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Travel Insurance Comparison 2024: Review of Top Single Trip and Annual Covers

Heymondo is a modern, customer-focused travel insurance provider, known for its innovative approach to ensuring travelers’ safety and peace of mind. Founded with a mission to simplify travel insurance and adapt to the evolving needs of global travelers, the company has gained recognition for its comprehensive coverage options and user-friendly digital platform. Put simply, its commitment to excellent customer service and tailored insurance solutions sets it apart in a competitive market.

Heymondo offers two main types of coverage: single trip travel insurance and annual travel insurance. These plans cater to diverse needs, providing protection against unforeseen events, medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and more.

Top Travel Insurance Companies in the United States


Travel Insurance Comparison

Allianz is a top choice for comprehensive travel insurance coverage. Its plans offer trip cancellation and interruption protection, emergency medical and transportation coverage, rental car damage and theft protection, and business equipment coverage. Allianz stands out for its lack of age restrictions, coverage for kids 17 and under, and its Allianz TravelSmart app which provides travel advisories, access to medical facilities, and mobile claims filing. Allianz’s annual plan is a great option for business travelers, with epidemic coverage and a 24-hour multilingual assistance hotline.


Heymondo provides flexible, customizable travel insurance plans for both short-term and long-term travelers. Its Long Stay plan covers trips longer than 90 days, with the initial coverage capped at 90 days but the ability to renew if needed. Heymondo’s plans include coverage for COVID-19 and allow for flexible date changes. It offers 24/7 medical chat, online assistance, claims management, and account/policy consultation.


Travel Insurance Comparison

AIG is known for its comprehensive add-on coverages. Its plans can be customized with options like coverage for adventure sports, lost or delayed baggage, and rental car damage. AIG provides a 24/7 global assistance network and mobile app for easy access to travel information and claims filing. It’s a top choice for travelers seeking robust, flexible coverage beyond just the basics.

Is it better to get single or annual travel insurance?

Single trip travel insurance offers tailored coverage for individual journeys, while annual travel insurance provides cost-effective protection for multiple trips throughout the year.

Travel Insurance Comparison

Choosing between single trip and annual travel insurance depends on your travel habits, needs, and preferences. Each option has its own advantages over the other.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

  • Tailored Coverage: Offers specific coverage for the duration and destination of a particular trip, making it ideal for one-off vacations or business trips.
  • Cost-Effective for Infrequent Travelers: Typically cheaper if you only travel once or twice a year, as you’re paying for insurance only when you need it.
  • Flexible Options: You can select the level of coverage based on the unique aspects of your trip, such as activities you plan to engage in or specific risks associated with your destination.
  • Customized Protection: Allows you to choose higher coverage limits or additional benefits for a single, significant trip.

Annual Travel Insurance

  • Convenience: Provides coverage for multiple trips over a 12-month period, eliminating the need to purchase a new policy for each trip.
  • Cost-Effective for Frequent Travelers: Generally more economical if you travel three or more times a year, as a single annual policy can cover multiple trips.
  • Consistency: Ensures continuous coverage, reducing the risk of gaps in insurance if you forget to purchase a policy for a new trip.
  • Simplified Management: You only need to review and renew your insurance once a year, simplifying your travel planning.

Does annual travel insurance make sense?

Annual travel insurance is best for frequent travelers looking to save money and streamline coverage for multiple trips.

Travel Insurance Comparison

When deciding between a single trip and annual travel insurance, consider how often you travel. If you frequently embark on trips for business or pleasure, annual insurance is generally more cost-effective and convenient, as it covers multiple trips within a year without the need to purchase separate policies for each journey.

On that note, Heymondo’s annual travel insurance offers extensive coverage. With medical expenses covered up to $100,000, travelers are protected against unexpected healthcare costs abroad. In the event of luggage theft or damage, the company provides coverage up to $2,000, ensuring belongings are safeguarded during travel.

For more serious situations requiring repatriation or early return, the insurance covers expenses up to $500,000, providing peace of mind in emergencies. Additionally, its policy includes trip cancellation coverage up to $3,000, reimbursing non-refundable expenses if plans need to change unexpectedly.

In contrast, single trip insurance might offer more tailored protection for longer trips that involve specific risks and needs. That’s because this type of policy allows you to select coverage that suits the unique aspects of each individual trip, such as higher coverage limits or special benefits for particular activities.

At the end of the day, the choice between single and annual travel insurance depends on your travel patterns and needs. Assessing your travel frequency, destinations, and coverage requirements will help you choose the option that offers the best protection and value for your situation.

Why is multi-trip insurance cheaper than single-trip insurance?

Multi-trip travel insurance is more affordable because of how it spreads administrative costs and risk over multiple trips.

Travel Insurance Comparison

If you travel frequently, choosing multi-trip travel insurance—otherwise known as annual travel insurance—over single-trip insurance can be a cost-effective option. Multi-trip insurance covers all your trips within a year under one policy, which reduces the insurer’s costs due to economies of scale. This means fewer transactions and less paperwork compared to buying a new policy for each trip. Additionally, insurers spread the risk over many trips, allowing them to offer lower rates, as not every trip results in a claim.

Annual travel insurance also encourages customer loyalty by offering lower prices for a year’s worth of coverage, simplifying risk assessments based on general travel habits rather than detailed evaluations for each trip. For example, if you take four trips a year and each single-trip policy costs $100, you’d spend $400, while an annual policy might only cost $250, saving you $150. In short, multi-trip insurance is often a better deal for frequent travelers, offering consistent and comprehensive coverage throughout the year.

Should I consider annual trip insurance?

Typically, annual travel insurance is more cost-effective and convenient.

Travel Insurance Comparison

If you take numerous short trips each year for work, annual travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage without the hassle of buying a new policy each time. On the other hand, if you only take one or two vacations a year, a single trip policy might be more cost-effective and tailored to each specific journey.

However, it’s worth noting that a combination of policies or specialized long-term travel insurance might be your best bet if you have plans for a long stay abroad or multiple destinations over an extended period. For instance, this usually applies for digital nomads.

What is a single trip and annual trip?

Single-trip travel insurance covers one specific journey, whereas annual travel insurance covers multiple trips within a year.

Travel Insurance Comparison

Single trip travel insurance is a type of insurance designed to cover you for a specific journey, from the time you leave until you return. It provides financial protection and assistance against various risks that can occur during a single trip. This type of policy is ideal for travelers planning a one-off vacation, business trip, or short-term travel.

For example, Heymondo’s single-trip international travel insurance provides robust coverage for travelers embarking on individual journeys abroad. It includes coverage for medical expenses of up to $200,000, as well as repatriation and medical evacuation up to $500,000. For added peace of mind, it also covers luggage theft and damage up to $3,000 and trip cancellation coverage up to $10,000.

Meanwhile, annual travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers all your trips within a 12-month period. It’s ideal for frequent travelers, whether for business or leisure, as it provides comprehensive coverage without the need to purchase a new policy for each trip.


Heymondo offers single-trip and annual travel insurance with comprehensive coverage while also being cost-effective.

Heymondo stands out as a reliable choice for travel insurance, backed by the global insurance giant AXA. Their single trip travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage tailored to specific journeys, providing peace of mind against medical emergencies, trip disruptions, and other unforeseen events. It’s ideal for occasional travelers seeking flexible and robust protection for individual trips.

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