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Tempur-Pedic vs Novaform (2022): Which Brand Should You Get Your Next Mattress From?

Tempur-Pedic and Novaform are two of the most popular mattress brands around. After all, both deliver where it counts: quality and value. Their products also usually relieve pressure, effectively cancel motion, and come with more than one layer. However, there are some major differences between the two, from mattress types to sleeping features.

Now you’ve likely seen Novaform at a Costco, where it’s touted as premium mattresses. However, don’t write it off just because of that. Sure, it’s affordable, but it’s not cheap. On the other hand, Tempur-Pedic is the more expensive one of the two, but its products do make a good case for their prices.

Tempur-Pedic vs Novaform Comparison Chart

ModelTempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdaptNovaform Serafina Pearl
 Amazon productNovaform Serafina Pearl
PriceAmazon productCheck Price at Costco.com
FirmnessSoft, medium, medium hybrid, firmPlush, medium, firm
SizeTwin, Twin Long, Full, Queen, King, Split King, CA King, Split CA KingQueen, King, CA King
ProfileApproximately 12 inches14 inches
CoolingCool to the touch, SmartClimate Dual Cover SystemCool to the touch, Gel Pearl Memory Foam, 37.5 Technology
Hybrid TechnologyYes, 1,000+ spring coilsNo
Sleep TrialYes, 90 daysn/a
Warranty10 years20 years

Mattress Types

Tempur-Pedic mattresses have more size variants than Novaform’s counterparts.

Tempur-Pedic vs Novaform Mattress Types
Of the two, only Tempur-Pedic offers medium hybrid mattresses.

Right off the bat, the most obvious differences—obvious to mattress connoisseurs, at least—between the two is Tempur-Pedic offers optional hybrid technology while Novaform uses cooling gel-infused layers. That’s besides the disparity in pricing, of course.

It goes without saying that mattresses vary in firmness, size, and profile. On that note, Tempur-Pedic has Twin, Twin Long, Double, Full, Queen, King, Split King, CA King, and Split CA King mattresses that can either be soft, medium, medium hybrid, or firm. Their profiles range from 10 to 13 depending on the model.

While its entry-level variant has moisture wicking for cooling, most of its midrange offerings are cool to the touch. Now its top-of-the-line mattresses feature what it calls PRObreeze and LUXEbreeze, claiming that they can stay cooler up to 3°F or 8°F, respectively.

Tempur-Pedic vs Novaform ComfortGrande

Meanwhile, Novaform’s selection consists of Twin, Full, Queen, King, and CA King with firmness levels of soft, medium soft, medium, medium firm, and firm. Profiles here go from eight to 14 inches.

As mentioned earlier, it uses cooling gel to keep temperatures at a comfortable degree all night, but not all of its products have it. For instance, some models have a three-inch layer of Gel Pearl Memory Foam, while others just make do without anything similar.

Mattress Models

Tempur-Pedic mattresses pack more sleeping technologies.

Tempur-Pedic vs Novaform Mattress Models
Novaform designed mattresses that can address specific problems.

From cheapest to most expensive, Tempur-Pedic has TEMPUR-Cloud, TEMPUR-Adapt, TEMPUR-ProAdapt, TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt, and TEMPUR-breeze. Aside from size and firmness, this is where things might get confusing, especially for first-time mattress shoppers.

But to keep things simple, TEMPUR-Cloud is geared toward those on a budget but still want the Tempur-Pedic experience. TEMPUR-Adapt then builds on it with cool-to-touch cover and support, and TEMPUR-ProAdapt takes things up a notch with TEMPUR-APR for up to 20 percent more pressure relief. Last but not least, TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt has TEMPUR-APR+ for 30 percent more conforming support.

As for the TEMPUR-breeze, it comes in two variants: PRObreeze and LUXEbreeze. The primary difference is the former is up to 3°F cooler, while the latter can go up to 8°F, which was already explained earlier.

Tempur-Pedic vs Novaform LUXEbreeze

Now Novaform has a pretty extensive range of mattresses with specific purposes. To start things off, there’s the Advanced Back Support series, which already has a self-explanatory name. Then there’s the Overnight Recovery with Celliant, a synthetic polymer, woven into the fabric, which supposedly speeds up your body’s recovery rate. SoFresh also has something infused with its material, and this time around, it’s copper, which is naturally anti-microbial.

Moving on, the Serafina and ComfortGrande are two variants that center on advanced cooling, and the Dream Big with the lowest profile of eight inches. To end the list on a high note, the Split King Serafina has an optional adjustable base, so you can make your bed adjust to you instead of the other way around.

