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Whirlpool vs Samsung Refrigerator (2021): Who Has Better Side-by-Side Fridges?

A good refrigerator is a must-have for any kitchen and any home. It keeps your ingredients clean, your water cool, and your food fresh and refrigerated. While there are a huge variety of choices when it comes to brands, two of the biggest names in appliances are Whirlpool and Samsung. Aside from refrigerators, these two companies also make ovens, ranges, and dishwashers, to name a few. Both Whirlpool and Samsung are trusted kitchen helpers who cover a wide range of your cooking needs with their products.

From French-door types with different configurations to side-by-side types, both companies make good quality refrigerators that have almost neatly divided people into two camps of supporters. In this comparison, we’ll take a look at two side-by-side models, the Whirlpool WRS321DHV and the Samsung RS27T5200SG/AA, and see which fridge is the cooler choice.

Whirlpool vs Samsung Refrigerator Comparison Chart

ModelWhirlpool WRS321DHVSamsung RS27T5200SG/AA
PriceCheck Price at WhirlpoolCheck Price at Samsung
Dimensions66 5/8″ x 32 3/4″ x 33 5/8″70 1/16″ x 35 7/8″ x 33 1/2″
Capacity21 cu.ft27 cu.ft
Water DispenserYesYes
Icemaker & DispenserYes (crushed/cubed)Yes (crushed/cubed)
Freezer Shelves35
Interior LightLEDLED
FinishSmoothFingerprint-resistant stainless steel
ColorsBlack, white, stainless steelBlack, white, stainless steel


Samsung’s offering dwarfs the Whirlpool fridge.

A comparison of the Whirlpool (left) and Samsung (right) models.

These two refrigerators were chosen for a brief comparison of both brands primarily because they are in the same price range. These models are some of the two brands’ bigger offerings that won’t break your bank (at least, not more than you would expect a new refrigerator to). The main point of comparison, then, will definitely be each model’s storage space: how much space does each fridge give you with the budget you’ve set?

In this area, the Samsung side-by-side wins by a landslide. It has a whopping 6.4 cubic foot advantage over its Whirlpool competitor. The number of refrigerator shelves that the two models have are the same at 4, so this means that each shelf in the Samsung’s fridge is wider, taller, and deeper. You’ll have an easier time fitting bigger containers and even leftovers in big pots inside the Samsung. The Samsung’s freezer side also has more shelves, allowing for more organized frozen goods. To its credit, though, the Whirlpool does have some features that are oriented towards more efficiently placed goods. We’ll be looking into that, and more features, in the next section.


Both fridges feature the expected functions a modern model has.

A closer look at the Whirlpool’s water and ice dispenser (left) and the Samsung’s ice storage (right).

As mentioned above, the Whirlpool does have a few storage-oriented features that help it make up for the smaller overall storage capacity it has. One such feature is the deli drawer, specially made for storing and having easy access to your favorite meats and cheeses. It’s quite an important feature whose absence even customers satisfied with Samsung’s model have noted, saying that while it’s a good fridge, it would have been better with a lunchmeat drawer.

An otherwise satisfied Samsung customer notes the absence of a deli drawer, which the Whirlpool has.

Aside from that, the Whirlpool has more features like a dedicated can caddy (another exclusive feature) and frameless glass shelves. Whirlpool fridges also have an easy-clean tap touch control for its dispenser. They specify that the hinges are hidden, and that the model’s internal temperature is self-regulating. In combination with the sturdy overall design it has and its serviceable storage space, these features make the Whirlpool still a solid choice if you’re looking for a side-by-side fridge.

The Samsung also has some features to boast of. Its multi-vent technology keeps all your shelves cool and provides for a faster cooling time. This tech ensures that your food stays fresh longer. It also has an in-door ice maker connected to its external ice dispenser. It does have some features in common with the Whirlpool, like being LED lit and its ice dispenser being able to provide either crushed or cubed ice. One exclusive it does have, though, is its sleek design.


Both are available in different colors and finishes.

The Samsung model (right) has a sleek, metallic finish compared to the Whirlpool (left).

The most notable thing about the Samsung is its metallic finish. It looks sleek in any color and would fit in really well with any modern style kitchen. Importantly, its outer design is fingerprint-resistant, meaning that you won’t see any blemishes on it. It should be noted, however, that the same goes for the Whirlpool. This makes both fridges easier to clean and more strong against smudges from skin oils and other substances. Its handles are recessed, making for a more streamlined look consistent with its modern feel. Compare this to the Whirlpool’s more visible handle, which might look more dated for some and can be incompatible with your kitchen’s set design.

At their core, the two look more similar than different. They are both available in the same color options: black, steel, and white. They also both have a water and ice dispenser, making opening your fridge unnecessary if you only need either water or ice. Both are also LED-lit, making for easier access and navigation even in situations where your kitchen lights are dim or turned off.

Reliability and Value

The two fridges are comparable in how reliable and sturdy they are.

How the Whirlpool (left) and the Samsung (right) fridges look like when in use.

Both refrigerators are made by trusted corporations: Whirlpool and Samsung. Whirlpool, based in Michigan, has been in business for more than a hundred years. They manage a lot of brands aside from the flagship Whirlpool brand, and have been designing and producing home appliances since they’ve started. Korean company Samsung is also well-known, though some might know them more for their excellent televisions, phones, smartwatches and tablets. They’ve been around since 1938, and have since built a reputation for reliable consumer electronics.

It’s no surprise, then, that both refrigerators have received favorable reviews for their sturdiness. Most reviews online commend both fridges for their ease of use, design, and their quietness when operating. However, in terms of getting more bang for your buck, the Samsung still does have a bigger storage capacity. If that’s absolutely important for you, take note.


Samsung’s fridge wins due to its size, though the Whirlpool is still a good choice.


Efficient use of space


Big storage capacity

The Samsung RS27T5200SG/AA is for you if you value space above all. Its 27 cubic foot storage capacity ensures that you can store your food comfortably, and the multi-vent system keeps your food good for a longer time. Despite its larger storage capacity, it’s not significantly wider nor deeper than the Whirlpool. This means that it will most likely still fit your kitchen’s space without needing much adjustment.

If you can go without the extra space, though, the Whirlpool WRS321DHV is still an excellent choice. Its deli drawer and can caddy makes the use of the smaller storage space more efficient, and these are both features that the Samsung doesn’t have. It’s made by a trusted company, and is just as reliable as its competitor. If you want these additional features more than a bigger space for storage, go fot this model.

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