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Schlage Sense vs Encode (2021): Smart Lock Options For Your Home

Buying a smart lock for the home is common nowadays as more homeowners become concerned of home security. It is also convenient to have one installed especially for those who often forget house keys. But with many options in the market, getting one can be a daunting task. Schlage is one of the more popular brands and this post will compare the Schlage Sense vs Encode, the brand’s most recent smart lock model.

Schlage Sense vs Encode Comparison Chart

ModelSchlage SenseSchlage Encode
 SCHLAGE Sense Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim in Satin Nickel (BE479 CEN 619)Schlage Lock Company BE489WB CEN 622 Schlage Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock | WiFi Touchscreen Keypad,...
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Wi-Fi ConnectivityNoYes
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesNo
Power Source4 pieces AA Batteries4 pieces AA Batteries
Operating TemperaturesOutside escutcheon:
-35°C to 66°C,
Inside escutcheon:
-10°C to 49°C
Outside escutcheon:
-35°C to 66°C,
Inside escutcheon:
-10°C to 49°C
Maximum Access Codes30 codes100 codes
Warranty3 years3 years
Interior Dimensions3″ x 5.5″ x 2.2″3″ x 5.5″ x 2.2″
Exterior Dimensions3″ x 5″ x 0.9″3″ x 5″ x 0.9″
Weight3.4 lb3.35 lb
Available ColorsSatin Nickel
Matte Black
Bright Chrome
Aged Bronze
Satin Nickel
Matte Black
Bright Chrome
Aged Bronze

Smart Lock Style & Design

The Schlage Sense and the Schlage Encode dimensions are almost the same.

schlage sense and encode
Schlage Sense (Century) in Satin Nickel (left) and Schlage Encode (Century) in Matte Black (right).

Regardless of model, Schlage smart locks come in two parts: an interior part (with the knob) and an exterior part (with the touch pad). They can also come in Century or Camelot trims. These smart locks are basically weatherproof, with the exterior escutcheon withstanding temperatures from -35°C to 66°C.

The Schlage Sense and the Encode only differ a little in size and weight but the color choices are the same. Both models also have light-up touch pads for typing in passcodes should you choose not to use the app.

Schlage Sense vs Encode Special Features

Schlage Encode is the latest model in the series but majority of its features are similar to the Schlage Sense.

schlage sense and schlage encode features
Schlage Sense’s exterior part (left) and Schlage Encode’s interior part (right).

The following features can be found in both the Schlage Sense and the Schlage Encode:

  • Light-up touchpad
  • Battery operated
  • Forced entry, tampering, and low battery alerts
  • Activity notifications
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Similar color/finish choices
  • Similar style/trim choices
  • Grade AAA in security, durability, and finish as certified by the America National Standards Institute (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) or ANSI/BHMA Grading System.

Since the Encode is the latest version, you can say that Schlage has updated its features to accommodate Wi-Fi connectivity without the need of purchasing the separate Schlage Wi-Fi Adapter. The Schlage Encode can also accept up to a maximum of 100 codes whereas the Schlage Sense’s maximum is only 30 codes.

Connectivity & Smart Home Integration

Schlage Sense connects via Bluetooth while Schlage Encode doesn’t need a separate Wi-Fi adapter.

schlage sense and encode smart home integration
A comparison of smart devices/apps that can work with the Schlage Sense and the Schlage Encode.

The Schlage Sense smart lock has Bluetooth connectivity and can be operated with the Schlage smartphone app. When used with the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter (sold separately), you will be able to lock/unlock your door from anywhere. It also works with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa but you will need a hub and an Amazon Echo or Google Nest for that.

Meanwhile, the Schlage Encode has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter so all you have to do is to scan your Wi-Fi home network to connect to it. It can also be controlled with the Schlage smartphone app and remote management is possible.

Installation of Schlage Sense and Encode

Installing the Schlage Sense and Schlage Encode is pretty much the same.

schlage encode installation
Installation steps from the Schlage Encode product page.

Regardless of model, the installation steps are the same for all Schlage smart locks.

  1. Install the bolt.
  2. Install the touchscreen.
  3. Install the backplate.
  4. Connect the cable.
  5. Secure the lock on the door.
  6. Install the batteries and cover.


Any of the two smart locks will be a good investment for your home.

The Schlage Sense and Encode are both good smart lock choices given the quality and durability of Schlage products. The Encode has a higher price tag but, of course, this can be attributed to its built-in Wi-Fi feature. Generally though, their features are the same.

We recommend that you choose the Schlage Encode if you’re looking forward to controlling your smart lock remotely without the need to buy a separate Wi-Fi adapter. But if you’re a heavy Apple HomeKit user, you can settle for the Schlage Sense and get to save a couple of bucks at the same time.


📌 Is Schlage a good smart lock brand?

Schlage has been in the door lock business for more than 100 years already. The company’s commitment to home security is also reflected in the design and quality of their smart lock series.

📌 Can the Schlage Sense connect over Wi-Fi?

The Schlage Sense connects via Bluetooth. To enable Wi-Fi connectivity, you will need to hook it up with the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter that is sold separately.

📌 Is guess accest code scheduling possible with the Schlage Sense?

Yes, timers can be set on guest access codes through the Schlage Home app.

📌 Can the Schlage Encode work on a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection?

The Schlage Encode only works on a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

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