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Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 (2021): What’s The Big Difference?

Weber’s Q Series of gas grills have long been known for combining power with portability. And in this range, the Weber Q1200 and Q2200 are arguably the most popular. Both are superbly built barbecues designed to heat fast and evenly. Moreover, the models also come with a built-in thermometer as well as folding side tables for an even better backyard, RV, or camp cooking experience. But while they may look the same and carry similar features, there are some obvious differences too, especially when it comes to size. Here, we share a comparison review of Weber’s best portable gas grills and see if indeed, size matters. 

Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 Comparison Chart

ModelWeber Q1200Weber Q2200
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product

24.6″ X 40.9″ x 16.5″ (lid open)

15.5″ X 40.9″ X 16.5″ (lid closed)

26″ X 51.4″ X 25.1″ (lid open)

15.5″ X 51.4″ X 19.5″ (lid closed)

Cooking Area189 sq. in.280 sq. in.
Stainless Steel Burners11
BTU per hour8,50012,000
Available ColorsTitanium, Black, Green, Blue, Orange, RedTitanium
IgnitionElectronic ignitionElectronic ignition
Removable Catch PanYesYes
Work tablesYesYes


Although the Weber Q1200 and Q2200 are both sturdily built, the latter model is noticeably larger and heavier.  

The Q1200 (left) comes in a variety of color finishes while the Q2200 (right) offers a larger cooking area.

At first glance, the Weber Q1200 and Q2200 look like the same gas grills. Both models brandish a cast aluminum lid and body, while also sporting a glass-reinforced nylon frame. The materials make the two barbecue grills extremely sturdy while also reducing their overall weight. However, the Q2200 is noticeably larger, spanning 51.4 inches with the side tables out. It’s also heftier at around 42 pounds. 

Like the Q1200 and the Q3200, the Weber Q2200 comes with a hood-mounted thermometer. This feature has made all three models easy to distinguish among the other grills in the Q Series. Nonetheless, the Q1200 will probably appeal more to those looking for some personality from their gas barbecues. Unlike its larger siblings, you can get this grill in more colors like black, orange, and red, just to name a few. 

If you’re looking for portability, the Q1200 is lighter and more compact. Although both are designed for backcountry grilling, the Weber Q2200 is not as easy to carry around, even though it will still fit a modest-sized car trunk. Just keep in mind that both grills do not come with a lid latch, so it’s best to tie them down before transporting and traveling. 

Cooking System

The Q1200 and Q2200 share the same cooking system technology, but the latter offers 30% more cooking area plus a higher BTU-output.

Both Weber Q1200 and Q2200 come with a hood-mounted thermometer and enamel-coated iron grates. 

While compact compared to stationary grills, Weber’s Q Series of portable gas barbecues are no pushovers. Despite their size, the Q1200 and Q2200 heat quickly and evenly, making for faster cooking times without sacrificing quality. Both models, for example, come with a stainless steel D-burner for even heat distribution. It also helps that the Q1200 and Q2200 boast of porcelain-enameled grates that’s great for searing.

Similarly, the two grills share the same battery-powered electric ignition, and infinite control burner valve. The latter’s ergonomically-designed knob, in particular, allows for precision control and adjustment of heat levels. In this vein, the portable gas barbecues have a max temperature of 550°F. However, the Q2200’s larger size translates to a 12,000 BTU-output compared to the Q1200’s 8,000-BTU; this should make for a shorter preheating time with the bigger grill.

Speaking of size, the Q2200 does boast of a wider primary cooking area at 280 sq. inches. This drastically increases the cooking capacity of the grill. With the Q1200’s 180 sq. inches, you’ll have enough space to cook up to eight burgers, and then some. On the other hand, the Q2200 should comfortably accommodate a full dozen of burger patties. This is a worthy consideration for bigger families and groups who need that extra grill space to cook fast and plenty. 

Features and Accessories

Weber’s Q1200 and Q2200 come with folding side tables and a number of accessories for a versatile cooking experience.

For a versatility and mobility, Weber sells separate griddles (left) and portable carts (right)

Unlike their smaller sibling—the Q1000—both the Q1200 and Q2200 boast of folding side tables. It’s an underrated feature that comes in handy when you need extra prep space in the middle of the campsite or at the beach. A hood-mounted thermometer, on the other hand, helps you keep an eye on your cooking progress and temperature with just a glance. It’s a thoughtful addition considering how quick the models lose heat when the lid is open. 

Next, the Q1200 and the Q2200’s cooking grates come in two pieces, either one of which can be swapped out for griddle. Although sold separately, it’s a highly-recommended accessory for any Weber Q Series model because it allows you to cook pancakes, bacon, and even sunny side ups on the grill. For better mobility, the Q1200 and Q2200 are compatible with Weber’s Portable Cart as well. The cart comes with a built-in wire handle and secure locks for the grill. 

Ease of Assembly and Cleaning

Both portable grills are easy to assemble and clean, thank to its versatile design and thoughtful features.

Both Q grills come with easy-to-clean, detachable grates (left) and a removable catch pan for grease drippings (right).

Because of its compact size, the Weber Q1200 arrives assembled in the box, avoiding the hassle of a complicated setup. It also means you can start grilling right away. With the Q2200, the grill does come in disassembled. This shouldn’t be a huge issue, as most parts of the grill are already put together. At the most, you’ll have to screw in a few fixtures and tables. 

Cleaning both gas barbecues should be manageable. Although the cooking grates are hefty, they can be detached to two-pieces, making for comfortable fit in any kitchen sink. The grills also come with removable catch pans for grease drippings, making post-cooking cleanups a breeze. 


If you’re looking for portability, the Weber Q1200 is highly-recommended. If, on the other hand, you need to cook fast and plenty, the Weber Q2200’s larger grill area is the better option. 

Amazon product

Whether it’s at a beach, a campsite, or even your own backyard, Weber’s Q Series grills are designed for a portable and convenient grill experience. It’s certainly true for both the Weber Q1200 and Q2200. The two grills share the same, sleek aesthetic and solid construction, plus a highly-efficient cooking system. A number of cool features and accessories can also transform either gas barbecues into versatile cooking stations. 

But since both the Weber Q1200 and Q2200 share the same key features, choosing between the two will come down to the size of the grill you need. Bigger families or groups will certainly find the Q2200 better at serving their needs. With its larger dimensions, you get a higher heat-level output and wider cooking area, resulting in shorter preheating and faster cooking times. If portability is a concern, the Weber Q1200 is the better choice. Although it does have a smaller primary cooking area, it still heats pretty fast while also being easy to clean and store. 


📌 How hot does the Weber Q grills get?

The maximum cooking temperature on both the Weber Q1200 and the Q2200 is between 500° to 550° F.

📌 What is the main difference between the Weber Q1200 and Q2200?

The Weber Q2200 is larger than the Q1200, offering more room for grilling and higher heat output.

📌 Can you cook on a Weber Q with the lid open?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind, however, that the grills tend to cool fast when the lid is open.

📌 Can I cook eggs or bacon on my Weber Q grill?

Yes, absolutely. The two-piece cooking grates on the barbecues can be swapped with griddles for the Weber Q1000 series and the Q2000 series. These accessories, however, are sold separately. 

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