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UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 (2021) vs VISTA V2 (2020): What’s the Difference?

The UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 (2020) and the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 (2020) are the latest full-size baby strollers from the trusted American brand. UPPAbaby’s line of strollers and car seats is the perfect marriage between function and style, and the latest additions are no exception. We highlight the key features and differences of the 2020 CRUZ V2 and the VISTA V2 to guide you in choosing the best stroller for your growing family. e

UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 (2020) vs VISTA V2 (2020) Comparison Chart

ModelUPPAbaby CRUZ V2 (2020)UPPAbaby VISTA V2 (2020)
 Amazon product  Amazon product
PriceAmazon product  Amazon product
Special Feature/sMore travel-friendlyConvertible to double stroller



Age Range/Max WeightToddler Seat: From 3 months to 50 lbs

Bassinet: From newborn to 20 lbs

Toddler Seat: From 3 months to 50 lbs

Dimensions (Upright, LWH)37.5″ x 22.8″ x 40″36″ x 25.7″ x 39.5″
Folded Dimensions (LWH)16.5″ x  22.8″ x 33″17.3″ x 25.7″ x 33.3″
Weight25.5 lbs

Stroller: 27 lbs

Bassinet: 8.8 lbs

Compatible Expansion Accessories

PiggyBack, Bassinet, MESA Infant Car Seat

RumbleSeat, PiggyBack, Twin Bassinet, MESA Infant Car Seat

Front Tire Size7″8″
Rear Tire Size10″11.5″
Enhanced All-Wheel SuspensionYesYes
Maximum Basket Capacity30 lbs30 lbs
Recline Angles56
Color Options99



Design and Build Quality

The 2020 UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 is slightly lighter and slimmer than the VISTA V2 (2020)

uppababy cruz (2020) vs vista (2020)
The UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 (left) has smaller wheels than the VISTA V2 (2020)

While they look similar at first glance, taking a closer look at their specs reveals that the 2020 UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 weighs 1.5 lbs lighter than the 27-lb UPPAbaby VISTA V2 (2020). The CRUZ V2 is also slimmer than the VISTA V2 by three inches, making the CRUZ V2 more compact and travel-friendly than the VISTA V2.

Its slightly heavier weight and bigger frame can count as a strength or a weakness to the VISTA V2, depending on what you’re looking for. The UPPAbaby VISTA V2 is equipped with larger wheels as it converts two a double stroller. Thus, bigger wheels are necessary to better support the weight of up to two children in the stroller. 

Among the similarities between the 2020 UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 and VISTA V2 is their improved suspension system compared to their predecessors. You can easily glide the baby stroller on the streets and not worry too much about grooves on the pavement. In addition, both models have a spacious basket than can easily carry up to 30 lbs of weight. They further come in nine elegant colors such as ALICE dusty pink, BRYCE white marl, JORDAN charcoal mélange, and FINN deep sea, to name a few. 


Both the 2020 UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 and VISTA V2 are versatile and offer different configurations

UPPAbaby configurations

The 2020 CRUZ V2 (left) is a single stroller while the VISTA V2 (right) converts to a double stroller

UPPAbaby’s strollers are thoughtfully-designed to allow a wide array of configurations. Both the 2020 models of the CRUZ V2 and the VISTA V2 come with a toddler seat that you attach with the seat facing forwards or towards you. They can also adjust the seat to a reclining or upright position. When not in use, they can be easily folded with or without the toddler seat and they can stand upright even without support.  

Where the 2020 VISTA V2 has the edge over the new CRUZ V2 is it can be set up to accommodate one more seat for another little one. Whether you want to attach an additional bassinet or toddler seat, the VISTA V2 is designed with growing families in mind. The VISTA v2 can easily fit twin babies, an infant and a toddler, or two toddlers.

Compatible Expansion Accessories

While the 2020 UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 is compatible with a bassinet, it doesn’t come with one unlike the VISTA V2

uppababy vista (2020) bassinet
Here’s a look at the bassinet that comes with the UPPAbaby VISTA (2020) in FINN deep sea

The significant price difference between the 2020 UPPAbaby CRUZ v2 and the VISTA V2 can be attributed to the bassinet that’s included in the latter model. Sold separately, the bassinet alone costs 199.99USD. The CRUZ V2 doesn’t come with one, but it is compatible with a bassinet and doesn’t require an adapter should you want to use one. Should you want a car seat for your little one, the UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat works with either model. 

Among other UPPAbaby accessories that you can use with the 2020 CRUZ and VISTA models include the Bassinet Stand and the PiggyBack attachment. The VISTA V2 is compatible with more accessories such as the Twin Bassinet and Rumble Seat as it can be expanded into a double stroller. They also work with car seats from other reputable brands such as Maxi-Cosi and Chicco; just don’t forget to grab the appropriate adapters to make sure your child is secure. 

Additional Features

Both have an adjustable canopy that provides up to UPF 50 protection

uppababy cruz (2020) vs vista (2020) (4)
Protect your young one from the harmful UV rays through their adjustable UPF protected canopies

From form to function, what sets UPPAbaby apart from other baby stroller brands is their keen attention to detail. The toddler seat that comes with the UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 and the VISTA V2 is equipped with a UPF 50+ extendable canopy. Apart from sun protection, the canopy also lets you take a peek at your young one through its zippered mesh panels. As they are adjustable, they can easily shade and protect your child one even as they grow taller. 


The UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 (2020) is more than enough if you don’t need the VISTA V2’s double stroller feature and packaged bassinet 

Amazon product

Their top-notch quality, stylish build, and reliability make the premium price tag of the UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 and the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 more than worth it. If you are a growing family who can maximize the convertible feature of the 2020 VISTA V2, it will be a worthwhile investment despite the higher price tag upfront. With the VISTA V2, you won’t need to get a separate baby stroller should another bundle of joy come along. 

For families who won’t need the option to convert the single stroller into a double stroller, the 2020 UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 is the more practical purchase. It’s a sturdy baby stroller that can grow with your child and it offers similar features found in the VISTA V2 at a more budget-friendly cost. 

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