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SocialPilot vs Buffer (2022): Choosing Between the Best Social Media Tools

Social media tools such as SocialPilot and Buffer are practically a necessity nowadays for businesses. Not only do they take repetitive, mind-numbing tasks out of managing profiles across platforms, but they also provide insights to improve brand awareness and increase traffic.

In other words, you can post and engage with users, as well as access analytics reports all in one place. That’s besides automating your posts, allowing you to focus on planning content and strategies instead and up overall productivity. But which one should you use? We outline some of their features and core functions to help you decide.

SocialPilot vs Buffer Comparison Chart

 SocialPilot vs BufferSocialPilot vs Buffer
PriceCheck Price at SocialPilot.coCheck Price at Buffer.com
Social Profiles

Professional: 25

Small Team: 50

Agency: 100

Pro: 8

Premium: 8

Business: 25


Professional: 3

Small Team: 5

Agency: 10

Pro: 1

Premium: 2

Business: 6

Bulk SchedulingYesNo
Bulk Scheduling With ImageYesNo
Social Media CalendarYesYes
Social InboxYesNo
Team and CollaborationYesYes
Client ManagementYesNo
Browser ExtensionYesYes
Content SuggestionYesNo
URL ShorteningYesYes
Social Media AnalyticsYesYes
Analytics ReportYes (with white label PDF reports)No
RSS FeedAutomated and manualManual
Mobile AppsYesYes
Supported PlatformsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, VK, My Google BusinessFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram
Free VersionNoYes
Free Trial14 days14 days


SocialPilot is easy to use, but Buffer takes things to another level in that regard.

SocialPilot vs Buffer Performance
Buffer’s (in photo) Buffer Publish is one of the simplest yet effective tools around.

SocialPilot and Buffer can deliver where it counts, from post scheduling to analytics. Long story short, there’s nothing to worry about on those fronts. You can automate what you need and get valuable insights to get your brand on the right track.

However, SocialPilot has the edge when it comes to content, thanks to its curation tool. It’ll give you the inspiration you need for new ideas and even direct you to trending posts to interact with to improve your online presence.

Meanwhile, one of the strong points of Buffer is it’s really easy and intuitive to use, so much so that even “tech illiterates” won’t run into an issue. That specifically goes for Buffer Publish and its drag and drop editor.


SocialPilot has a wider set of features than Buffer.

SocialPilot vs Buffer FeaturesAmong SocialPilot’s (in photo) stand-out features are white label solutions, client management, and content curation.

SocialPilot offers more features than Buffer to work with, but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s better.

For starters, Buffer has Optimal Scheduling. It tells you when is the best time to publish a post to get a ton of views and engagement. That way you can get the most out of the time and resources you spent on it. Moreover, it’s integrated with Pablo, a tool that makes sure images have the appropriate dimensions for every social media platform.

On the other hand, only SocialPilot has bulk scheduling, and even then, it takes things up a notch by allowing you to do it with images. It also has a management tool that lets clients connect effortlessly. It even lets you white label PDF reports, which is somewhat a rarity in the industry.

Price and Value

SocialPilot no longer offers a free version, but Buffer still does.

SocialPilot vs Buffer Price and Value
SocialPilot (in photo) provides more social media profiles.

In terms of pricing, the gist of it is SocialPilot is more affordable because each of its plans provides a relatively higher number of social media accounts. For instance, its cheapest option gives you 25 right off the bat, which is comparable to others’ top-of-the-line packages.

However, only Buffer has a free version, and that comes with three social media accounts, 10 scheduled posts, and one user. It goes without saying that this is really handy since you’ll be able to use it to your heart’s content before subscribing to anything. For the record, SocialPilot used to offer something similar, but from the look of things, it’s not available anymore.

Both have a 14-day free trial too, so you’ll have plenty of time to spend on each one to see whether it’s for you or not.


SocialPilot has a robust set of tools, but Buffer is more appealing to more users.


Best for big-scale businesses

 SocialPilot vs Buffer


Best easy-to-use tool

SocialPilot vs Buffer

SocialPilot has no shortage of features and tools, though it would’ve been nice to see things like YouTube support on it. Still, it can be a social media manager’s go-to for handling profiles and content across platforms.

You also can’t go wrong with Buffer. It’s the perfect mix of simplicity and efficacy. That makes it more suitable for a wider audience, catching the eyes of just about any kind of social media user.


📌 Is SocialPilot free?

No. It seems SocialPilot has stopped offering its free lite version.

📌 Is Buffer free?

Yes, you can use Buffer without spending a dime. Its free plan gives you three social media accounts, 10 scheduled posts, and one user.

📌 Is SocialPilot worth the money?

Yes. SocialPilot has features such as a white label option for PDF reports and a client management tool. It even has content curation that provides inspiration and ideas for your next post and points you toward trending posts to engage with.

📌 Is Buffer worth the money?

Yes. Buffer is arguably one of the best social media tools around, thanks to its publishing and scheduling features. It’s even intuitive and easy to use, so it’s more appealing to a wider audience.

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