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Samsung Jet Light VS70 (2021): How Does It Compare To The Jet 75 And Jet 90?

Cordless vacuum cleaners relying on cyclonic technology tend to be expensive. After all, you’re paying for power, convenience, and versatility. It’s this gap that the Samsung Jet Light VS70 or Jet 70 tries to address. Equipped with the same cleaning tech as its more expensive siblings, Samsung’s entry-level cleaner aims to make cyclonic vacuums more accessible.

But is the budget-friendly model worth the purchase? Like most affordable options, Samsung does cut corners on the Jet 70. Are you better off investing in the top-of-the-line Jet 90 or the midrange Jet 75? Well, it might not be that simple. In this article, we review Samsung’s lightweight entry for heavy-duty cleaning to see how it compared with other Samsung Jet vacuums.

Samsung Jet Light VS70 vs Jet 75 vs Jet 90 Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Chart

ModelSamsung Jet Light VS70Samsung Jet 75Samsung Jet 90
 Amazon productAmazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon productAmazon product
Dustbin Capacity0.8 liters0.8 liters0.8 liters
Suction Power150AW200AW200AW
BrushesTurbo, MiniSoft, Turbo, MiniSoft, Turbo, Mini
Wet ModeNoYesYes
HEPA FilterYesYesYes
Digital DisplayYesYesYes
Charging Station2-in-1 charging station (wall mount or desktop)2-in-1 charging station (wall mount or desktop)Dual charging station (freestanding)
Maximum Running Time40 minutes60 minutes60 minutes
Weight5.79 lbs6.17 lbs6.17 lbs


While the Samsung Jet 70 has a solid build quality, the Samsung Jet 75 and 90 look more premium.

Samsung Jet Light VS70 Vacuum Cleaner Design
Here’s a look at the Samsung cordless vacuums from left to right: Jet VS70, Jet 75, and Jet 90.

The Samsung Jet VS70 doesn’t diverge too much from the design aesthetic carried by the Jet series. It’s a polished cordless vacuum largely made of plastic but with a few metal components. Among the Jet vacuums, the Samsung Jet 70 is the lightest, even though you’re still getting the same bin capacity as the other models. Its pipe, however, is fixed like the Jet 75, which is slightly inconvenient in terms of storing the appliance.

Unlike the Jet 75 and Jet 90, Samsung’s entry-level cordless vacuum follows a silver and white color theme, too. The Jet 70 also comes with a purple accent for the aluminum housing of its HEPA exhaust filter. It’s a nice touch of personality, no doubt. In terms of overall appearance, however, the simple black and grey metallic finish of the Jet 75 and 90 looks more premium.

A common design feature among all three vacuums is a generous and ergonomic handle. Just above it, there’s also a digital display that shows battery status and cleaning mode. For extra maneuverability, the Jet vacuums brandish 180-degree swivel heads as well.

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Cleaning Technology

The Samsung Jet 70 has the cleaning and filtering technology as other Jet vacuums, but with less suction power.

Samsung Jet Light VS70 Vacuum Cleaning Technology
These cordless vacuum cleaners rely on a multi-layer filtration system to clean your home.

Samsung’s Jet cordless cleaners are all cyclonic vacuums, which is a technology pioneered by rival Dyson. While they only generate 9 cyclones compared to Dyson V11’s 14 cyclones, for instance, these cleaners still excel in collecting dirt and debris. Since it’s an entry-level model, Samsung does equip the Jet 70 with a less powerful digital inverter motor. The vacuum only delivers 180W of suction power, compared to the 200W of the Jet 75 and Jet 90. However, it’s not too far off from the Dyson V11’s 185AW either.

To clean your home, the Jet 70 also uses a 5-layer filtration system. This includes three stages of filtration, including an ultra-fine dust filter that traps particles 0.3 to 10 microns in size. Despite being a budget model, you still get the high-capacity, 0.8L dustbin found on the Jet 75 and Jet 90. You even have the same clog-reducing technology that helps minimize dirt and dust from accumulating on the filter.

One benefit of the lower power that comes with the Samsung Jet 70 is that it’s relatively quieter compared to the other two Jet vacuums. In terms of performance, however, you’ll find the Jet 75 and Jet 90 are better. The higher-end models also come with a soft brush that’s designed for use on hard floors. While the Jet 70 does a pretty decent job at sucking in large and small particles, it’s not as thorough dealing with carpeted floors like the Jet 75 and 90.