Sleep Quality

Tempur-Pedic mattresses typically have better cooling features and responsiveness but only by a slight margin.

Tempur-Pedic vs Novaform Sleep Quality
Mattresses from both brands can provide a good night’s rest.

To paint a clearer picture of what Tempur-Pedic and Novaform can bring to the table, we put the TEMPUR-ProAdapt and Serafina with the same medium firmness side by side. Both mattresses have three layers, but each one is packing unique proprietary technologies of its respective brand.

Starting from the bottom, the TEMPUR-ProAdapt has the TEMPUR-APR Support Layer for pressure relief and the Original TEMPUR Comfort Layer in the middle. Its top layer is the SmartClimate Dual Cover System, which is cool to the touch and antimicrobial. The cover itself is removable and machine washable, and needless to say, that’s really convenient.

In contrast, the Serafina has an 8-inch base layer for support, a responsive middle layer of CustomWave, and a top layer of Gel Pearl Memory Foam that helps cool you down as your body warms up. Moreover, it has a cool-to-the-touch cover that features 37.5 Technology, which regulates temperature all night long.

Inherently, memory foams tend to retain heat, and a word to the wise, that’ll make for an uncomfortable bedtime experience. The aforementioned top layers and covers with cooling technologies help alleviate that, but Tempur-Pedic’s mattress does a better job at it than Novaform’s. The same also goes in terms of responsiveness in that the ProAdapt performs slightly better than the Serafina.

Tempur-Pedic SmartClimate Dual Cover System

If you’re looking for some bounce, you’re going to need a spring or hybrid mattress. At that, your only option here is Tempur-Pedic since it’s the only one of the two that has medium hybrids.

Other Products

Both aren’t just about mattresses, for the record.

Tempur-Pedic vs Novaform Other Products
Tempur-Pedic has more products than Novaform.

Beyond the mattresses, the two also have other products. Tempur-Pedic has bed bases, beddings, toppers, weighted blankets, slippers, cushions, plushies, and other accessories. Novaform has pillows and toppers.

The takeaway here is Tempur-Pedic is more of a one-stop shop for your cushioning needs, or something along those lines.

Pricing and Value

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are a bigger but worthwhile commitment.

Tempur-Pedic vs Novaform Pricing and Value
Novaform almost always has a mattress for any kind of customer, be it college students or senior citizens.

Tempur-Pedic makes high-quality mattresses with nifty sleeping features that make it stand out from the pack. For example, there’s the PRObreeze and LUXEbreeze for improved cooling, as well as TEMPUR-APR for pressure relief.

But to set things straight, Novaform is more affordable by a mile. However, that doesn’t automatically mean it has better value for money.

Regardless of which one you pick, consider this: You spend about a third of your day on a mattress—depending on your sleeping habits, that is—and that’s why mattresses are a good investment, not to mention that they last for years. But either way, as long as you get a good night’s sleep, you’re pretty much good to go.

Now warranty is yet another front that Novaform wins in, throwing in a 20-year limited guarantee. That’s twice the duration that Tempur-Pedic provides, but in its defense, it does have a 90-night trial.


Tempur-Pedic mattresses are more expensive than Novaform’s, but it’s for a good reason.

Amazon product

Between the two, the decision really boils down to your situation, particularly your budget and your needs. But if money’s no object, Tempur-Pedic is the better pick. Sure, it’s on the pricey side, but you get every cent’s worth and then some. That said, Novaform is still an excellent option since you get quality mattresses that can fit just about any budget.


đź“Ś What are the main differences between Tempur-Pedic and Novaform?

Tempur-Pedic offers medium hybrid mattresses, while Novaform doesn’t. On the other hand, Novaform uses cooling gel to keep temperatures at comfortable levels, while Tempur-Pedic primarily uses breathable layers.

đź“Ś Which is better, Tempur-Pedic or Novaform?

Tempur-Pedic beats Novaform when it comes to sleeping technologies. But taking their products’ costs into account, Novaform has mattresses with comparable quality at more affordable prices.

đź“Ś Is Tempur-Pedic worth the money?

Yes. A mattress is a long-term investment, and good sleeping habits are crucial to better health. Tempur-Pedic’s products are designed to help you sleep better and, by the same token, improve your recovery.

đź“Ś What is the best alternative to Tempur-Pedic?

Novaform is among the most well-known mattress brands available because of its blend of affordability and quality. It’s considered as one of the best alternatives to Tempur-Pedic that won’t break the bank.

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