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Sleep Number vs Saatva (2022): Comparing Mattresses With Adjustable Firmness

Having only one chance at choosing a mattress’s firmness level can be dismaying. Who knows if you’ll need a softer or firmer bed in the future? Couples with different sleep preferences will also have to compromise. To solve this dilemma, premium brands Sleep Number and Saatva are pushing to offer adjustable air beds.

For instance, the Sleep Number 360 i10 is marketed as a smart bed with adjustable firmness levels and sleep pattern tracking. On the other hand, the Saatva Solaire builds on the luxurious comfort the brand is known for, along with precise firmness level settings. Which mattress wins? Below, we compare the two top-of-the-line models to find out.

Sleep Number vs Saatva Comparison Chart

ModelSleep Number 360 i10 Smart BedSaatva Solaire Adjustable Firmness Mattress
TypeAir bedAir bed
Available SizesQueen, King, Cal King, Split King, FlexTop King, FlexTop Cal KingTwin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, Cal King, Split Cal King
Mattress Height13 in.13 in.
Firmness Settings2050
CoverPolyester, polypropylene, elastin blendHypoallergenic, breathable cover with organic cotton
Sleep Trial100 nights365 nights
Warranty15-year limited warrantyLifetime
ShippingWhite glove deliveryFree
CertiPUR-US CertifiedNoYes
Moisture BarrierYesYes

Design and Construction

Saatva’s Solaire have fewer layers than Sleep Number’s i10, but its cover offers a plusher and more hypoallergenic sleeping surface.

Here’s an exploded view of the Sleep Number i10 (left) and Saatva Solaire (right) layers

Sleep Number i10

The Sleep Number i10 is a 13-inch mattress that belongs to the Innovation Series of the brand. At its core is an air chamber made from 24 gauge vulcanized rubber. This layer inflates and deflates, providing the adjustable firmness of the bed. Depending on the size, you get either one or two chambers. By default, the Queen Size only comes with one but can be upgraded to two.

Unlike regular air beds, however, the Sleep Number sandwiches the air chambers between foam layers. Below the air chamber, you get a two-inch foam to stabilize all the layers above it. The top layer is a combination of two โ€” the ceramic-infused ThermaLux and the Ergonomex foam. As its name suggests, the ThermaLux aids in temperature regulation.

Below the ThermaLux foam is the Ergonomex layer infused with swirl gel to better contour the body. It also provides pressure relief and support. Meanwhile, the cover is a fabric blend made from polyester, polypropylene, and elastin. All these layers come in two separate pieces. This allows couples to adjust the firmness of their side of the bed independently.

Like other Sleep Number beds, the i10 doesn’t come with a base. You’ll need to purchase one separately. If you want to customize your bed further, Sleep Number recommends any of its adjustable bases called FlexFit. You can also get standard options like the brand’s integrated base.

Saatva Solaire

The Solaire mattress from Saatva also relies on vulcanized air chambers to provide adjustable firmness. These feature a baffle box design for even support. You get one chamber for the Twin XL and Full models, while sizes Queen and up get two each. The Solaire mattress then adds a moisture barrier above the air bed to protect its mechanical components.

Saatva is known for its luxurious covers and extends this to the Solaire. The bed features a three-inch Euro-Top layer with specialized quilting for added support on the center third of the mattress. Saatva then uses hypoallergenic organic cotton for its cover. To enhance comfort, the company treats it with a botanical antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

To support sleepers, the Solaire mattress features four inches of foam. Latex foam makes up one inch of this supportive layer and is designed for enhanced pressure relief. On the other hand, the next three inches is a CertiPUR-US certified memory foam that contours the body and draws heat away from the bed.

Saatva encloses most of the mattress in a reinforced power edge mattress base. This stable base also houses the air inflator and hoses, keeping them out of sight. But like Sleep Number, the Solaire doesn’t come with a bed base. You’ll have to buy one separately, although you can also opt for non-Saatva foundations.

Firmness and Comfort

The Saatva Solaire mattress offers more firmness levels than the Sleep Number i10. However, Sleep Number’s smart bed does a better job at temperature regulation.

Sleep Number vs Saatva Firmness and Comfort
A closer look at the cover of Sleep Number i10 (left); the Saatva Solaire with an adjustable base to raise the headrest (right)

It can be difficult to measure the firmness level offered by the Sleep Number i10 and the Saatva Solaire. After all, their bread-and-butter is the ability to adjust how soft or firm you want the mattress to be. You can adjust the i10’s firmness from 0 to 100, with 100 being the firmest. However, the levels come in increments of 5, so you’re only getting 20 firmness settings.

