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Weber Go-Anywhere vs Smokey Joe (2021): Choosing Portable Grills

When it comes to portable grills, Weber has got you covered with its Go-Anywhere and Smokey Joe series. Thanks to their size, you can take them along on your travels and cook up a mean barbecue just about anywhere.

Choosing between the two isn’t easy because of their similarities, and on top of that, they have two variants each to consider. We compare them to clear things up and help you make an informed purchase decision.

Weber Go-Anywhere vs Smokey Joe Comparison Chart

Model Weber Go-Anywhere Weber Smokey Joe
  Amazon product Amazon product
Price Amazon product Amazon product
Dimensions (H x W x D) 14.5″ x 21″ x 12.2″ 17″ x 14.2″ x 14.5″
Diameter n/a 14 in.
Cooking Area 160 sq. in. 147 sq. in.
Cooking Grate

Charcoal: plated steel

Gas: porcelain-enameled steel

Plated steel
Fuel Type

Charcoal: charcoal

Gas: liquid propane


Charcoal: n/a

Gas: 6,500


Charcoal: n/a

Gas: 1 stainless steel

Glass-Reinforced Nylon Handles 3 1
Rust-Resistant Aluminum Dampers

Charcoal: 4

Gas: n/a

Standard: 2

Premium: 3


Cookbox and lid assembly: 10 years

Plastic parts: 5

Other parts: 2

Bowl and lid: 10 years

One-touch cleaning system and plastic parts: 5 years

Other parts: 2

Colors Black

Standard: Black

Premium: Black, Crimson, Ivory, Smoke, Slate Blue, Spring Green

Design and Build

The Weber Go-Anywhere has charcoal and gas variants, and the Smokey Joe has standard and premium models.

Weber Go-Anywhere vs Smokey Joe Design and Build
The Weber Go-Anywhere (left) has a rectangular shape, while the Smokey Joe (right) has a circular form factor.

Both grills are solid and durable. That’s not surprising since they’re mostly made up of porcelain-enameled material. The biggest difference you’ll notice first is their shape. The Weber Go-Anywhere is rectangular, while the Smokey Joe is circular. The two also have glass-reinforced nylon handles, meaning they won’t heat up too much so you won’t burn your hand when you open their lids.

There are two Weber Go-Anywhere variants to choose from: charcoal and gas. It goes without saying that the type of fuel they’re compatible with is the main distinction between them. That’s not all, though. Only the gas model comes with a porcelain-enameled steel grate, which is easier to clean.

Meanwhile, the Weber Smokey Joe series also has two models: standard and premium. Both use charcoal, but the former uses an aluminum ash catcher. The latter has a Tuck-N-Carry lid lock and comes with one more rust-resistant aluminum damper. It’s also available in colors other than black.

Cooking Performance

You can cook pretty much the same amount of food on either the Weber Go-Anywhere or Smokey Joe.

Weber Go-Anywhere vs Smokey Joe Cooking PerformanceThe Weber Go-Anywhere (left) has a slightly larger cooking area than the Smokey Joe (right).

On the Weber Go-Anywhere, you’ll be working with a cooking area of 160 sq. in. and two dampers for temperature control. On the other hand, the Smokey Joe has 147 sq. in. of space and one damper.

Their shape plays a pretty huge role in terms of cooking. Some prefer rectangular grills, while others prefer circular ones. Of course, this is subjective, so the decision here is up to you.

Regardless of which one you pick, either one can handle food for at least four people.


Just how portable they are is an important factor for this type of grill.

Weber Go-Anywhere vs Smokey Joe Portability
It’s easier to carry around the Weber Go-Anywhere (in photo).

True to its name, the Weber Go-Anywhere is really a cinch to bring along on your trips. For starters, its rectangular shape makes it easy to tuck away, and its legs can be folded to boot.

The Weber Smokey Joe is also portable, of course. It’s compact and light enough that you can have it handy while traveling. Still, it’s somewhat in a gray area between a portable grill and simply a miniature version of Weber’s Original Kettle series, which is a good thing in a way. In other words, it doesn’t really have features for portability, such as foldable legs.


The Weber Go-Anywhere lives up to being a portable grill.

Amazon product

Both are portable grills in their own right—no doubt about that. However, the Weber Go-Anywhere is arguably more portable. After all, it has legs you can fold when you need to store it away or carry it around.

That doesn’t mean the Weber Smokey Joe doesn’t have its charm. To begin with, it’s more budget friendly, and you can view it as a version of the Original Kettle that you can take along easily.


📌 What’s the difference between the Weber Go-Anywhere and Smokey Joe?

The Weber Go-Anywhere has a rectangular shape and foldable legs. It also has a variant that uses gas instead of charcoal. Meanwhile, the Smokey Joe is circular and a slightly smaller cooking area.

📌 Which is better, Weber Go-Anywhere or Smokey Joe?

The Weber Go-Anywhere is better than the Smokey Joe when it comes to portability because of its form factor and foldable legs. However, the Smokey Joe is the better pick for those who prefer circular grills.

📌 Is the Weber Go-Anywhere worth it?

Yes, the Weber Go-Anywhere is definitely worth getting. It’s portable yet capable of grilling a lot of food at a time. Not only is it built with sturdy materials, but it also has a long warranty.

📌 Is the Weber Smokey Joe worth it?

Yes, the Weber Smokey Joe is worth the buy. It’s compact enough to carry around, and it can cook a lot of food to boot. It’ll last you through the years too because of its porcelain-enameled material, and on top of that, it has a long warranty.

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