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Theragun vs Hypervolt Plus (2021): Which Massage Device is Right For You?

Massage guns are great for muscle recovery, for promoting circulation, for relieving muscle stiffness and soreness and many more. Two of the most popular massage guns in the market are the Theragun PRO and the Hypervolt Plus. Both are professional level massage guns that are powerful and can deliver intense massages for better muscle recovery, warmup and more.

If you are looking to get a massage gun, these two models—the Theragun PRO and the Hypervolt Plus, are some of the best that you can get. In this article, we’ll take a look at how they fare against each other, so that you can choose which one is better suited for your needs.

Theragun vs Hypervolt Plus Comparison Chart

ModelTheragun PROHypervolt Plus
Weight2.9 lbs3 lbs
Speed Settings5 speed setting (up to 2400 RPM)3 speed setting (up to 3200 RPM)
Attachments6 (ball, supersoft, thumb, wedge, cone and dampener)5 (flat, round, fork, bullet and cushion)
Carrying CaseYesNo (available for purchase)
Charging DockYesNo (available for purchase)
Companion AppTherabody AppHyperice App
Battery Life2 batteries – 150 mins. each1 battery – 180 mins. (3 hours)


The Theragun PRO has a more ergonomic design than the Hypervolt Plus.

The Theragun PRO (left), features a more ergonomic design, with its movable arm and multi-grip handle.

Both the Theragun PRO and the Hypervolt Plus are lightweight, with the Theragun PRO weighing in at 2.9 lbs and Hypervolt Plus at 3 lbs. As they are lightweight, they are easy to use. However, the Theragun PRO has an advantage when it comes to ergonomics due to its multi grip handle and rotating arm. The multi grip handle allows you to hold the massage device in a number of ways, so that you can use it comfortably. In addition, the rotating arm allows you to effectively massage hard to reach areas of your body, such as the back, without straining.

The Theragun PRO comes with a case, six attachment heads, an extra battery, a pouch and a charging dock. On the other hand, the Hypervolt Plus comes with five attachment heads, an attachment pouch and a charger. Both are compact enough that you can place them in a gym bag or a backpack.

As for the build quality, both massage devices have a premium feel to them.


Both the Theragun PRO and Hypervolt Plus come with several accessories and they both come with companion apps.

What’s included with the Theragun Pro (left) and the Hypervolt Plus (right).

As we already mentioned and as you can see on the image above, the Theragun PRO comes with six (6) attachment heads (ball, supersoft, thumb, wedge, cone and dampener), while the Hypervolt comes with five (5) attachments (flat, round, fork, bullet and cushion). Certain attachment heads are better suited for different parts of the body. For instance, the cone attachment that comes with the Theragun is great for smaller muscles, while the fork attachment from Hypervolt is great for delicate areas such as the spine.

Both come with companion apps that they can connect to via Bluetooth. These apps allow you to adjust the speed, select presets and personalize your usage of the device. The Theragun PRO features an OLED screen that displays the current speed and force level of the device, while the Hypervolt Pro has LED lights that also indicate the force and speed level that you are currently at.

For the speed range, the Theragun PRO has five (5) built-in speed levels (1750 RPM – 2400 RPM) that can be customized via the Therabody App. On the other hand, the Hypervolt Plus has three (3) speed settings at 2000, 2600 and 3200 RPM.

Performance and Battery Life

The Theragun PRO is a “punchier” percussive device than the Hypervolt Plus, due to its higher amplitude.

The Theragun Pro comes with an extra battery while the Hypervolt Plus comes with only one (built into the handle).

If you are looking for a powerful massage device, both the Theragun PRO and the Hypervolt Plus are professional-grade massage devices, and as such, both feature powerful motors. In the case of the Theragun PRO, it can reach speeds of up to 2400 RPM, while the Hypervolt can reach up to 3200 RPM.

Another factor that contributes to the device’s overall power is amplitude. Amplitude is the length at which the head will travel when the device is in use. The Theragun PRO has an amplitude of 16mm, while the Hypervolt Plus has a 13mm amplitude. Higher amplitude, even at lower speeds, can deliver a more intense massage. In this case, even though the Theragun PRO can only reach up to 2400 RPM, it can deliver a more intense massage due to its higher 16mm amplitude.

As for noise levels, the difference is substantial. The Hypervolt Plus, with its Quiet Glide technology, is quieter than the Theragun PRO. Although the Theragun PRO comes with its own QuietForce technology, it still produces a lot of noise when compared to the Hypervolt Plus.

For battery life, the Hypervolt Plus’ built-in lithium-ion battery can last up to 3 hours. In contrast, the Theragun PRO’s battery can last up to 2.5 hours. However, it also comes with an extra battery, so effectively, you can run the Theragun PRO continuously by charging the other battery while the other is being used.


The Theragun PRO can deliver a more intense massage, at a higher cost. The Hypervolt Plus is less powerful, but it is also cheaper.

If you want a massage device that can deliver intense stimulation for you muscles, the Theragun PRO is the better choice. It can deliver a more intense massage due to its higher amplitude. It’s great for people with active lifestyles that can tolerate the pressure that it can deliver. However, it is also the more expensive option.

If you want something that is a bit more gentle on your muscles and skin, the Hypervolt Plus is the one that you should get. It’s not as punchier as the Theragun PRO, but it will still deliver adequate muscle stimulation. It’s also the cheaper option of the two.


๐Ÿ“Œ Which is better: Theragun or Hypervolt?

It will depend on what you are looking for in a massage gun. If you want intense and forceful massages, the Theragun is the better choice. However, if you want something that’s not as intense, but still delivers enough force, you should consider the Hypervolt massage gun.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the Hypervolt Plus worth it?

Yes, the Hypervolt Plus is worth getting if you are looking for a massage gun. It is powerful enough, without being too intense, so it is easier on your skin and your muscles.

How often should I use the Theragun?

It will be different for everyone, however, the recommended usage is at least two minutes on muscle groups that you’ve trained for the session, and at least a minute for other muscle groups that did not get as hard of a workout.

๐Ÿ“Œ Which is the best massage gun on the market?

Hypervolt and Theragun are two of the best in the market right now. It’s hard to tell which is the best as different people will have different needs. Regardless of which one you choose between the Hypervolt and Theragun, you will get a great massage device that will do its job.

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