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TYMO Ring vs TYMO Ring Plus (2022): What’s The Difference And Which One Should You Buy?

The TYMO Ring and TYMO Ring Plus are easy to use hair straightening tools that offer fast and long-lasting results. Unlike hair straightening irons, these 2-in-1 comb and flat irons won’t leave your hair flat and lifeless after use, instead, you’ll have a full-bodied bouncy hair. We compare the two below to help you pick which one is right for you.

TYMO Ring vs TYMO Ring Plus Comparison Chart

ModelTYMO Ring TYMO Ring Plus
PriceCheck Price Check Price
Heat Settings59
Temperature Range266°F – 410°F250°F – 410°F
Auto-Off30 minutes30 minutes
IndicatorLED lightsLCD screen
Fast Heating60 seconds30 seconds
What’s IncludedTravel bag, glove, 2x hair clipsTravel bag, glove, 2x hair clips
ColorsPink, BlackBlack


The TYMO Ring Plus has an LCD screen that displays the temperature while the TYMO Ring has LED light indicators.

The TYMO Ring (left) and TYMO Ring Plus (right) both weigh a little under 1lb, so they are easy to handle.

When it comes to form factor, the TYMO Ring and Ring Plus are similar in that they look like a standard brush. The handles have just the right amount of thickness, so they are easy to grip. On the Ring, the handle has a glossy finish while the handle of the Ring Plus has a slightly textured finish for better grip.

Both the TYMO Ring and Ring Plus have three buttons for controls. There’s a power button and + – buttons for adjusting the temperature. The buttons on the Ring Plus are slightly recessed, so they are less prone to accidental button presses. The Ring’s buttons, in contrast, are flush with the handle. On the Ring are LED light indicators that tell you the current temperature setting in use. Meanwhile, the Ring Plus has an LCD screen that spells out the exact temperature. Needless to say, the Ring Plus’ LCD screen is more convenient and user-friendly than the LED light indicators on the Ring.

The brush portion of the TYMO Ring features a ceramic heated 3D brush with anti-scalding. The TYMO Ring Plus is also equipped with a 3D brush, but it now sports a nano titanium coating. While both need a wall outlet to power them, they are still very portable. They are lightweight, weighing around 1lb, and they also come with travel bags, so you can easily carry them anywhere.


They have similar features, but the TYMO Ring Plus is upgraded with more temperature settings and faster heat up time.

You get five temperature levels with the TYMO Ring (left), while the TYMO Ring Plus (right) gives you nine for better control.

The TYMO Ring and Ring Plus have similar features that include an auto-off function after 30 minutes, an anti-scald feature and a 360° swivel cord for better handling. They also have a wide temperature range for various types of hairs, as well as a fast heat up time.

They have the same feature set, but a couple of those features are improved on the Ring Plus. First, the temperature range is widened to 250°F to 410°F. The TYMO Ring, in comparison, has a temperature range of 266°F to 410°F. The difference here is small, but it’s still worth mentioning as it can make a difference for those with thinner hair.

Another difference is the number of temperature settings. The TYMO Ring has five temperature levels whereas the Ring Plus has nine. You’ll have better control with the TYMO Ring Plus with this upgrade.

Lastly, the heat up time is also improved on the TYMO Ring Plus. The TYMO Ring heats up in 60 seconds, which is quite good, but the Ring Plus heats up 30 seconds after turning on the device, which is a substantial improvement.


They have similar results, but the TYMO Ring Plus offers a better user-experience.

A look at some of the features of the TYMO Ring (left) and TYMO Ring Plus (right).

Using these hair straightening brushes is about as easy as using a regular brush. You just turn them on, set your preferred temperature level, then brush you hair. You don’t have to worry about scalding since these have an anti-scalding feature for safety.

The result from these hair brushes is very good, quite different from when using flat straightening irons. Instead of having flat, limp and lifeless hair, hair brushed with either the TYMO Ring or TYMO Ring Plus is full-bodied and bouncy. It also helps that these brushes are efficient, so your hair is not exposed to heat damage.

While they have similar results, the TYMO Ring Plus offers a more user-friendly experience than the TYMO Ring. Having an LCD screen means that user-error when setting temperature is minimized or completely eliminated, faster heat up saves your time and having more temperature levels to choose from gives you better control.


It’s worth it to spend extra on the TYMO Ring Plus as it is improved in many ways.


Excellent hair straightener

TYMO Ring Plus

Improved version of the TYMO Ring

If you are eyeing either of the TYMO Ring or TYMO Ring Plus, you are on a good path since these are excellent hair straighteners. That said, we recommend that you spend more on the TYMO Ring Plus since it comes with a bunch of quality of life upgrades for a negligible increase in price. It has a more user-friendly design, it heats up faster and it offers better control since it comes with more temperature levels to choose from.


📌 Is the TYMO Ring hair straightener brush worth it?

Yes, the TYMO Ring is worth purchasing if you are after a fast and effective hair straightener.

📌 Does the TYMO Ring damage your hair?

It has an anti-scald feature for safety and since it works fast, you hair is not exposed to heat as much as other iron hair straighteners.

📌 Can you curl your hair with TYMO?

Yes, the TYMO Ring and TYMO Ring Plus are easy to use and they have a 360° swivel cord for easy handling, so you can easily curl your hair with either.

📌 What is the difference between TYMO Ring and TYMO Ring Plus?

The TYMO Ring Plus is the upgraded version of the Ring and it has a wider temperature range, faster heat up time and an LCD screen.

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