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VidIQ Review (2021): The Best Tool to Grow Your Youtube Channel?

Being a full-time Youtube content creator requires a lot of work. You can’t just post a video and expect the views, subs and money to come rolling in. It doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. You need to understand how the platform works and devise strategies and plans to have a chance at succeeding.

Youtube’s studio app is good for that but it is quite lacking in a lot of areas. If you want to up your game and reach that next level of success, you will need to go with third-party solutions that provide better channel management, SEO tools and analytics programs. VidIQ is one of those third-party solutions and they are one of the best in the industry.

In our VidIQ review, we’ll take a look at what they can offer aspiring Youtube content creators as well as people that are already in the business. We’ll find out if VidIQ is worth the money and if you should go with their products and services.

VidIQ Review – Plans and Pricing Comparison Chart

PlanBasicProBoostBoost Plus
PriceCheck Price at VidIQ.comCheck Price at VidIQ.comCheck Price at VidIQ.comCheck Price at VidIQ.com
Channels111, 3, 5up to 5
vidIQ Keyword Enginen/an/a40, 100, or 200 Videos per Month200 Videos per Month
Competitor Tracking362020
Trend Alert1 (limited options)15, 10, 1515
SupportEmailEmail and ChatEmail and ChatPriority Email and Chat
YouTube Description Campaignsn/aYesYesYes
Keyword Research Tooln/aYesYesYes
SEO Title & Description Recommendationsn/an/aYesYes
Inline Tag Recommendationsn/an/aYesYes
Monthly Coaching Calln/an/an/aYes
Analytics Deep Diven/an/an/aYes

Plans and Pricing

VidIQ’s plans cater to all types of Youtube content creators.

There are four (4) plans available: Basic, Pro, Boost and Boost+

VidIQ offers plans for all types of users. There is the Basic, Pro, Boost and Boost+ plans. The Basic plan is the free one and it comes with a few features that lets you get a feel for what VidIQ has to offer. If you just want to try it out first, you should go with this plan.

The premium ones are the Pro, Boost and Boost+ plans. All of these plans have their exclusive features and you should choose which one has the features that you need.

Ease of Use

VidIQ has a user-friendly browser extension.

The Scorecard is a very useful tool to see how your video is performing.

VidIQ offers a lot of features and gives you the essential tools to help you grow your channel and be a successful Youtuber. All those features and tools are accessible via the browser extension and the web app. The browser extension is filled with data and statistics that show your video’s performance and gives you insight as to how you can further improve it. It is very comprehensive but it’s not confusing at all, it’s actually very easy to understand.

The web application, just like the extension, is easy to use and very user-friendly. It provides further analytics data and performance metrics. Both the extension and the web app have a tab to view how and what your competitors are doing. You can compare channels and gain insight on how you can get ahead. All of these are packed in a very intuitive and easy to navigate UI.

Other features include bulk updating your videos to save time and improve productivity. You can also manage comments through their Comment Templates. It makes it easier to respond to questions with standardized responses, especially if you are already getting hundreds of them.

Demonetization has been a problem as of late for Youtube channels that deal with controversial topics and sometimes, even clean and wholesome channels can have issues with it. To help you avoid getting demonetized, VidIQ has a keyword tool that identify words or phrases that may get you in trouble with Youtube’s policies.

VidIQ shows comprehensive data and metrics and they made sure that all of those are easy to understand and will not overwhelm the user.

SEO and Video Optimization

SEO is a requirement if you want to achieve top rankings.

The Video Optimization Checklist allows you to properly optimize your video to help it rank.

Search engine optimization or SEO is essential if you want your video to get to the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages). If you optimize your videos properly, you will improve your chances of getting ranked highly and when you do, you will get the views and subscribers and grow your channel.

VidIQ will help your SEO efforts by providing you with all the necessary tools needed. Some of the tools are: keyword research tool, the SEO scorecard, bulk edit tools, tag suggestions and recommendations, video optimization checklist, thumbnail generator and more. All of these tools will make it easier for you to optimize your video for better search rankings and conversions. For example, the thumbnail generator allows you to make a unique and eye-catching thumbnail. Instead of just leaving you to your own devices when generating the thumbnail, they will provide tips and suggestions on what to add to increase click through rate.

Aside from the tools, VidIQ also offers a lot of helpful videos that can help you understand SEO better. These videos contain strategies, tutorials, tips, interviews from successful Youtube content creators and more.


Knowing your channel statistics will let you improve your current plans and strategies.

VidIQ helps you monitor your social media engagement.

Analytics let you see your video and channel stats so that you can understand what works and what doesn’t. This is important when trying to strategize and devise a plan to grow your channel. VidIQ will provide you with all the data that you need and help you analyze your channel as well as competitors’.

VidIQ’s Scorecard shows you a comprehensive look at your video’s performance in several categories. It shows your social media engagement so that you can have an idea on how to improve it. It also shows an overview that includes your VidIQ score, views, duration and views per hour. The VidIQ score gives you an idea on how well your video will do in the search results – the higher the score, the better. It takes into account your social media engagement, views, CTR, shares and more.

The Channel Audit Tool is another offering from VidIQ that let’s you see how your channel performs. It shows you search terms that you should focus on, videos that are likely to get more views and more. It’s a helpful tool when you are trying to gain an understanding on how to improve your channel.


VidIQ is a great third-party solution for all your Youtube needs.

If you are serious about growing your Youtube channel, then VidIQ is a great solution. You’ll be able to get an overview of your channel and see how it performs in order to find ways to improve it. The features that you get with VidIQ will allow you to implement effective SEO strategies so that you can drive more traffic to your videos. More traffic means more conversions.


๐Ÿ“Œ Is VidIQ safe?

Yes, VidIQ is safe. VidIQ offers features that alert users of any malicious activities in their account.

๐Ÿ“ŒHow much does VidIQ cost?

It depends on the plan. There is a free plan and three paid plans. You can have a look at the available plans in our comparison chart above.

๐Ÿ“ŒWhat is a good VidIQ score?

A good VidIQ score is one that is closer to 100.

๐Ÿ“ŒWhat is VidIQ boost?

VidIQ boost is one of the three premium plans from VidIQ.

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