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Withings ScanWatch vs Apple Watch (2022): Comparing Flagship Smartwatches

Smartwatches typically feature large, touchscreen displays and a sporty band. Some take design inspiration from traditional watches but still offer an all-digital interface. The Withings ScanWatch, however, actually combines an analog and digital design. This hybrid approach lends the wearable a discreet aesthetic, while still keeping tabs on fitness and health metrics.

The Apple Watch, on the other hand, makes no qualms about being a smartwatch. It relishes being one, with the Apple Watch Series 7 even offering a larger display. Staple features like contactless payments and LTE connectivity work side-by-side with fitness and health tracking, too. But are the added features just fluff? Or does the straightforward philosophy of Withings fare well against Apple’s jack-of-all-trades device? Read below to find out.

Withings ScanWatch vs Apple Watch Comparison Chart

ModelWithings ScanWatchApple Watch Series 7
Size38mm, 42mm41mm, 45mm
DisplayAnalog dial with a PMOLED screenAlways-on Retina display
Battery Life30 days; +20 additional days on power reserve modeUp to 18 hours
Charge Time2 hours to 100%2.5 hours; 45 minutes fast-charging (0% to 80%)
Water RatingUp to 50 metersUp to 50 meters
Heart Rate TrackingYesYes
Sleep TrackingYesYes
SpO2 MonitoringYesYes
Fall DetectionNoYes
Smart NotificationsYesYes
Answer CallsNoYes
Contactless PaymentNoYes
AppHealth MateWatch


The Withings ScanWatch adopts a hybrid design, while the Apple Watch is a standard all-digital wearable.

Withings ScanWatch vs Apple Watch Design
A look at the Withings ScanWatch in Blue & Rose Gold (left) and the Apple Watch Series 7 aluminum in a Midnight finish

Unlike most smartwatches, the Withings ScanWatch adopts a hybrid design. Its dial is analog with hands for hours and minutes. There’s also a smaller subdial that displays activity progress. The digital aspect of the watch is a monochrome PMOLED screen above the subdial. Fitness and health metrics, as well as notifications, are shown on this digital screen.

In contrast, the Apple Watch Series 7 brandishes a touchscreen Retina display. Apple says it’s the largest on its wearable lineup — 20% more screen estate than the Series 5 and 60% more than the Series 3. Despite the hardware upgrade, the Series 7 is only bigger by a millimeter than its predecessor. You can get the watch in 41mm or 42mm sizes.

Withings’s ScanWatch also comes in two sizes — 38mm and 42mm. Both models are made with a stainless steel case and feature a brass-lacquered dial. Their clock hands also sport a metallic finish, while the wristbands are made from water-resistant fluoroelastomer. To protect the ScanWatch, Withings encases the dial in scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

On the Apple Watch Series 7, you have several options for the finish. The wearable is available in titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel variants. Like the ScanWatch, the Series 7 comes with a crown to aid navigation. Depending on the type of Apple Watch, you also get either a sapphire glass or Ion-X glass protection. Meanwhile, the back of the wearable is made from ceramic.

Colors and Straps

The Withings ScanWatch is available in four colors. Its 38mm model comes in all variants, while the 42mm model is limited to White & Silver and Black & Silver. For the wristbands, you’ll have more options. Some of the choices include premium leather, recycled woven fabric, and dressier stainless steel.

On the Apple Watch Series 7, color options vary based on finish and connectivity. The GPS + Cellular Series, for instance, has colors exclusive to the models like graphite and titanium. Meanwhile, the GPS-only units come in standard midnight, starlight, green, blue, and red colors.

Strap choices are plenty for the Watch Series 7. From silicone loops and sports bands to leather and stainless steel, there will be a color and style for you.

Health Monitoring

Withings claims its ScanWatch offers clinically validated health metrics. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, boasts a suite of health features and apps.

Withings ScanWatch vs Apple Watch Health Features
The small screen of the ScanWatch (left) limits the information you can read compared to what the Apple Watch Series 7 (right) offers

The Withings ScanWatch focuses on a handful of health metrics — heart rate, blood oxygen level, ECG, sleep, and breathing rate. While all five metrics are also monitored by the Apple Watch, Withings claims its wearable does things better.

Withings has always put a premium on the accuracy of its health devices like BPMs and smart scales. So it’s not a surprise that ScanWatch follows suit. The wearable is the first hybrid smartwatch clinically validated in detecting atrial fibrillation (AFib) and overnight breathing disturbances. This makes the ScanWatch at par with other medical-grade devices. When the watch is connected to the Health Mate app, it even sends ECG reports to your doctor.

Over the years, Apple has also incorporated advanced health tools into its wearables. It started with the introduction of an ECG app on the Series 4. With the Series 7, you still have the same capability. However, it also brings holdover features from the Series 5 like SpO2 and noise monitoring.

