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Showkoo vs Coolife Luggage (2022): The Best Luggage Sets To Get

Are you in the market for new luggage? If you are, you’ll find a variety of options that make it seem like the sky is the limit. However, for those on a budget, going for a luggage set is a simple way to narrow down your choices. While you are spending more on a set, you’re actually getting discounts on individual pieces. In addition, sets deliver a consistent design.

In this area, Showkoo and Coolife are two affordable brands to consider. Both offer an expansive catalog of three-piece luggage sets, although Coolife also carries one-piece options. From expandable designs to sturdy hardshell options, here are some of the best luggage sets you can get from Showkoo and Coolife.

Showkoo vs Coolife Luggage Comparison Chart

ModelProduct ImagePrice
Showkoo Expandable Luggage Set Check Price at Amazon
Coolife Expandable Luggage Set Check Price at Amazon
Showkoo Softside Suitcase SetCheck Price at Amazon
Coolife Softshell Suitcase Set
Check Price at Amazon
Showkoo Lightweight Hardshell Luggage SetCheck Price at Amazon
Coolife Lightweight Hardshell Luggage SetCheck Price at Amazon
Showkoo Hardshell Luggage SetCheck Price at Amazon
Coolife Hardshell Luggage SetCheck Price at Amazon

Expandable Luggage Set

Showkoo’s luggage set is more expandable than Coolife’s.

Showkoo vs Coolife Expandable Luggage Set
The Showkoo expandable luggage in magenta and the Coolife set in black.

Luggages are usually hefty travel companions already, but if you’re one never to travel light, the expandable variety might suit you best.

Showkoo’s Expandable Luggage Set, for instance, comes in 20, 24, and 28-inch sizes. Although the smallest piece doesn’t expand, the 24 and 28-inch can expand up to 20%. Each piece is crafted from durable PC+ABS material and features 360º-rotating double wheels. These spinner wheels are quiet and boast shock absorption as well.

The Coolife Expandable Luggage Set has the same sized pieces as Showkoo’s. However, only the 28-inch piece is expandable, and it’s only up to 15%. While it misses out on providing more space, the Coolife luggage pieces are still well-designed. All models are crafted from polypropylene and have a featured finish to prevent scratches. You also get a lightweight three-level aluminum telescoping handle that makes it easy to maneuver the luggage.

However, if comfort is a top consideration, Showkoo still has the edge. Aside from its own three-level telescoping handle, the flip side of its top carry and side handles have reinforced brackets and soft rubber lining. Showkoo’s luggage set also comes in more color options.

Showkoo Expandable Luggage Set

  • 24 and 28 inch pieces are expandable
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Side-mounted TSA locks

Coolife Expandable Luggage Set

  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Fully lined interior
  • Side mounted TSA locks

Softshell Luggage Set

The Showkoo and Coolife soft-side luggage sets are better if you want something lightweight.

Showkoo vs Coolife Softshell Luggage Set
Both softshell luggage sets from Showkoo and Coolife feature multi-directional spinner wheels.

For something lighter and more practical, soft-side luggage is more appealing. Showkoo’s Softside Suitcase Set lives up to this expectation. The luggage is made from Cordura fabric that’s twice as durable as nylon without the added weight. It’s resistant to both punctures and abrasions, too. Inside, you get a full-zip interior with cross straps for more organized packing. Its spinner wheels, on the other hand, feature hydraulic rods for better shock absorption.

Coolife’s Softshell Set, on the other hand, is made largely from Oxford cloth. It also uses a 210D nylon lining that keeps the luggage fairly lightweight. Like the Showkoo, Coolife’s set comes with a sturdy and ergonomic aluminum handle. You also get multi-directional wheels, a tough side-carry handle, and interior mesh pockets for organization.

Both Showkoo and Coolife’s softshell luggage sets include 20, 24, and 28-inch pieces. They’re also available in five different colors.

