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TOLOCO vs Theragun (2022): Which Massage Gun Is Better?

If you are in the market for a massage gun, it’s highly probable that you’ve come across TOLOCO and Theragun devices since these are two of the most highly rated and popular percussive massager brands. The former offers more budget friendly options, while the latter has more premium devices. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the TOLOCO EM26 and the Theragun Prime. Should you buy the more expensive Theragun Prime or should you save your money and go for the more affordable TOLOCO EM26? Here is a comparison chart of the two.

TOLOCO vs Theragun Comparison Chart

ModelTOLOCO EM26 Theragun Prime
PriceCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price at Amazon
Speed Settings205 (customizable)
Stall ForceNot specified30lbs
Travel CaseYesYes
Companion AppNoYes
Battery Life2-4 hours2 hours
ColorsSilver, Grey BlackBlack


The TOLOCO EM26 comes with more attachment heads, but the Theragun Prime has a more ergonomic design.

toloco vs theragun design
Here’s what’s included with the TOLOCO EM26 (left) and the Theragun Prime (right).

The standard percussive massager design is in the form of a gun, hence, they are called massage guns. The TOLOCO EM26 employs this same design. On the other hand, the Theragun Prime has a triangular form factor that allows you to handle the device in many ways to target hard to reach areas of the body. Ergonomically, the Theragun Prime is better than those with gun-style forms, such as the TOLOCO EM26.

That being said, both are easy to use since they are lightweight enough. The TOLOCO EM26 weighs only 2.1lbs, while the Theragun Prime weighs 2.2lbs. They won’t strain your forearm when used for extended periods.

One area where the TOLOCO EM26 shines is in the number of attachment heads included with the package. It comes with a total of 10 massage heads that are designed for specific areas of the body. Meanwhile, the Theragun Prime only comes with four.


The Theragun Prime comes with more features than the TOLOCO massage gun.

toloco vs theragun features
The TOLOCO EM26 (left) boasts multiple speed levels, while the main selling point of the Theragun Prime (right) is its unique and ergonomic design.

The main selling point of the TOLOCO EM26, in addition to having several massage heads included in the package, is that it has 20 speed levels for various types of massages. The lowest levels are for warming up and relaxation, while the mid and high levels are for deep and “professional” level massages. Having more speed levels to choose from is definitely good as it allows you to choose the perfect setting for what you need.

Meanwhile, the Theragun Prime only has five speed levels to choose from. You can customize it using the app though, so it is also versatile in that regard. Speaking of the app, the Therabody app allows you to control the massage gun wirelessly via Bluetooth and run personalized routines according to your preferences.

In addition to these, the Theragun Prime, as mentioned earlier, has an ergonomic form factor that makes it easier to use than most massage guns in the market with a standard design. As far as features go, the Theragun Prime definitely has the advantage over the TOLOCO EM26.


You can get more intense massages with the Theragun Prime.

toloco vs theragun performance
Both are equipped with capable motors, but the Theragun Prime outshines the TOLOCO in this area.

When it comes to performance, speed levels definitely play a part, however, amplitude and stall force are arguably more important factors. In this area, there’s no denying that the Theragun Prime can deliver the more intense and deeper massages than the TOLOCO EM26.

First, the Theragun Prime has a higher amplitude than the TOLOCO EM26. Amplitude is basically the travel distance of the massage head and a higher number means that it can travel more. The Theragun Prime has an amplitude of 16mm while the TOLOCO EM26’s is 12mm. A four millimeter difference is huge when it comes to delivering more intense massages.

Secondly, the Theragun Prime also has a higher stall force. Stall force is the amount of force that you can apply to the device before it stops functioning. The Theragun Prime stall force is 30lbs while the TOLOCO EM26 does not specify it.

As for noise levels, the two are quite similar at around 40-50dB when used at max levels. These are not quiet, but they’re not very loud as well. Battery life is similar, with both of them maxing out at 2 hours when used in full power.


The Theragun Prime is the better overall massage gun, but the TOLOCO EM26 can be a very good alternative if you want to save some money.


Decent alternative

Theragun Prime

Better overall massage gun

There’s no doubt that the Theragun Prime is the better overall percussive massage device. It can deliver more intense and deeper massages, it’s easier to use due to its ergonomic design and having a companion app is very convenient. Now, is it worth the price? The answer is it depends on what you need a massage gun for. If you are a physically active person that routinely suffers from muscle tightness, it can be a worthwhile purchase, especially if used on a regular basis. However, for most people that only need light massages from time to time, the TOLOCO EM26 can be a good enough massage gun. You’ll get an effective massage gun and you don’t have to spend as much.


📌 Do massage guns work?

Yes, they can effectively loosen tight muscles, relieve pain and soreness and provide a host of other benefits that a regular massage can do.

📌 Is TOLOCO good?

While not as well-known as other brands, TOLOCO offers good massage guns that are quite affordable.

📌 What is the best Theragun model?

The Theragun PRO is the best model from the brand. It features a rotating arm and a more powerful motor than other Theragun models.

📌 Where should you not use a massage gun?

Massage guns should be used on muscles and not on joints, bones and tendons.

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