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The Best Custom Banners, Flags & Displays (2023): Signs, Tents, Backdrops & More

Custom banners and signs are an effective way to get attention to your business, helping you stand out from the rest of the pack. Aside from marketing purposes, you can even use them to show support for your favorite sports team. Also, they’re perfect for clearly communicating crucial information. For instance, a tent with a first aid symbol at an event will let attendees who need medical attention know exactly where to go. The same goes for food stalls that advertise their dishes front and center on a display, pretty much turning into beacons of light for folks looking for a bite.

That’s where BannerBuzz comes in. It offers custom banner printing, allowing you to personalize more or less anything under the sun. Besides that, the list includes display stands and table covers, custom flags, compliance signs, decals and even clothing, as well as business cards and flyers. In other words, whatever your printing needs are, it’s got you covered.

On that note, we compile a couple of noteworthy banners, displays and flags from BannerBuzz below, featuring custom canopy tents, backdrops, bar signs and more.

Best Custom Banners, Flags & Displays Comparison Chart

ProductProduct ImagePrice
Custom Canopy TentsBannerBuzz Custom Canopy Tents
Custom BackdropsBannerBuzz Custom Backdrops
Custom SignsBannerBuzz Custom Signs
Custom BannersBannerBuzz Custom Banners
Pop Up DisplaysBannerBuzz Pop Up Displays
Custom FlagsBannerBuzz Custom Flags
Custom Table CoversBannerBuzz Custom Table Covers
Business CardsBannerBuzz Business Cards

Custom Canopy Tent

Canopy tents let you set up a temporary business location almost anywhere.

BannerBuzz Custom Canopy Tents

BannerBuzz’s custom canopy tent sets itself apart from its counterparts because of its durability, as it’s made from 270 GSM fabric coupled with an aluminum frame. That means it’s more than capable of enduring all sorts of weather conditions. Not only that, but its legs are telescopic and can be set at three different heights.

Basically, it’s a pop up tent canopy, so it’s portable and easy to set up. One advantage to that is you can install it just about anywhere you need to put up a remote business location, be it an event or outdoor market.

Custom Backdrop

Backdrops add a professional touch for presentations.

BannerBuzz Custom Backdrops

For custom backdrops, BannerBuzz uses dye-sublimation printing to ensure your graphics don’t end up blurry or pixelated, and that they’re sharp and easy to read even from far away and even after multiple uses. Also, they’re made from premium polyester, so they’ll last a long time even when used outdoors often.

Speaking of, BannerBuzz offers photo backdrops as well. Similarly, they use polyester fabric that doesn’t tear or stretch easily, and they’re available in four standard sizes too. You can customize it to the point that it has pockets, any background color of your choosing, a custom graphic, and even a stand.

Custom Signs

Signs are effective in promoting businesses or simply displaying information.

BannerBuzz Custom Signs

Custom signs from BannerBuzz take personalization to a whole new level. From their material to their customizable size, they can be made to adapt and fit in your business or purpose in any shape and form. 

For starters, there are bar signs and parking signs, and they have plenty of mounting options that let you opt for holes only at the top and bottom, on both sides or at all four corners so that you can hang it any way you like.

That’s not all, either. There are vehicle magnetic signs too so you can advertise while you drive. Then there are business yard signs you can use to announce, say, a garage sale or that a house is for sale. Also, BannerBuzz’s political signs give politicians the opportunity to rake in more votes and have their message out in the world.

What’s more, you can choose from dozens of templates and free graphics in the online design tool, making it a breeze to create your own and add your personal touch. You can also upload a design or have a professional designer do the heavy-lifting for you, which costs extra.

Custom Banners

Banners are can be used for almost anything, such as promoting a brand and announcing a sales event.

BannerBuzz Custom Banners

Custom banners are arguably BannerBuzz’s bread and butter (they’re in its name, after all). The takeaway is, you can definitely rely on the company for banners, and it’s safe to expect that there are a ton of customization options available. 

