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Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius (2021): Comparing Water Flossers

On paper, the Waterpik Ultra and Aquarius are hard to tell apart. That’s because they’re similar across the board, from pressure levels to flow rate, which means they perform about the same.

However, they’re still different water flossers. For one thing, the Ultra is cheaper, but the Aquarius is more feature-packed and comes with more tips. At that, we compare the two to help you make an informed buying decision.

Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius Comparison Chart

ModelWaterpik UltraWaterpik Aquarius
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Pressure10 to 100 PSI10 to 100 PSI
Pressure Settings1010
Flow Rate13 ounces per minute13 ounces per minute
Pulse1,400 per minute1,400 per minute
Tip Rotation360 degrees360 degrees
Switch TypeSliderSlider
Massage ModeNoYes
LED IndicatorNoYes
Timer and PacerNoYes
Capacity22 ounces, 90 seconds22 ounces, 90 seconds
Dimensions (W x H x D)5.6″ x 9.9″ x 5.34.7″ x 10.35″ x 3.8″
Weight1.48 lbs1.46 lbs
ColorsBlack, Classic Blue, Modern Gray, Mint Green, WhiteBlack, Classic Blue, Modern Gray, Radiant Orchid, White
Warranty3 years3 years


Arguably, the Waterpik Aquarius is the better looker compared to the Ultra.

Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius Design
A closer look at the on and off slider of the Waterpik Ultra (left) and Aquarius (right).

At first glance, you’d know right away that the Waterpik Aquarius looks more modern. It’s sleeker and a bit lighter, and has a smaller form factor than the Ultra, after all. Regardless of that, they have the same capacity of 22 ounces, translating to 90 seconds of use.

For the record, both are countertop water flossers. They also have a sliding on and off switch, moving away from the push button in older designs.

As for color options, the Ultra is available in black, white, Classic Blue, Modern Gray, and Mint Green. The Aquarius also comes in those colors except Mint Green, but it does come in Radiant Orchid as well.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s an Aquarius Professional, but it’s the same as the standard variant, save for a few chrome accents here and there for aesthetic purposes.


The Waterpik Ultra and Aquarius are pretty much the same in terms of efficacy.

Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius Performance
The Waterpik Ultra (left) and the Aquarius (right) have similar specs.

As noted, the Waterpik Ultra and Aquarius deliver the same performance. They have 10 pressure settings and pressure levels that range from 10 to 100 PSI. In the same vein, they have a flow rate of 13 ounces per minute and a pulse rate of 1,400 per minute.

The main thing that sets these two apart here is the Aquarius is quieter than the Ultra. This might not be that big of a deal for some people, but it’s a nice touch.

Again, the takeaway here is you won’t notice much of a difference on how effective they are in cleaning your teeth. However, it’s another story when it comes to their features and ease of use. 


The Waterpik Aquarius has more features than the Ultra.

Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius Features
The Waterpik Ultra (left) can hold up to four tips, but only the Aquarius (right) has a massage mode.

Right off the bat, only the Waterpik Aquarius has a massage mode and a timer and pacer. To begin with, the massage mode helps stimulate gums and promote healthy circulation, while the timer and pacer come in handy to make sure you’re cleaning your teeth evenly.

In the Ultra’s defense, it can store up to four tips as opposed to only two. However, the Aquarius is bundled with more tips—three Classic Jet Tips instead of two, to be exact. Besides that, both are packaged with one Orthodontic Tip for cleaning braces, one Pik Pocket for periodontal pockets and furcations, one Plaque Seeker for implants and other restorations, and one Toothbrush Tip for brushing and flossing simultaneously.


The Waterpik Aquarius provides more value for the money than the Ultra.

Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius Price
Here’s what you’ll get with the Waterpik Ultra (left) and Aquarius (right).

Even though the Waterpik Ultra is more affordable, it doesn’t automatically mean it gives the better bang for the buck than the Aquarius. For starters, the price gap isn’t that big, and for that small difference, you’d get one extra Classic Jet Tip and more features to work with.


The Waterpik Aquarius simply offers more than the Ultra.

Amazon product

Our recommendation is the Waterpik Aquarius hands down. It’s quieter and has a massage mode, a timer and pacer, and an extra tip. And while this is subjective, it looks better to boot. Meanwhile, the Ultra is still a decent buy in itself, but there really isn’t any reason to get it over the Aquarius. Sure, it can store more tips, but that’s about it.


📌 What’s the difference between the Waterpik Ultra and Aquarius?

The Waterpik Aquarius has a massage mode and a timer and pacer, all of which the Ultra doesn’t have. It also comes with seven tips instead of six.

📌 Which is better, the Waterpik Ultra or the Aquarius?

Even though they’re similar, the Waterpik Aquarius is better than the Ultra. It has more features and a sleeker form factor, and it works more quietly too.

📌 How long do Waterpik tips last?

According to Waterpik, the Classic Jet Tip, Implant Denture Tip, and Tongue Cleaner should be replaced every six months. Meanwhile, the Plaque Seeker Tip, Orthodontic Tip, Pik Pocket Tip, and Toothbrush Tip should be replaced every three months.

📌 Can I use tap water in my Waterpik?

Yes, it’s safe to use tap water in your Waterpik.

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