In contrast, Saatva’s Solaire uses a scale of 0 to 50 but is adjustable in increments of one. The 1 to 20 range is ideal for lightweight sleepers or those who want more pressure relief. As it’s the softest, it should feel like a 5.5/10 on the standard firmness scale. For average sleepers, the 21 to 39 range offers a bit more support. Lastly, the 40 to 50 range is the firmest option designed for stomach sleepers or heavy back sleepers.

With the Sleep Number i10, the 50 to 60 range is the best setting for side sleepers. This gives you enough support, and you don’t feel like you’re sinking into the bed. Most back and stomach sleepers, however, should be fine halfway. The 50 range allows the pressure from your body to spread more evenly across the surface. Anything above the 60 range might be too firm. Go below 50, and you’ll find the bed too soft.

Temperature Control

While the Sleep Number i10 and Saatva Solaire are akin to memory foam beds, they don’t retain as much body heat. As mentioned in the design section, the Solaire mattress uses a cover made from organic cotton. This material lends the fabric a cool surface. On Sleep Number’s i10, the ThermaLux layer balances temperature well, allowing sleepers to stay cool or warm depending on the season.

Features and Performance

The Sleep Number i10 has more smart features, while the Saatva Solaire delivers better edge support.

Sleep Number vs Saatva Features and Performance
Here’s a look at the sleep score in Sleep Number’s SleepIQ app (left); sleepers can change the Saatva Solaire’s firmness level using a intuitive remote (right)

When it comes to ‘smart’ features, the Sleep Number i10 wins over the Saatva Solaire. Aside from the adjustable firmness levels, the i10 also comes with Responsive Air technology. Using pressure sensors on the air chambers, the bed can adjust its firmness level automatically based on your sleep movements. In both cases, users can change settings through the Sleep IQ app or the mattress’s physical remote.

Additional sensors on the mattress also monitor your heart rate and breathing rate. Data collected is also sent to SleepIQ, giving you personal insights about your sleep behavior.

Saatva doesn’t have a companion app or pressure sensors on the Solaire. If you need to change firmness levels, you can only do so through a remote. Nonetheless, the remote offers basic features, including the ability to store your preferred firmness settings.

The Solaire mattress also offers better edge support, thanks to its reinforced edge base. Of course, this area will vary depending on the firmness level. But across the range, Saatva’s luxury bed delivers. Where Sleep Number’s i10 is at par is in motion transfer. Both mattresses isolate motion well, making them suitable for couples.

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Accessories and Other Products

Sleep Number offers smarter bases for its mattresses, while Saatva banks on the premium quality of its bedding.

Sleep Number vs Saatva Accessories
Sleep Number recommends an adjustable base for the i10 (right); a look at the premium sheets offered by Saatva

As mentioned in the Design and Construction section, Sleep Number and Saatva’s bases have to be purchased separately. While you can use a regular platform, the first-party bases offer additional features.

Sleep Number’s FlexFit 3 base, for instance, can raise your head and foot’s position. It also features foot warming and underbed lighting. Plus, you can control it using the Sleep IQ app as well. Aside from bases, you can get your hands on mattress toppers, bedding, sheets, and pillows.

Saatva also carries a modest catalog of bases. Perhaps the top option for the Solaire is the Lineal Adjustable Bed Base. Like the FlexFit 3 from Sleep Number, the Lineal base allows sleepers to elevate the foot and head of the Solaire mattress. However, its controls are limited to a remote.

As for bedding, Saatva offers premium sheet sets, duvets and comforters, pillows, blankets, and mattress toppers and covers. Other bedroom essentials you can buy include chairs, bed foundations, benches, and ottomans.


The Saatva Solaire may lack smart features but it’s a much more reasonably priced adjustable mattress than the Sleep Number i10.

Although Sleep Number and Saatva are premium brands, Saatva’s Solaire is considerably less expensive than Sleep Number’s i10. The i10 tries to justify its price tag with smart features, including pressure sensors on the bed. However, it’s not a practical feature given you can get insights by simply using a wearable.

In addition, the Saatva Solaire offers more firmness level settings across its range. While you miss out on a mobile app to change settings, using a remote control is not a bad alternative. So even though the Sleep Number i10 delivers a customized sleeping experience, its features are overshadowed by its sky-high price.

Why spend more on comparable features when you can get them for less?


๐Ÿ“Œ What is the best Sleep Number bed to buy?

The best Sleep Number bed to buy is the Sleep Number 360 p5. It’s one of the lower-priced options from the brand and enjoys stellar reviews from customers. You can learn more about it in our Sleep Number vs Purple review.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I buy the Sleep Number i10 on installment?

Yes. Sleep Number offers installment as a payment option. Occasionally, Sleep Number has promos that include interest-free monthly payments for up to 48 months.

๐Ÿ“Œ Where are Saatva mattresses made?

Saatva mattresses are made in the USA.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does Saatva’s free delivery include a mattress setup?

Yes. Saatva’s free white glove delivery includes in-room delivery and set up.

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