Samsung’s Jet 70 has the fewest accessories out of the box among all Jet vacuum cleaners.

Samsung Jet Light VS70 Accessories
All three Samsung Jet vacuum cleaners come with a number of tools and accessories.

There are several accessories included with the Samsung Jet 70. At its core, you’ll get the Turbo Action Brush in white that works across different surfaces. For added versatility, a Combo Brush, Mini Powered Brush, and Crevice Tool is part of the package, too. If you’re looking to polish wood or tile floors, on the other hand, a Spinning Sweeper attachment is also available but typically sold separately.

As expected, the more high-end Samsung Jet 75 and 90 vacuum cleaners come with a few more attachments. Aside from the versatile tools the Jet 70 includes in its package, the Jet 75 and Jet 90 add a Flex Tool, as well. The Flex Tool is basically an adaptor that pivots so that other attachments can bend at 90-degrees to work on hard-to-reach space or corners.

Out of the box, the Jet 70 and Jet 75 also comes with a Soft Action Brush that’s designed for picking dust or pet hair on hard floors. With the Samsung Jet 70, you’ll have to buy this brush head separately โ€” an additional $150 charge.

Charging and Runtime

The Samsung Jet 70 has the same 2-in-1 charging station as the Jet 75. The Jet 70’s runtime, however, is lower than its more premium siblings.

Samsung Jet Light VS70 Charging and Runtime
Samsung’s Jet Light VS70 delivers can be docked for easy charging; above, a closer look at its dustbin and brush head.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are obviously more versatile compared to their wired counterparts. You can take them anywhere without worrying about how far you can vacuum in a room. However, you’ll still need to store and charge them somewhere.

For the Samsung Jet VS70, you’re essentially getting the same 2-in-1 base station as the Jet 75. The only difference is that you get the Jet 70’s docking station in white. Both can be mounted on the wall so you can store and charge at the same time. The station can also be set up as a standalone charger, although it requires removing the battery pack.

Samsung’s Jet 70 does lag when it comes to battery life. The vacuum’s maximum runtime is only 40 minutes โ€” and that’s if you’re in the lowest cleaning mode. Turn up the power, and you’ll easily blow power in less than 10 minutes. In contrast, both the Samsung Jet 75 and 90 boast a runtime of up to 60 minutes. If you’re someone who takes a while when cleaning, you’ll get to vacuum for longer with the higher-end models.


The Samsung Jet Light VS70 performs well enough for those on a budget. However, you’ll find the Samsung Jet 75 and Jet 90 to be better, though pricier, investments.

Amazon product

Samsung’s lineup of cyclonic and cordless vacuum cleaners tries to keep everyone in mind. In which case, the Samsung Jet 70 hopes to make powerful cleaning technology a bit more accessible when it comes to price. The Jet 70, after all, uses the same 5-layer filtration system found on its pricier Jet counterparts. It also works with comparable brush heads and accessories, although some have to be purchased separately.

The compromise with power and runtime, however, is what makes the Jet 70 really just a budget alternative. While its dustbin capacity is still generous, you’ll clean faster and longer with a Samsung Jet 75 or Jet 90 vacuum instead. Of course, there’s a $100 gap between the Jet 70 and the 75 and about $250 between the Jet 70 and the 90. But given what more you can do with the higher-priced models, it’s safe to say they’re worth the extra bucks. If you’re still not too keen on spending that much on a vacuum, however, then you’ll probably convince yourself that the Jet 70 will be good enough.


๐Ÿ“Œ What is the minimum runtime of the Samsung Jet Light VS70?

The Samsung Jet Light VS70 has a minimum running time of 5 minutes on max mode. In comparison, the Samsung Jet 75 and Jet 90 have a minimum runtime of 10 minutes.

๐Ÿ“Œ What surfaces can I use the Samsung Jet 70 on?

The Samsung Jet 70 vacuum cleaner can be used on hardwood, carpet, rugs, tile, vinyl, laminate, and concrete surfaces.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Samsung Jet 70 come with a wet mode?

Yes, the Samsung Jet 70 comes with a wet mode. This works best with the Samsung Spinning Sweeper attachment.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long is the warranty of the Samsung Jet 70?

The warranty for the Samsung Jet 70 is 12 months. You also get the same warranty period for the vacuum’s battery pack.

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