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Thrive Themes vs OptimizePress (2021): Which One Offers the Better Package?

If you are looking for a landing page builder/plugin, you’ve surely come across both Thrive Themes and OptimizePress. They are both very popular and are pitted against each other all the time because they have a number of similar features. Which one is better, though?

In this article, we’ll take a look at both of them and find out which one offers more and which one is better suited for what you need. Below is a comparison chart for both Thrive Themes and OptimizePress.

Thrive Themes vs OptimizePress Comparison Chart

Thrive ThemesOptimizePress
PriceCheck Price at ThriveThemes.comCheck Price at OptimizePress.com
Payment OptionsQuarterly, AnnuallyAnnually
PlansOne membership planEssential, Business and Suite
Agency PlansThrive Agency planAgency Standard and Agency Pro
Landing Page Templates26840 – more available for purchase on their marketplace
Drag and Drop EditorYesYes
Opt-in PagesYesYes
Sales PagesYesYes
SupportEmail, Forums, Knowledgebase, Tutorials, DemosEmail, Knowledgebase, Demos
Refund Policy30 days money back30 days money back

Plans and Prices

OptimizePress and Thrive Themes offer very different plans and pricing.

Thrive Themes (left) has one plan for all members while OptimizePress (right) has three plans to choose from.

Thrive Themes has one plan available with two payment options – yearly or quarterly. If you choose to pay yearly, you can save a significant amount of money as it will end up costing only $19/month as opposed to $30/month if you go quarterly. The plan includes access to all of their plugins which you can use on up to 25 sites. There’s also a Thrive Agency membership plan for freelancers, web designers and agencies that build client sites. The plan costs either $49/month for yearly payments or $69/month for quarterly payments. You can use all of their plugins on 50 of your clients’ site.

With OptimizePress, there are three plans to choose from and all of them are paid annually. Here are the three plans:

  • Essential – priced at $99/year. You can use OptimizePress on 1 website and features are limited.
  • Business – priced $149/year. Use up to 5 websites. It includes all features that come with the Essential plan plus a few more, including priority support.
  • Suite – normally priced at $299/year but they often run a promo that brings it down to $199/year. You can use OptimizePress on up to 20 websites and it includes all features.

OptimizePress also has plans for freelancers, agencies and web developers – Agency Standard and Pro. The Agency Standard plan costs $399/year for up to 15 client sites. Agency Pro, on the other hand, costs $599/year for up to 40 client sites. The Pro plan has all the features while the Standard plan omits a few.

As you can see, OptimizePress has a more elaborate plan and pricing structure. They have more options for different types of users with specific needs. If you only need a few features or plugins and you don’t have that many sites, you will save a lot of money by going with their lower priced plans. However, if you are an individual or a business with multiple sites and you need the entire suite, choosing between OptimizePress and Thrive Themes will come down to your preference. The pricing is not that far off – $228/year for Thrive on up to 25 sites and $199/year for OptimizePress on up to 20 sites for their most premium plan.

Core Features

Thrive Architect and OptimizeBuilder are both easy to use but Thrive Architect offers a bit more.

A visual editor makes designing pages a breeze, Thrive Architect and OptimizeBuilder both excel as landing page builders.

Thrive Architect is the landing page builder from Thrive Themes. It is a visual editor and it’s very easy to use, even if you are a complete newbie. You just drag and drop elements from the numerous element selection provided for you. As it is a front-end editor, editing texts and element settings is easy and fast.

There are 268 landing page templates to choose from so if you don’t have any experience or you don’t want to create your own, you can just choose from all of these high-converting templates. As for the elements, aside from the common ones, they also feature a lot of conversion-focused building blocks such as testimonials, call-to-action blocks, and opt-in forms.

OptimizeBuilder has similar offerings with Thrive Architect. It is also a visual editor that is simple to use. It has all the essential elements as well as conversion-focused ones. One big difference, however, is the number of landing page templates that you can choose from. OptimizePress has 40 landing pages to start off with and you can purchase more from their marketplace.

Both Thrive Architect and OptimizeBuilder are very easy to use visual editors that can make building landing pages effortless and fast. You can’t go wrong with either one but do take note of the number of templates available to choose from as Thrive does offer more.


Customer support is vital when it comes to membership plans, and Thrive Themes offers plenty.

Encountering problems when using any plugin is inevitable, so you should be able to contact the team responsible for the said plugin and get support in a reasonable amount of time.

When it comes to customer support, both are reasonably fast with their response and provide ample support. However, Thrive Themes does offer more as they are able to provide support in more ways than OptimizePress.

For Thrive Themes, support can be requested via e-mail, forums, free tutorials, demos, and knowledgebase. Forum support can be a big deal as other users can help you out right away if ever you have an urgent issue. You may also find solutions to your current problems from previously posted threads.

OptimizePress, on the other hand, offers support via e-mail, knowledgbase and demos. They could improve a lot in this area.


Thrive Themes edges out OptimizePress as they have a more user-friendly UI and they provide better support.

Both Thrive Themes and OptimizePress are great for building high-converting pages. They are both easy to use and offer many features that can make your site look and perform better. Overall, though, Thrive Themes offers just a bit more and we recommend them over OptimizePress. They offer better customer support, which is important for a lot of newbies or non-techies, and their landing page builder is a bit easier to use and comes with more features.


๐Ÿ“Œ What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is the visual page builder from the Thrive Themes suite of WordPress tools.

๐Ÿ“Œ How much does Thrive Themes cost?

They offer one membership plan that can cost either $19/month for a yearly subscription or $30/month for a quarterly subscription.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is Thrive Themes better than OptimizePress?

We recommend Thrive Themes over OptimizePress as it is more user-friendly and provides better support. In terms of features and included plugins, you’ll have to choose which one provides more of what you need.

๐Ÿ“Œ How much does OptimizePress cost?

OptimizePress has three plans available – Essential, Business and Suite. Essential costs $99/year, Business is priced at $149/year and Suite is $199/year.

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