Showkoo Softside Suitcase Set

  • Made from Cordura fabric
  • Silent and durable spinner wheels
  • Side-mounted TSA lock

Coolife Softshell Luggage Set

  • Made from Oxford cloth
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Side-mounted TSA lock

Lightweight Hardshell Luggage Set

Showkoo and Coolife both offer durable and lightweight hardshell suitcases.

Showkoo vs Coolife Lightweight Luggage Set
Here’s a look at the silver Showkoo set (left) and the Coolife blue luggage set (right).

Hardshell luggage usually provides better protection against the elements — and even cargo handling. However, they tend to be heavier. Fortunately, lightweight options are available.

The Coolife 3-Piece Lightweight Hardshell Set, for instance, is made of durable ABS material. Nonetheless, its 28-inch piece weighs only 10 pounds. Its smallest suitcase — the 20-inch luggage — comes in at 6.3 pounds. Thanks to excellent spinner wheels, the Coolife luggage is easy to roll as well. Inside, you get a fully-lined interior with convenient mesh pockets. Outside, the hardshell’s finish ensures your luggage is scratch-resistant, too.

Showkoo’s Lightweight Hardshell Luggage Set is another great option. Like Coolife, these pieces are made using ABS — keeping them lightweight but still impact-resistant. Its 28-inch luggage comes with an expandable zipper, too, increasing its capacity by 20%. Meanwhile, the top and side handle on the sets are lined with rubber for improved comfort and grip. Of course, you also have 360º spinner wheels and a three-level telescoping handle for maneuvering.

Showkoo Lightweight Hardshell Luggage Set

  • Made from ABS
  • Expandable 28-inch luggage

Coolife 3-Piece Lightweight Hardshell Set

  • Made from ABS
  • Excellent wheels

Hardshell Luggage Set

These hard-side luggage sets from Showkoo and Coolife boast sturdy exteriors.

Showkoo vs Coolife Lightweight Luggage Set
Showkoo’s hardshell luggage features the usual ridges (left) while Coolife’s sport a more unibody design (right).

If you don’t mind your luggage’s weight and simply want a durable piece, then a hard shell is your best bet — no questions asked. Coolife’s Hardshell Luggage Set is made from PC+ABS and features a minimalist exterior free from protective films. The unique, angled appearance of the luggage stands out anywhere, including the conveyor belt. It’s also an impact-resistant set with a spacious interior that comes with down straps and a zippered divider.

On the other hand, Showkoo’s Hardshell Set has unique ridges that lend the pieces a striking appearance. Made from ABS, the hard shell can handle bumps, drops, and scratches. Unlike Coolife, the Showkoo set comes in several colorways. Inside, the suitcases feature an interior divider made from 201D polyester fabric. There is also a sturdy snap button to keep the cross straps in place.

Showkoo Hardshell Luggage Set

  • Sturdy cross strap snap buttons
  • Expandable 28-inch luggage

Coolife Hardshell Luggage Set

  • PC+ABS material
  • Unique-looking exterior


Go with Showkoo if you want expandable luggage. Opt for Coolife for more unique designs.

Choosing between Showkoo and Coolife can be a challenge. After all, both brands offer similarly priced luggage sets with comparable designs and features.

However, Showkoo does have the edge when it comes to capacity. Most of its luggage sets include an expandable piece — typically the 28-inch unit. Showkoo’s sets are also available in more colors.

But if you want a more impressionable design, Coolife is the way to go. Its hard shell luggage sets sport a unibody appearance that really stands out. Meanwhile, its soft-side suitcases are made from durable Oxford cloth and brandish unique designs as well.


📌 What are the luggage sizes offered by Showkoo and Coolife?

Showkoo and Coolife’s luggage sets come in 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch pieces.

📌 How long is the warranty on Coolife’s luggage sets?

Coolife’s luggage sets typically come with a two-year warranty.

📌 How much can you load on a 24-inch Showkoo suitcase?

Showkoo’s 24-inch hard shell luggage has a 33-liter capacity.

📌 Does Coolife offer one-piece luggage?

Yes, Coolife also sells one-piece luggage. However, they cost more individually than when they’re bought as a set.

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