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UE Wonderboom 3 vs 2 (2022): What’s The Difference?

The UE Wonderboom 3 is the successor to the highly popular Wonderboom 2. The UE Wonderboom 2 is one of the best budget-oriented portable Bluetooth speakers out in the market. In fact, it’s one of our top picks in our best Bluetooth speakers list. It sounds great, it has long battery life and it also has a highly portable and durable design. So how does the UE Wonderboom 3 compare against the Wonderboom 2? We compare them below.

UE Wonderboom 3 vs 2 Comparison Chart

ModelUE Wonderboom 3 UE Wonderboom 2
PriceCheck Price Check Price
Dimensions4.09 x 3.75 inches4.09 x 3.75 inches
Weight0.93 lbs0.93 lbs
IP RatingIP67IP67
Bluetooth Range131 ft98 ft
Multi-Device Pairing2 devices2 devices
Volume up/down
Outdoor Boost
Volume up/down
Outdoor Boost
Charging PortMicro USBMicro USB
Battery14 hours
2.6 hours charging time
13 hours
2.6 hours charging time
Color OptionsActive Black, Performance Blue, Hyper Pink, Joyous BrightDeep Space, Radical Red, Bermuda Blue, Crushed Ice Grey


The UE Wonderboom 3 and 2 are highly portable due to their compact designs.

ue wonderboom 3 vs 2 design
The UE Wonderboom 3 (left) and Wonderboom 2 (right) are pretty much identical in design.

In terms of design, there’s not much difference between the UE Wonderboom 3 and 2. In fact, they have identical designs. They both measure 4.09 x 3.75 inches and weigh 0.93 lbs, so if you liked the compactness and portability of the Wonderboom 2, you’ll love the Wonderboom 3.

Looks are not the only thing similar with these speakers. They have the same button placement and control scheme as well. At the top are the power and multi-function buttons, at the front are the volume buttons and at the underside is the Outdoor Boost button. So far, we like that they are identical because the Wonderboom 2 really has a good design. However, one thing that leaves us scratching our heads is the fact that the UE Wonderboom 3 still has a micro USB charging port. It’s silly that UE decided to go with a micro USB port when USB-C is better when it comes to compatibility and durability.

You can get the UE Wonderboom 3 in active black, Performance Blue, Hyper Pink and Joyous Bright, whereas the Wonderboom 2 is available in Deep Space, Radical Red, Bermuda Blue and Crushed Ice Grey.


They have the same features, but the UE Wonderboom 3’s Bluetooth range is improved.

ue wonderboom 3 vs 2 features
Both the UE Wonderboom 3 and 2 are rated IP67 and they can be paired with another Wonderboom speaker for true stereo output.

The UE Wonderboom 3 and 2 have similar features that include multi-speaker pairing, Outdoor Boost and a waterproof design. You can pair both the UE Wonderboom 3 and 2 with another Wonderboom speaker for true stereo and a more immersive sound.

Outdoor Boost is a feature that increases their output when used outdoors and in busy environments. As these are portable speakers, they are designed with durability in mind, thus, they have an IP67 rating. These are completely dust and waterproof, and they can even float, which is great for pool parties.

The only notable difference between the UE Wonderboom 3 and 2 is the improved Bluetooth range on the former. Its range is now 131 feet, which is a considerable improvement over the 99 feet Bluetooth range of the Wonderboom 2. Apart from that, there’s no other difference in features.


There’s no significant difference between the UE Wonderboom 3 and 2’s sound performance.

ue wonderboom 3 vs 2 sound
The UE Wonderboom 3 retains the Outdoor Boost feature of the Wonderboom 2.

These speakers sound good for the price. They have a decent enough sound with clear mids and highs, but since they are compact, bass is unsurprisingly lacking. The sub-bass is rolled-off, but they still have mid-bass and high-bass, so these can still output a thumpy and boomy sound for bass-heavy genres.

The mids and highs are relatively flat and balanced, so you can hear vocals, instruments and sounds in the higher frequencies. Overall, these sound good for portable and compact speakers.

Sound features such as 360 sound and Outdoor Boost are still available on the Wonderboom 3. The 360 sound feature gives you a wide soundstage for a more engaging, wide and natural sound. This is possible because the UE Wonderboom 3 and 2 both have dual active drivers placed opposite of each other. Outdoor Boost, as mentioned earlier, allows the speakers to get louder when outside. However, when this is activated, you can expect the sound quality to take a hit.

Battery Life

You’ll get plenty of battery life with either the UE Wonderboom 3 or 2, but the former does give you an hour more.

ue wonderboom 3 vs 2 battery life
One of the few improvements of the UE Wonderboom 3 (left) over the Wonderboom 2 (right) is its slightly increased battery life.

Battery life for both the UE Wonderboom 3 and 2 is very good. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 can last up to 14 hours while the Wonderboom 2’s battery life is 13 hours. The slight improvement with the Wonderboom 3 is definitely a welcome one, but the Wonderboom 2’s battery performance is not bad at all. They both need 2.6 hours to fully charge from an empty state.

The only gripe we have with their battery and charging is the use of a micro USB port. The UE Wonderboom 3 having a micro USB port in this time period is definitely a head scratcher as USB-C is better overall.


If you already have a UE Wonderboom 2, you don’t need to upgrade, but you can consider getting the Wonderboom 3 if you are interested in multi-speaker pairing.

UE Wonderboom 3

UE Wonderboom 2

The UE Wonderboom 3 offers good price to performance at its price point. It sounds great and its portable and durable design is great for outdoor use. That said, it’s not much of an upgrade over the Wonderboom 2, so if you already have the 2, you don’t need to go out and buy the new Wonderboom 3. But if you are looking for an excellent portable speaker under $100, the UE Wonderboom 3 is one of the best picks.


๐Ÿ“Œ Which is better, UE Wonderboom 2 or 3?

The Wonderboom 3 is better than the Wonderboom 2 since it has a better battery life and improved Bluetooth range.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the Wonderboom 3 waterproof?

Yes, it has a waterproof and floating design with an IP67 rating.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Wonderboom 3 have a 3.5mm connection?

No, it only has Bluetooth connectivity.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I pair the UE Wonderboom 3 with other UE speakers?

You can pair it with other Wonderboom speakers.

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