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SodaStream Art vs Terra (2022): Choosing Soda Maker Machines

When it got updated with a Quick Connect system, the entry-level SodaStream Terra ricocheted from the bottom into the same playing field as its more premium counterparts, essentially raising the bar, so to speak. Put differently, it’s comparable with the high-end SodaStream Art in at least one more way.

By all means, this is good news for consumers, and at first glance, it may seem like the new Terra will one-up some of its siblings because of its relatively better price-to-performance ratio. However, there’s more to it than that, especially with the Art coming out on top in certain aspects.

SodaStream Art vs Terra Comparison Chart

ModelSodaStream ArtSodaStream Terra
 SodaStream Art vs TerraSodaStream Art vs Terra
PriceCheck Price at SodaStream.comCheck Price at SodaStream.com
Cylinder ConnectionPink Quick ConnectPink Quick Connect
Bottle Sizes0.5 liter, 1 liter0.5 liter, 1 liter
Dimensions (W x H x D)6.8″ x 16.9″ x 9.6″5″ x 17″ x 7.9″
ColorsBlack, White, Red, Misty BlueBlack, White, Mandarin Red, Misty Blue
Warranty2-year limited2-year limited

Design and Build

The SodaStream Art and SodaStream Terra are built well, but only the former has an eye-catching retro look.

SodaStream Art vs Terra Design and Build
A look at the dimensions of the SodaStream Art (left) and SodaStream Terra (right).

From an aesthetic perspective, the SodaStream Art screams retro, and it’s arguably more of a looker with silver metallic accents, complete with a carbonating lever (more on that in a bit). While the SodaStream Terra may not look as nice, it does have a sleek finish and a slim body to match. Between the two, the Art has the better build quality, but like the Terra, it’s made mostly out of plastic.

Both have roughly the same height, with the Art coming in at 16.9 inches and the Terra at 17 inches. The takeaway here is either one will fit the same in the space between your kitchen countertop and cupboard, if that’s something you worry about. Speaking of, the two are also available in the same colors: black, white red and blue. In other words, neither one stands out in these regards.

Usage and Operation

The SodaStream Art uses a lever to make fizzy drinks, while the SodaStream Terra uses a button.

SodaStream Art vs Terra Usage and Operation
Here’s the lever on the SodaStream Art (left) and the button on the SodaStream Terra (right).

Across the board, there are a ton of similarities between these soda makers. For starters, both are cordless and manual (i.e., no power required), and they’re compatible with the same 0.5- and 1-liter plastic bottles.

Moreover, the two use the company’s Pink Quick Connect, which is the most noticeable upgrade of the new SodaStream Terra. For the uninitiated, this means you can just click the CO2 canister into place on the back rather than having to screw it in. If nothing else, this makes things more convenient and easier to use overall.

Now the most obvious difference is that the Terra features a button that you push down for it to start carbonating water, while the SodaStream Art uses a lever instead. Whether this is an advantage or not depends on your preferences, but pulling down a lever is a simpler affair more often than not. 

As for carbonation, it’s based on how long or how many times you run either machine, which really goes without saying. For instance, two to three pumps will yield something similar to Perrier or S.Pellegrino, and needless to say, about five pumps will make a stronger fizz. In general, they can provide a good mix of small and big bubbles.

Pricing and Value

The SodaStream Art is pricier than the SodaStream Terra.

SodaStream Art vs Terra Pricing and Value
The new SodaStream Terra (in photo) now uses a Quick Connect system that lets you click a CO2 canister into place instead of screwing one in.

As noted, the SodaStream Art is a premium soda maker, and in contrast, the SodaStream Terra is an entry-level model. Obviously, the former is more expensive, but the price gap isn’t that wide in the first place. 

Regardless of which you get, you can expect the quality of fizz that SodaStream promises from either one. On that note, the Terra may provide more value for money, and it’s the better pick for folks on a budget. At any rate, both come with a two-year limited warranty.

Compared to the competition, SodaStream machines are often similarly priced. In some cases, they’re more affordable to boot. Particularly, they have a lower price tag than the likes of the Aarke Carbonators, which, in their defense, do have a more sophisticated design with their metallic and matte finishes.

Click here for our Aarke vs SodaStream comparison.


It doesn’t matter which soda maker you get. Both the SodaStream Art and SodaStream Terra can make one heck of a fizzy beverage, and they make it easy too with their controls and Quick Connect system.

This may be subjective, but the SodaStream Art looks better with its retro design and lever along with its metallic accents. But on the other hand, since it’s been updated with the Quick Connect system, the SodaStream Terra might be the better bang for the buck, as it has a lower price tag and is comparable in performance.

All in all, it’s safe to choose between the two based on their appearances—and your budget, that is. After all, both can do more or less the same job, and that’s allowing you to make fizzy drinks in an easy and convenient way.


📌 How long do SodaStream CO2 cylinders last?

Each SodaStream CO2 canister can carbonate about 60 liters of water before it needs to be replaced.

📌 What’s the difference between the SodaStream Art and Terra?

The SodaStream Art and Terra are similar in a lot of ways, including their compatible bottles, color options, Quick Connect system and cordless and manual operation. However, the former uses a lever, while the latter uses a button.

📌 Which version of SodaStream is the best?

It entirely depends on your preferences, but you can’t go wrong with the SodaStream Terra. It’s been updated and now features a Quick Connect System like the SodaStream Art while retaining a relatively lower price point.

📌 Do all SodaStream bottles work with the Terra?

No, the SodaStream Terra is compatible only with the 0.5- and 1-liter bottles.

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