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Weber vs Broil King (2020): Which Griller Brand Is The Best Choice For You?

If you’re thinking about buying a griller, know that you’re making a worthwhile investment. Not only will it allow you to cook up delicious food like burgers, steaks, and sausages, but it will also give everyone a reason to gather around and spend quality time with each other. If you’re ready to pick one out, two griller brands you can consider are Weber and Broil King, both of which have been in the business for an impressive amount of time. It can be kind of confusing to choose between the two though because they each have their own pros and cons when it comes to design, performance, price, and warranty. To make things just a little bit easier for you, here’s an in-depth comparison of the Weber Spirit E-310 and the Broil King Baron 320.

Weber vs Broil King Comparison Chart

ModelWeberBroil King
 Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, 46510001 model - BlackBroil King 921154 Baron 320 Liquid Propane Gas Grill
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
Total Cooking Area529 square inches (424 square inches of primary cooking space and 105 square inches for warming)440 square inches (330 square inches of primary cooking space and 110 square inches for warming)
Side ShelvesYesYes
Maximum Heat Output32,000 BTU/hour30,000 BTU/hour
BurnersRegular stainless steelDual-tube type stainless steel
GratesPorcelain-enameled cast-ironCast-iron
Warranty10 years10 years


Weber beats Broil King when it comes to total cooking space. 

Weber (left) has a total cooking space of 529 square inches while Broil King (right) has 440 square inches.

When it comes to total cooking area, it’s hard to beat Weber as they’ve always made it a point to provide as much room as possible. Their Spirit E-310 model, for example, has 424 square inches of primary cooking space and 105 square inches for warming, bringing its total cooking area to 529 square inches. As for the Broil King Baron 320, it has a total cooking space of 440 square inches, made up of a 330-square inch primary cooking area and a 110-square inch warming area. Even if you were to compare other Weber and Broil King models to each other, Weber still comes out as the larger one. So if your family is on the bigger side, you know which brand to choose. It’s important to note though that the Broil King Baron 320 has a larger warming area than its Weber counterpart, a feature that could be more important to some people.

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Another design element that you need to take into consideration are side shelves. While they may seem trivial, they actually play a big role in the grilling experience. Side shelves give you the space you need to prep your food, plus they allow you to keep your cooking essentials like tongs and serving trays within arm’s reach. Fortunately, both Weber and Broil King understand the need for side shelves, equipping most of their models with durable stainless steel ones. Broil King, however, seems to have a slight advantage as their side shelves seem a bit more heavy-duty and they’re also much easier to fold and stow away.  


Weber has the edge over Broil King when it comes to maximum heat output.

Weber (left) is able to produce a total of 32,000 BTU/hour while Broil King (right) is able to provide 30,000 BTU/hour.

Heat output is one of the most important things you need to look into when you’re buying a griller and in this area, Weber is again superior. When it comes to total heat output, they seem to beat out most of the other brands out there, including Broil King. Their Spirit E-310 model, for example, is able to produce a total of 32,000 BTU/hour. This is significantly higher than what you can get with the Broil King Baron 320 which has a total heat output of 30,000 BTU/hour. While Weber is more powerful than Broil King when it comes to maximum heat output, it’s important to know their BTU per square inch as well because this determines how well they’re able to cook food. This is where Broil King Baron 320 shines. Because it has a smaller cooking space, it has a higher BTU per square inch than the Weber Spirit E-310.

Another factor that affects a griller’s performance are its burners. They are, after all, the source of heat and so it’s important to know how many there are and what they’re made of. While both the Weber Spirit E-310 and the Broil King Baron 320 have three burners each that are made of stainless steel, the latter has the upper hand because its burners are the dual-tube type while the former only has regular ones. Dual-tube type burners are a lot more durable, are larger in diameter, and are more efficient. Not only that but their unique design allows them to produce two rows of flame, allowing for a more even distribution of heat. Another advantage that Broil King has over Weber is the fact that their grills are equipped with a powerful rotisserie burner that’s able to produce 15,000 BTU/hour, making them the more versatile option.

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Grates also play a big role in a griller’s performance, responsible for supporting the food and efficiently transferring the heat to them. Both the Weber Spirit E-310 and the Broil King Baron 320 got it right by using high-performing cast-iron grates although there are some crucial differences between them. The Weber model has porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates, meaning they have amazing heat retention, they’re easier to clean, and they’re less likely to go all rusty because they’re coated. As for the Broil King model, they’re not porcelain-enameled although they do have a unique pointed shape to them that allows them to leave beautiful grill marks on your food. 

Price and Warranty 

Weber is pricier than Broil King but also offers a more comprehensive warranty.

Weber offers a 10-year warranty for their burners, 2 years for other parts, as well as an additional 5 years for their grates and flavorizer bars.

Weber is a standard in the industry and its popularity can’t be matched. It’s no mystery why though because their grillers are made with high-quality materials, they have lots of cooking space on them, and they’re able to produce high heat outputs. That said, you do have to ready your wallet if you want to own a Weber griller because they cost quite a fortune. The Weber Spirit E-310, for example, is priced at the $500 range. While Weber grillers do have heftier price tags than other brands out there, you’re sure to get your money’s worth because you get a 10-year warranty for their burners and 2 years for the other parts. Not only that but they also offer a 5-year warranty for their grates and flavorizer bars just in case they get rusty. Everything’s pretty much covered so you can have complete peace of mind as you use your griller. 

Broil King, on the other hand, isn’t as well-known of a brand as Weber, which is probably why you can snag their grillers for way less money. The Broil King Baron 320, for example, is only at the $400 range, a whole $80 cheaper than its Weber counterpart. That doesn’t mean that they scrimp on quality though. In fact, they can rival Weber when it comes to the durability of their materials and heat output per square inch. You do have to note, however, that Broil King’s warranty isn’t as comprehensive as Weber’s. They also offer a 10-year warranty for their burners and 2 years for other components but they don’t cover rust on grates. Still, this offering is pretty good considering that most other brands only offer a 1-year warranty period. 

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Weber is a worthwhile investment while Broil King is a cheaper but quality alternative. 

Weber is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to grillers and so you can’t go wrong with them. While you do have to shell out quite a big sum of money, it’s worth it because you get to enjoy plenty of great features that are backed up by a comprehensive warranty. If you’re willing to invest, then Weber is the best choice for you. For those who are trying to stick to a budget, however, Broil King is a good alternative. You don’t have to spend as much but you’ll get to enjoy pretty much the same features. Their warranty period isn’t bad either. 


📌 Which brand should you choose, Weber or Broil King?

It depends largely on your budget. If you’re willing to invest quite a big amount of money for a reputable griller brand, go for Weber. If you’d rather save, however, Broil King is the cheaper alternative that will give you almost the same features. 

📌 Which one has better heat output, Weber or Broil King?

When it comes to total heat output, Weber has the edge over Broil King. If we’re talking about BTU per square inch, however, Broil King wins over Weber. It may be better to look at BTU per square inch when you’re gauging the power of a griller because this determines how well it will cook your food. 

📌Which one has better warranty, Weber or Broil King?

Both Weber and Broil King offer a 10-year warranty for their burners plus 2 years for the other components. Weber is a bit more comprehensive though because they also provide a 5-year warranty for their grates and flavorizer bars just in case they get rusty. 

📌 Which is more affordable, Weber or Broil King?

Broil King is more affordable than Weber. To compare, the Broil King Baron 320 is priced at the $400 range while the Weber Spirit E-310 is at the $500 range.

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