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Traeger Eastwood 22 vs Pro 22 (2021): Which Is the Better Pellet Grill?

Going by their looks, the Traeger Eastwood and first-generation Pro series are hard to tell apart. They both sport the company’s iconic sawhorse chassis, barrel, and all-terrain wheels, after all. They even have their flue pipes on the same side, and neither has WiFIRE technology, which means they’re not smart pellet grills. The most obvious difference is their color, but there’s more to it than that.

On that note, we go a little deeper and compare the Eastwood 22 to the Pro 22. That way you’d know what makes the two different from each other before making a purchase.

Traeger Eastwood 22 vs Pro 22 Comparison Chart

ModelTraeger Eastwood 22Traeger Pro 22
 Traeger Eastwood 22Amazon product
PriceCheck Price at TraegerGrills.comAmazon product
Weight103 lbs.103 lbs.
Cooking Area418 sq. in.

Main rack: 418 sq. in.

Top rack: 154 sq. in.

Total: 572 sq. in.

Hopper Capacity18 lbs.18 lbs.
Maximum Temperature450ºF450ºF
ControlsDigital Elite ControllerDigital Pro Controller
Meat Proben/aDual meat temperature probes 
Grate TypePorcelain coatedPorcelain
ColorsBlackBronze, Blue

Major Differences

Compared to the Traeger Pro 22, the Eastwood 22 doesn’t seem to be all that feature packed.

Traeger Eastwood 22 vs Pro 22 Major Differences
The Traeger Eastwood 22 (in photo) is a Home Depot exclusive.

Put simply, the Traeger Pro 22 can be considered as an upgraded version of the Eastwood 22. Put more precisely, it has more cooking area to work with, a controller with Advanced Grilling Logic or AGL (more on that in a bit), and dual meat temperature probes.

One thing that makes the Eastwood 22 distinct is it’s a Home Depot exclusive, which isn’t necessarily good or bad.

Beyond those, the two are pretty much the same. You can use them for grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and barbecuing and impart a rich woody flavor to your food. They also have a hopper capacity of 18 lbs. and go up to 450ºF.

Cooking Performance

The Traeger Pro 22 can accommodate more food at a time than the Eastwood 22.

Traeger Eastwood 22 vs Pro 22 Cooking Performance
The Traeger Eastwood 22 (left) doesn’t come with an extra rack, unlike the Pro 22 (right).

Just how well a pellet grill can cook is what’ll make or break it. While the Traeger Eastwood 22 can get the job done, the Pro 22 takes things up a notch.

First off, both have main grill grates with a cooking area of 418 sq. in., but the Pro 22 comes with an extra 154-square-inch rack that brings the total to 572 sq. in. Long story short, you can cook more food at the same time on it.

Of the two, it’s also the only one with two meat probe thermometers out of the box. Thanks to that, you can stay on top of the internal temperatures of at least two kinds of meat simultaneously. Needless to say, you won’t have to open the lid and risk losing all that smoky goodness inside either.

Another advantage the Pro 22 has is its Digital Pro Controller. This builds on the Eastwood 22’s Digital Elite Controller with the AGL system. This allows for more accurate cooking, maintaining temperatures within 15ºF of your settings.

Ease of Use

Traeger makes cooking as easy as 1-2-3 on both pellet grills.

Traeger Eastwood 22 vs Pro 22 Ease of Use
It only takes a tap of a button to clean the Traeger Pro 22’s (in photo) hopper.

It’s fairly easy to start grilling or smoking on either one. Basically, all you have to do is add your preferred pellets and flip a switch to turn it on. Setting the temperature is as simple as using an oven too because of their digital controllers.

As mentioned earlier, the two have all-terrain wheels. They also weigh 103 lbs. To put two and two together, that means they won’t be hard to lug around. Coupled with their sawhorse design, they can stay stable on just about any kind of ground, from gravel to dirt, and provide an even grilling area.

However, the Traeger Pro 22 has the edge over the Eastwood 22 when it comes to cleaning them up. That’s because it lets you empty out the hopper by just pressing a button.


The Traeger Eastwood 22 lacks a lot of features compared to the Pro 22.

Amazon product

We’ll have to go with the Traeger Pro 22 on this one. For starters, it has more cooking area. It packs more features such as Hopper Clean Out and AGL as well. Not to mention that the price gap between them isn’t wide enough to make the Eastwood 22 an appealing budget alternative.


📌 Which is better, the Traeger Eastwood 22 or the Pro 22?

The Traeger Pro 22 is better than the Eastwood 22 in a lot of ways. It can accommodate more food at a time and feature Hopper Clean Out and Advanced Grilling Logic technology, among other things.

📌 Does the Traeger Eastwood 22 or Pro 22 have Wi-Fi?

No, neither the Traeger Eastwood 22 and 34 nor the Pro 22 and 34 support WiFIRE technology.

📌 How much food can fit on the Traeger Eastwood 22 or Pro 22?

The Traeger Eastwood 22 has 418 sq. in. of cooking area, while the Pro 22 has a total of 572 sq. in. In the latter’s case, that translates to about four whole chickens or five rib racks. If that’s not enough, both models have larger counterparts: the Eastwood 34 and Pro 34.

📌 How long is the warranty on the Traeger Eastwood 22 and Pro 22?

Traeger offers a three-year warranty for its pellet grills, including the Eastwood 22 and Pro 22.

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