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Sennheiser IE 600 vs IE 900 (2022): Which Sennheiser In-Ear Monitors Should You Buy?

The Sennheiser IE900 and IE600 are the brand’s top offerings in the in-ear monitors space. The IE900 are the flagship, and they are the most expensive, while the IE600 are the newest addition with updated tuning and a more affordable price. If you are considering these two for your in-ear monitors, which pair should you pick? Here is our Sennheiser IE600 review and comparison against the IE900 to help you decide.

Sennheiser IE 600 vs IE 900 Comparison Chart

ModelSennheiser IE 600 Sennheiser IE 900
PriceCheck Price Check Price
Transducer7mm single dynamic driver7mm single dynamic driver
Impedance18 ฮฉย 18 ฮฉย 
Cables3.5mm unbalanced (1.25m)
4.4mm balanced (1.25m)
2.5mm balanced (1.25m)
3.5mm unbalanced (1.25m)
4.4mm balanced (1.25m)
TipsS, M, L silicone ear tips
S, M, L foam ear tips
S, M, L silicone ear tips
S, M, L foam ear tips
Other AccessoriesCable clip, cleaning tools, cleaning clothCable clip, cleaning tools, cleaning cloth


Both are durable and have excellent fit due to their compact form factor.

sennheiser ie 600 vs ie 900 design
The IE600 (left) and IE900 (right) have the same form factor.

The Sennheiser IE600 and IE900 share the same form factor that was introduced with the IE300. They are compact and lightweight, so even those with smaller ears will have no issues with fit. They also come with a generous amount of replacement tips for all ear sizes. There are three silicone tips (S, M, L) and three foam tips (S, M, L) that come with both packages.

The only notable difference in their builds are the materials used. The IE600 headphones’ housing are made of amorphous metal for a more industrial look while the IE900’s housing are made of anodized aluminum. Both are made of high quality materials so durability won’t be an issue with either.

As for the cables and connectors, both use MMCX. The MMCX connectors here are recessed a bit for better strain relief, but the trade-off is that you can’t buy just any aftermarket MMCX cables if you want to. You’ll need to look for MMCX cables that are designed to fit the IE series in-ear monitors. Both the IE600 and IE900 come with a 3.5mm unbalanced and a 4.4mm balanced para-aramid cable, but only the latter comes with a 2.5mm balanced cable as well.

Other accessories included with both IEMs are the following: a premium carry case with a metal logo, a cable clip, cleaning cloth and cleaning tool.


The IE600 sound closer to neutral than the IE900, but both have significant bass and treble boost.

sennheiser ie 600 vs ie 900 sound
The Sennheiser IE600 (left) are made of amorphous metal while the IE900’s (right) housing are comprised of anodized aluminum.

Both IEMs have 7mm dynamic drivers but their housings have different precision-cut chambers that affect their tuning. The Sennheiser IE600 and IE900 both have an abundance of bass, but not too much that they sound bloated. They have the right amount of boost in the lows for a fun tuning. That said, the IE600 have a slight boost in the sub-bass region.

In the lower-midrange region, the two IEMs are pretty much similar. However, in the upper-midrange region, the IE600 have a more forward presentation that allow them to have a more natural tone than the IE900. The treble response of both IEMs are precise and detailed with plenty of airiness and clarity without crossing the threshold of being harsh. Yes, they can be a bit fatiguing if you are treble-sensitive, but overall, the treble is controlled. The IE900’s treble response sticks out a bit more, but not by a lot.

As for soundstage and imaging, both are exceptional, with the slight advantage going to the IE900. The IE900 sound wider than that of the IE600, but you can only tell the difference if you are looking for it specifically. In terms of technical performance, the IE900 are definitely above the IE600, but the difference is not that much.


You get better value with the IE600.

sennheiser ie 600 vs ie 900 value
The Sennheiser IE600 come with two cables (left) while the IE900 have three (right).

In terms of value for money, the Sennheiser IE600 win hands down since they are significantly cheaper than the IE900. There’s a difference between the two, but they have more similarities than differences. They both have fantastic builds, they use high-quality transducers and they come with a generous amount of accessories (case, tips and cables). The IE900 do come with one more 2.5mm balanced cable, but that’s not really a factor in the price gap between these two IEMs.

The IE900 have better imaging, soundstage and overall technical performance, but the IE600 are, subjectively, the better tuned pair of IEMs.


The Sennheiser IE600 provide better value, but if money is not a concern, the IE900 are worth consideration.

Sennheiser IE 600

Better value and more pleasant tuning

Sennheiser IE 900

Wider soundstage and better imaging

The Sennheiser IE600 are the much safer choice than the IE900 if you are looking to buy a pair of high-end in-ear monitors. Sennheiser refined the tuning of the IE600 to be more pleasant to a wider range of people since they are closer to the Harman curve. Not only that, the IE600 also compete with the IE900 when it comes to technical performance (imaging, staging, etc.) and build quality.


๐Ÿ“Œ Do the Sennheiser IE600 and IE900 need an amplifier?

No, these IEMs do not require much power to drive.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can you use aftermarket ear tips with the IE600?

Yes, you can purchase and use other ear tips with the IE600, as long as the tips fit the nozzle.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I use the Sennheiser IE900 in the gym?

While you can use them in the gym, it’s not recommended as these are quite expensive and they aren’t water resistant.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I use a cable with microphone with the IE600?

Yes, you can purchase an MMCX cable with mic for the iE600.

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