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TUMI vs Away Carry-On (2022): Which Hard Shell Carry-On Is Better?

Everyone wants carry-on luggage nowadays. The two most prominent brands for hard-shell small luggage currently are TUMI and Away, whose stylish items are as much a fashion statement as functional travel necessity. Here’s a look at two of these brands’ best carry-ons, the TUMI Latitude International Carry-On and the Away Carry-On.

TUMI vs Away Carry-On Comparison Chart

ModelTUMI Latitude International Carry-OnAway Carry-On
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Weight6.24 lbs8.1 lbs
Capacity35 L39.8 L
Ejectable BatteryNoYes
TSA-Approved LocksYesYes
Hidden Laundry BagNoYes
Telescopic HandleYesYes
ColorsBlush, Purple, Silver, Navy, BlackBlack, Navy, Green, Asphalt, Coast, White, Sand, Blush, Brick


Both carry-ons have fantastic-looking designs.

TUMI vs Away Carry On Design
The TUMI Latitude International Carry-On (left) and the Away Carry-On (right) have their own individual charm.

The look of each of these carry-ons are distinctively different from each other, which means you’re likely to gravitate towards the style you like best. The TUMI Latitude International Carry-On features a rippled look with an undeniable luxurious appeal that will surely stand out in a crowd. The Carry-On from Away takes the other end of the design spectrum, going for a minimalist and pragmatic approach that nevertheless looks great.

The TUMI Latitude also sports bumpers along the corners where most bumps can happen, while the Away Carry-On goes for a seamless look. All of the color choices TUMI makes available are metallic and glossy, while Away presents colorful matte tones along with some really dark shades. Note that while the white version from Away looks amazing, it might need more care and upkeep to stay pristine.

Storage Space

The Away Carry-On has a bigger capacity than the TUMI Latitude.

TUMI vs Away Carry-On Storage Space
Aside from a compression system, the Away Carry-On also has a ‘hidden’ laundry bag.

While outside the TUMI Latitude International Carry-On has slightly larger dimensions, the thickness of the hard shell material along with the lining means it has just a tad smaller available space than The Carry-On from Away. The difference isn’t big by any means, and most light packers will not notice or mind as long as everything is folded neatly inside. However, Away’s internal compression system can allow users to flatten the bottom compartment and really reduce the space that even warmer clothing will occupy.

The TUMI Latitude does have a mesh tie-down screen whose straps can be adjusted to ensure a snug fit for the bottom half though it’s more to keep it in place than to squeeze them flat. Both top halves feature zippered compartments to keep contents separate from the rest of the carry-on, though TUMI adds a few more zip pockets that will help you organize your packing better.

One common issue travelers face on the trip home is keeping used and dirty clothes separate from what remains. Away addressed this by adding a folded laundry bag that tucks away neatly when not in use.

Handling and Durability

The TUMI Latitude should be more durable and lighter than the Away Carry-On.

TUMI vs Away Carry On Durability
The TUMI Latitude International Carry-On uses a specially woven material to protect its contents.

TUMI has legions of satisfied customers ready to attest to the durability of their luggage, and indeed families are likely to have kept their TUMI suitcases for years and years without a noticeable drop in quality. The Latitude International Carry-On is no different, and stands out even more as it uses the brand’s latest SRPP Ballistic material that can flex and bend as needed to absorb impact and adapt to harsher temperatures. It even makes the entire carry-on lighter to boot.

The Away Carry-On is no slouch in this department though, as it has plenty of trust on its polycarbonate shell to proof against dings and dents that the brand offers generous guarantees and warranties on every purchase. It’s noticeably heavier than the TUMI Latitude though, which could be a factor if you have difficulty lifting bags into overhead compartments due to a condition.

Both carry-ons will prove to be very easy to maneuver around with their 360-degree multi-directional spinner wheels that feel super smooth to walk.

Other Features

The Away Carry-On features a built-in ejectable battery and multiple ports.

TUMI vs Away Carry On Features
Tucked under the Away Carry-On’s handle is a charger port for your phone.

Today’s mobile-loving travelers will no doubt love the built-in battery on the Away Carry-On. It’s hidden right under the handle so it’s very easy to access while you’re waiting in the terminal or enjoying a cup at a cafe. It also has multiple ports so you can charge several devices at once. You also have the option of popping it off the suitcase to bring in a lighter bag if needed.

Like most carry-on models today, both of these feature TSA-integrated combination locks that security personnel can easily access at inspection areas. Their locations differ, since Away has it on the top beside the handle while TUMI placed theirs along the top of the side, but they should improve security without the mess of separate locks.

TUMI has a few other features worthy of note, which includes the Omega closure system for the zipper puller that allows it to break off easily and prevent damage to the suitcase’s integrity. Another is the TUMI Tracer which gives each luggage a unique product number that can assist in finding the luggage in case it gets lost.


The Away Carry-On is simply the better value for the majority of buyers.

TUMI Latitude International Carry-On

The Carry-On from Away

With comparable durability, extra storage capabilities and a bonus phone charger, the Away Carry-On has the edge over the TUMI Latitude International Carry-On, especially more so when you consider their price tags. The Carry-On from Away simply presents amazing value for the majority of buyers looking for a durable and stylish hardside case for short trips. There’s a reason that so many millennials and celebrities are seen posing with their Away Carry-On on social media, and only part of that is how good they look.

Still, TUMI is a well-known luxury brand that promises suitcases that you can use for years to come, and indeed you’ll easily find families with TUMI suitcases they still use after ten or more years. The TUMI Latitude International Carry-On continues this promise, and is a worthy investment if you can afford it.

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