Cam has a slightly better video quality as its camera reduces glare from your home’s light fixtures. The Ring also offers a wider field of view, but the difference is almost unnoticeable. It is worth noting that the Ring’s wide angle lens distorts its videos a little, giving it that fisheye effect, whereas the Wyze’s videos have a more natural-looking angle.

Their video quality is especially better during the daytime, but their night vision offers decent black and white captures as well. Again, we have to give it to the Ring Indoor Cam for night vision as its videos are less grainy than the Wyze Cam’s. In addition, the Ring’s black and white renders have better contrast than that of the Wyze’s. However, this may just be nitpicking, as the Wyze’s video quality is still fair for its price.

Audio Quality

The Ring Indoor Cam has a clearer and louder speaker than the Wyze Cam, but the Wyze’s recordings sound better

wyze vs ring
Both the Wyze Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam boast two-way audio

These smart indoor cameras can pick up audio and let you talk through their built-in speakers. However, they slightly differ in the audio quality. When listening to video recordings, the Wyze Cam blocks off ambient sound better than the Ring Indoor Cam. Even though the Wyze’s audio tends to sound a bit tinny, its is slightly clearer than the Ring’s.

Where the Ring performs better is in the quality of its built-in speaker. When you talk through the Ring Indoor Cam, your voice projects loud and clear from its speaker. This speaker can also blare a loud siren sound when needed. As for the Wyze Cam’s, its audio tends to sound a bit garbled, especially when the volume is loud.

Motion Sensor

The Ring Indoor Cam sends motion alerts faster and allows setting up more motion zones than the Wyze Cam

motion sensors of wyze cam and ring indoor cam
Their motion sensors are spot on whether they detect animals or humans

Both the Wyze Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam deliver spot-on motion detection. You can set their motion detectors’ sensitivity from low to high. When set to low, they will only detect humans, while setting their sensitivity to high will trigger the motion sensors at the slightest movements. If you want to set specific motion zones, you can set one custom zone on the Wyze while the Ring lets you set three.

A noteworthy difference between the two, and perhaps a significant deciding factor for many, is the speed of their notification alerts. Both will notify you when they detect motion, but the Ring Indoor Cam sends the notification almost as soon as something triggers its motion sensors. In contrast, the Wyze Cam’s motion alerts have a lag of up to 20 to 30 seconds before you receive the notification on your device. The difference in their notification alert speed can be crucial in certain circumstances.

The Ring Indoor Cam records videos at 1-minute increments whereas the Wyze does so every 5 minutes. If you’re using the Wyze’s cloud storage, it will only record 12-second clips, so use external storage if you want to record full videos. As for the Ring, you need to be subscribed to the Ring Protect monthly plan if you want to save your footage. This costs 3 USD/device every month. If you have more devices at home, Ring offers a 10 USD/month per household plan.

Additional Features

The Wyze Cam is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant

wyze with alexa and google assistant
You can connect your Wyze with either Amazon or Google smart home devices

What’s great about these smart indoor security cameras is that they’re plug and play. Unlike other security cameras that need a hub to work, you only need their respective companion apps to start monitoring your home. Both the Wyze Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam are compatible with Alexa.

However, as the Ring is an Amazon device, it’s not yet compatible with Google smart home devices and whether Amazon will change this in the future is yet to be seen. If your smart home uses a Google device, the Wyze Cam is the clear choice for you.

The Wyze Cam comes with a MicroSD slot that can support up to 32GB of storage. It’s possible to use the Wyze without Wi-Fi as long as you’re using external storage to record footage. The downside to doing this is you won’t get motion notifications.

Another feature in the Wyze Cam that’s not available in the Ring Indoor Cam is the Smart Sound alerts. The Wyze will alert you when the smoke or carbon monoxide detector goes off. However, the Wyze doesn’t have the siren feature available in the Ring.


It’s hard not to recommend the Wyze Cam over the Ring as it offers amazing value for your money

If you’re only starting your smart home security ecosystem and want a budget-friendly option, you can’t go wrong with the Wyze Cam. It delivers similar features like the Ring Indoor Cam for less than half the price. The ability to record and save footage without the need for a separate subscription plan translates to bigger savings as well.

As the most affordable Ring to date, the Ring Indoor Cam will be a great addition if you already have an existing Amazon or Ring ecosystem. Other major reasons why one might go for the Ring despite the higher price tag is its faster motion alert notification speed and better built-in speaker.

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