But the edge of the Apple Watch Series 7 lies in its hardware-software integration. With a bigger screen, the wearable can display more data at once, without necessarily opening the Watch app. You also get practical features like hand-washing detection, fall detection, and menstrual health cycle tracking. Through watchOS 8, Series 7 users can also download a range of health apps.

Fitness Tracking

The Withings ScanWatch tracks more activities than the Apple Watch Series 7.

Withings ScanWatch vs Apple Watch Fitness Features
The Withings ScanWatch (left) and Apple Watch Series 7 (right) are waterproof up to 50 meters, perfect for tracking laps

Of course, fitness and activity tracking are present on the Withings ScanWatch and Apple Watch Series 7. On the ScanWatch, users can track over 30 activities. These include walking, running, hiking, pilates, and yoga. For convenience, you can add five of these profiles to the wearable for quick access.

Apple’s Watch Series 7 also boast several exercises via the Workout app. With just 18 profiles, the choices are more modest than the Withings ScanWatch. Nonetheless, the Watch Series 7 covers popular options like walking, running, cycling, HIIT, and functional strength training. The latest iteration of Apple’s wearable also introduces two new workouts — tai chi and pilates.

In terms of activity tracking, you more or less get the same metrics with the two devices. Daily steps, calories burned, distance, and floors climbed are all recorded. Apple’s advantage is that the Watch Series 7 has a built-in GPS. This allows users to more accurately track pace and distance, especially for outdoor activities. On the ScanWatch, you’ll need to bring your phone and connect to its GPS.

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Smart Features and Battery Life

Apple’s Watch Series 7 has more smart features and supports fast and wireless charging. However, the Withings ScanWatch wins in the battery life department.

Withings ScanWatch vs Apple Watch Smart Features and Battery Life
The charging dock of the Withings ScanWatch (left); smart features on the Apple Watch Series 7 (right)

Unlike the Apple Watch Series 7, the Withings ScanWatch doesn’t have an app store. This means you don’t have access to typical smartwatch features like weather, music control, games, and messaging. You can only do so much with the small screen of the ScanWatch anyway. Nonetheless, call, text, app, and calendar event notifications are supported.

Apple’s wearable, on the other hand, is more full-featured. From smart notifications to contactless payments, the Watch Series 7 does so much more than just tell you the time. If you get the Cellular model, the device can even make and take calls. The larger display of the Watch Series 7 offers customizable watch faces, too. And while it’s hardly a smartphone, the screen has enough room for a QWERTY keyboard.

Since it lacks GPS functionality and uses a smaller screen, the Withings ScanWatch enjoys a longer battery life. The watch can last 30 days on a single charge. If you need more battery life, a power reserve mode adds 20 days to the ScanWatch’s runtime. Apple’s Watch Series 7 pales, on the other hand, offers only up to 18 hours of battery life. Of course, actual performance varies depending on usage.

The Withings ScanWatch takes 2 hours to charge, while the Apple Watch Series 7 needs 2.5 hours. However, the Apple Watch at least supports fast charging. With this feature, the Series 7 gets to 80% battery life in just 45 minutes. The latest iteration of the Apple Watch is also compatible with wireless charging.


The Apple Watch Series 7 is a more capable wearable, but the Withings ScanWatch might appeal to those who prefer a no-nonsense, hybrid design.

The Withings ScanWatch offers a hybrid analog-digital design that stands in contrast to all-digital options, including the Apple Watch Series 7. For customers who prefer this ‘traditional’ aesthetic, the wearable is a great option. Plus, Withings markets the ScanWatch as a more reliable health device. Like other Withings products, the ScanWatch has been co-developed and validated by health care professionals.

With its small screen, however, Withings’s flagship wearable misses out on features considered a staple on most smartwatches. For instance, you can’t customize the clock face. It also lacks GPS functionality, music controls, and an app store, among others. All these you’ll find on the Apple Watch Series 7. It’s the Cupertino-based tech giant’s best wearable yet, although its full features will only benefit those on iOS.


📌 Which is better between the Withings ScanWatch 38mm vs 42mm?

There’s no difference between the Withings ScanWatch models except for size. Regardless of the model you choose, you’re getting the same sensors and capabilities. However, the 38mm model is available in more colors than the 42mm.

📌 How long is the warranty of the Withings ScanWatch?

The Withings ScanWatch comes with a two-year warranty.

📌 Is the Apple Watch Series 7 dustproof?

Apple shares that the Watch Series 7 is the first Apple Watch to have an IP6X certification for resistance to dust.

📌 Is Withings ScanWatch waterproof?

Yes, the Withings ScanWatch is waterproof up to 50 meters.

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