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Tile vs Pebblebee (2021): Which Bluetooth Tracker Should You Get?

If you’re one to lose your keys, then getting a Bluetooth tracker might be a good idea. Tile is one of the big names here, having sold over 30 million of its small but powerful tracker. The Tile Pro, its most advanced model, boasts a 400 ft. range and an impressively loud ring. Seattle-based Pebblebee isn’t one to be outdone either. Its Pebblebee Finder 2.0, for instance, claims a 500 ft. range. Which tracker is better at finding your lost items? Read our comparison of the Tile Pro and Pebblebee Finder 2.0 below to find out.

Tile vs Pebblebee Bluetooth Tracker Comparison Chart

ModelTile ProPebblebee Finder 2.0
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Range400 ft500 ft
Volume128 dB115 dB
BatteryReplaceable CR2032 batteryRechargeable
Battery Life1 year6 months
Water ResistantYesYes
Voice Assistant SupportYesYes
CompatibilityiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
ColorsBlack, White, Red, Azurite, RoseBlack
Dimensions42mm x 42mm x 6.5mm35mm x 9mm
Weight0.5 oz0.6 oz


The Tile Pro sports a clean and sleek square design, while the Pebblebee tracker brandishes a round form and a textured surface.

Tile vs Pebblebee Design Comparison
A closer look shows the smooth surface of the Tile Pro in contrast with the raised dots on the Pebblebee Finder 2.0.

Like most Bluetooth trackers, the Tile Pro and Pebblebee Finder 2.0 are lightweight and almost inconspicuous devices. Tile’s latest model has the same squarish form as its predecessor, the Tile Mate, but with a slightly larger body and a smoother surface. If you’ve used the Tile Mate before, you’ll miss that textured feel that’s absent on the Tile Pro. Still, this nifty tracker excels in its simplicity. The logo at the center doubles as a button, and the loop on the top left makes it easy to attach to key rings or bags.

The Pebblebee Finder 2.0, on the other hand, sports a round design. It’s primarily made of plastic with an anodized aluminum ring. There’s also a USB-C port for charging and an LED light for your battery/charging status. Pebblebee’s tracker isn’t as sleek as the Tile Pro, but its surface does come with raised dots that offer a tactile feature for the visually impaired. The Pebblebee Finder 2.0’s loop is slimmer, too.

For those particular about aesthetics, you’ll find that the Tile Pro’s clean look goes well with most of your items. Of course, it also helps that the Tile Pro is available in several colors, including limited edition and patterned variants. In contrast, the Pebblebee Finder 2.0 only comes in black. If you want other colors, you’ll have to settle with the Finder Classic model instead. Both Bluetooth trackers are water-resistant and offer a one-year warranty.


At their core, the Tile Pro and Pebblebee Finder 2.0 are Bluetooth-enabled devices that can track the valuables they are attached to or the phone it’s paired with.

Tile vs Pebblebee Bluetooth Tracker Features
The Tile Pro and Pebblebee Finder 2.0 boast impressive Bluetooth range and alarm volumes.

In terms of function, the Tile and Pebblebee trackers work as you expect them to. You simply attach these Bluetooth-enabled devices to your valuables and connect them to a mobile app. If you lose your things, you only have to access the app to ring the tracker. It also works the other way around if you lose your phone. Users only have to tap the buttons of the trackers to ring their mobile device.

Tile shares that the Pro has a range of 400 ft and an impressively loud, 128 dB ring built on a small device. The Pebblebee Finder 3.0, on the other hand, boasts a 500 ft range and a 115 dB ring. Both ranges should be enough to remind a user they’ve left something behind. Actual performance, however, will vary depending on your location.

App and Battery Life

Tile has a more intuitive app that comes with advanced features via a subscription compared to Pebblebee’s.

Tile vs Pebblebee Bluetooth Tracker App and Battery Life
Both Tile and Pebblebee apps show your tracker’s location through digital maps.

Aside from the core features above, the Tile Pro and Pebblebee Finder 2.0 introduces additional functionality via their mobile applications.

The Tile App, for instance, allows users to locate the most recent location of a tracker when it’s outside the Bluetooth range. It’s also an intuitive platform that supports multiple Tiles, which one can label accordingly. Users can also upgrade to Tile Premium or Premium Protect. Both plans include advanced features like smart alerts and 30-day location history. The subscription-based upgrade also provides exclusive customer care, as well as reimbursements for lost items.

Now, the Pebblebee App looks basic, but you do have the standard features available. Aside from helping you locate items, you can also check the battery status of each Pebblebee operating. Users can adjust the volume settings of each Finder 2.0 in use as well. There are no premium subscriptions with Pebblebee, though.

Nonetheless, the Finder 2.0 enjoys the convenience of a rechargeable battery. You’ll get 6 months of battery life on a single charge from the Pebblebee tracker. Tile’s Pro tracker, on the other hand, still uses the replaceable CR2032 batteries. While they do last for a year, the need to manually replace them is a bit of an inconvenience.


Pebblebee offers more variety for its Finder 2.0 bundle compared to the Tile Pro packs.

Tile vs Pebblebee Bluetooth Tracker Bundles
Here’s a look at the Tile Pro 4-pack (left) and the Pebblebee Finder 2.0 and Black Card bundle (right).

While a single Bluetooth tracker may be enough, you may soon find the need for additional devices. In such a case, Tile and Pebblebee offer bundles and packs. You can get the Tile Pro, for instance, in two or four packs. This should cover most of your valuables like keys, bags, or suitcases. Unfortunately, there are no Tile Pro bundles that include other Tile devices. The only all-in-one package available is for a single Tile Mate with a Tile Slim and two Tile Stickers.

Pebblebee, on the other hand, offers a Key Finder and Black Card Wallet bundle. Aside from your small tracking device, you also get the credit-card-sized tracker you can slip into your wallet. Like the Finder 2.0, the Black Card has a button, LED lights, and a rechargeable battery. It’s certainly a great way to cover two of the most commonly lost valuables.


On its own, the Tile Pro is the better Bluetooth tracker. For bundles or packs, however, the Pebblebee has a slight edge.

Amazon product

With only a few dollars separating the two, choosing between the Tile Pro and Pebblebee Finder 2.0 boils down to the extra features you get. Here, the Tile Pro has the upper hand. While both devices have comparable range and alarm volume, the Pro’s app gives it a decisive edge over the Pebblebee tracker. The Tile App is simply more intuitive compared to Pebblebee. Moreover, you can unlock some advanced features with a premium subscription.

However, if you’re looking for a bundle, you might be inclined to get the Pebblebee Finder 2.0 and Black Card pack instead. Tile’s options for the Pro are limited to 2 or 4 packs of the same device. Unless you’re keen on tracking every valuable you have, a key and wallet finder should suffice. Plus, not everyone needs the advanced features offered by a Tile App premium subscription anyway.


๐Ÿ“Œ Which is better between the Tile and Pebblebee Bluetooth tracker?

Although Pebblebee trackers typically have higher ranges, Tile’s finders are more practical thanks to the accompanying Tile app. A premium subscription also adds more advanced features, including item reimbursements and 30-day location history.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the Pebblebee Finder 2.0 compatible with Google Assistant?

Through the Pebblebee app, users can locate the valuables connected to the Finder 2.0 using Google Assistant voice commands.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Pebblebee offer a trial period for its trackers?

Yes, Pebblebee offers a 30-day risk-free trial for its Bluetooth trackers.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are the finding features on the Tile free?

Yes, using the finding features of the Tile trackers and app is free. Advanced features like location history or item reimbursement, however, are only available through the paid plans.

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