Case in point, you can go for either single-sided or double-sided printing, and you can also choose how to hang it, either with hole pockets, metal grommets or adhesive tabs. Moreover, there are upgrade options to boot, such as UV printing for better clarity and longevity (recommended for outdoor banners), flaps to better handle strong winds and lamination for a more vibrant finish and improved durability. As for the graphics on it, you can opt to create your own via its design tool, upload one you have on hand or hire a designer.

In addition, there are other variants available. Notably, there are roll up banner stands, otherwise known as the retractable banner stand. Aside from that, there’s the step and repeat banner, which offers the option to include a red carpet and an adjustable stand.

Pop Up Displays

Displays are practically huge canvases that can advertise extensive details about your brand.

BannerBuzz Pop Up Displays

There’s nothing like pop up displays to advertise your brand, whether you’re at a trade show or at a marketing event. This type of banner is just the thing to quickly and effectively get your message across to hundreds of people.

Also, they’re removable, and their aluminum frame is foldable, making them portable and easy to reuse for various events. As usual, you get the option to use BannerBuzz’s online tool to make a design of your own with plenty of templates, or upload an artwork.

For the record, there’s a curved fabric pop up display as well, and there are also counters and oval and triangle booths to complete your setup.

Custom Flags

Flags are a versatile mode of calling attention, as they’re easy to place anywhere and are suited for outdoor use.

BannerBuzz Custom Flags

Custom flags can be used for many things, from promoting your business to showing support for a cause or country. Whatever the case is, BannerBuzz practically has it all. That includes feather flags to announce sales and discounts, and other shapes such as blade, rectangle and teardrop. 

Additionally, there are golf flags too, and aside from adding a custom design to it, you can opt to include a fiber pole, a cup (for collecting golf balls) or both. Last but not least, there are political flags that you can hang by your doorway as well. That way, you can encourage others to vote and show your support for a particular presidential candidate or party.

Custom Table Covers

The right table cover can leave a strong impression on customers and passersby.

BannerBuzz Custom Table Covers

BannerBuzz’s table covers make for a quick and easy way to spruce up your, well, table. One obvious use for them is to be noticeable at crowded events and such, but more than that, they come in handy when decorating the physical location of your business where customers come and go.

The best part is, there’s a variety to choose from. First off, there are fitted table covers, and as their name suggests, they provide a snug fit for tables of different sizes, all the way to their legs. However, if you’re after a clean and taut look, then spandex table covers are for you, which are made out of stretch fabric. You can decide how many sides they have too, whether it’s three or four.

Also, it’s worth noting that there are custom table runners. These use high-quality polyester fabric and 1440 DPI dye-sublimation printing, so you can be sure your graphics are sharp and readable even from afar. You can even choose between a hot knife cut finish or sewn edges, and opt for a custom size. Essentially, you can modify every detail according to your preferences.

Business Cards

Business cards help increase awareness to your brand, not to mention that it adds a professional vibe.

BannerBuzz Business Cards

In a way, custom business cards show how versatile BannerBuzz is, in that the company’s not limited to banners and signs. These are available in many variants, including die cut, folded, slim and square business cards. On top of that, you can choose the type of paper you want your graphics printed on, whether it’s glossy or matte. You can even select between a vertical or a more traditional horizontal orientation. Put simply, you can tailor them not only to your needs but also to your taste.

BannerBuzz business cards are available in packs of 50, 100, 200 and so on, all the way up to 2,000 pieces for most and up to a whopping 10,000 for some.

Overall Verdict

Banners, signs and whatnot are among the best ways to send a message, market your business, highlight and show support for a cause and more. The point is, they help you become more visible and prominent than the competition that’s vying for the attention of potential clients, passersby and ordinary folks.

While there are hundreds of services out there that offer custom printing as well, what makes BannerBuzz distinct is the quality of its prints and products, as well as its comprehensive customization options. As mentioned earlier, it uses durable materials and a full-color dye-sublimation technique for vibrant and long-lasting graphics. 

Long story short, BannerBuzz is the go-to custom printing service for a lot of businesses for a reason. After all, its exceptional craftsmanship shows from its largest banner to its smallest business card.

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