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Sam’s Club Plus Membership Benefits (2024)

Sam’s Club, a household name for bulk purchasing enthusiasts and value-seeking shoppers alike, has long established itself as a cornerstone of the American retail landscape. Offering a broad spectrum of products ranging from pantry staples to the latest electronics, Sam’s Club not only caters to the diverse needs of its members but also ensures a shopping experience that is both cost-effective and convenient.

While the allure of low prices and bulk purchases is a significant draw, it’s the membership perks that appeal to most customers. Among its membership options, the Sam’s Club Plus membership is particularly noteworthy, thanks to its exclusive benefits atop the foundational perks of the basic membership. Below, we take a look at the benefits of being Plus.

Key Points

  • Exclusive Savings and Perks: Plus membership offers significant discounts on pharmacy, optical needs, and more.
  • Enhanced Shopping Convenience: Includes early shopping hours, free curbside pickup, and complimentary shipping for most online items.
  • Cash Back Offers: Earn up to 2% back on in-club purchases and additional rewards with Sam’s Club Mastercard.
  • Membership Value: At $70 for the first year (T&C Apply), the Plus membership is ideal for frequent shoppers and those seeking maximum savings and convenience.

What Is Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club is a membership-only warehouse club offering a wide range of products at discounted prices, catering to both individuals and businesses.

Sam’s Club operates as a membership-only warehouse club, known for its wide selection of products and services offered at low prices. Members have access to a diverse range of items across various categories, facilitating a one-stop shopping experience.

With numerous locations throughout the United States, Sam’s Club serves as a popular choice for many Americans seeking to save money while maintaining quality.

A Sam’s Club membership provides access to member-specific pricing and regular Instant Savings promotions. The inclusion of the Scan & Go feature allows members to scan items and pay via the app, simplifying the checkout process. The membership also offers the option to add up to eight additional members at a rate of $45 each, with each receiving complimentary membership benefits.

Benefits of a Sam’s Club Plus Membership

The Plus Membership offers exclusive benefits like early shopping, health discounts, free shipping, and cash back rewards.

The Plus membership at Sam’s Club offers additional benefits for members seeking enhanced value from their subscription, including savings, convenience, and special perks. Here’s an overview of what Plus members can expect:

Pharmacy Savings and Optical Health Discounts: Members have access to discounts on health and wellness needs, such as 20% off eyeglasses, complimentary shipping on contact lenses, and 10 free select generic medications, reflecting Sam’s Club’s efforts to make healthcare more economical and accessible.

Exclusive Early Shopping Hours: Plus members can enter the store before the general opening times, typically starting at 8:00 a.m.

Complimentary Curbside Pickup: The Plus membership eliminates the usual $4 fee for curbside pickup, facilitating a quicker and more convenient shopping process.

Cash Back and Bonus Offers: Members can earn 2% back on in-club purchases (capped at $500/year), with additional rewards available through dining, shopping, and more. Using a Sam’s Club Mastercard increases this benefit, with 3% back on eligible purchases at Sam’s Club locations or online.

Tire and Battery Center Perks: Plus members receive priority access to automotive services, including 50% off tire installations for sets of four, complementing the standard benefits of free flat tire repair, battery testing, and wiper blade installation.

Free Shipping: Plus members enjoy free shipping on most online items, applicable to both primary and household/complimentary cardholders, which applies to a wide selection of products available on Sam’s Club’s website, ensuring items are delivered directly without extra charges.

These enhancements to the Plus membership aim to provide added value through various services and discounts, catering to members who utilize Sam’s Club for their shopping and healthcare needs.

How Much Does A Sam’s Club Plus Membership Cost?

The Plus Membership adds value through additional cardholders, extended benefits, and savings on services and products.

Membership costs $110 per year, but you can get the Sam’s Club Plus membership for just $70 if you sign up now.* Plus memberships typically include a primary membership card and an additional complimentary card for another household member. Plus membership also allows for up to 16 club-level members to be added at a reduced rate of $45 each, extending the reach of Sam’s Club benefits to friends and family. It’s worth noting that exclusive Plus benefits are reserved for primary and complimentary cardholders, showcasing the premium nature of this membership level.

*Terms and conditions apply

Become a Plus member for only $70. *Terms Apply. See site for details.

Is a Sam’s Club Plus Membership Worth It?

Assessing the value of a Sam’s Club Plus Membership hinges on usage, with frequent shoppers and those utilizing its exclusive benefits finding it a worthwhile investment.

Deciding whether a Sam’s Club Plus Membership justifies its price is a consideration that boils down to your shopping habits, lifestyle, and priorities. The Plus membership, priced higher than the base tier, packs a punch with a suite of exclusive benefits tailored to enhance your shopping experience significantly. But who stands to gain the most from this premium membership, and under what circumstances does it become a worthwhile investment?

The Plus Membership is particularly advantageous for frequent shoppers who already rely on Sam’s Club for a substantial portion of their household and personal needs. The cashback rewards alone can offset the membership cost, provided you spend enough throughout the year. For those invested in health and wellness, the pharmacy and optical discounts offer meaningful savings that can quickly add up, especially for families or individuals with regular prescription needs.

Families will find the free shipping perk invaluable, saving time and money when ordering bulky or heavy items online. Moreover, the convenience of early shopping hours cannot be overstated for anyone looking to avoid the crowds, from busy parents to early risers who prefer a more relaxed shopping environment.

Automobile owners will appreciate the Tire and Battery Center perks, offering not just savings but also convenience and peace of mind. The combination of discounts on tire installations and priority access to services can make vehicle maintenance both more affordable and less of a hassle.

Ultimately, a Sam’s Club Plus Membership is worth considering if you:

  • Are a regular shopper at Sam’s Club, making frequent purchases both in-store and online.
  • Value the convenience of shopping early, using curbside pickup, and receiving free shipping on online orders.
  • Can benefit from the health and wellness discounts, particularly if you have ongoing prescription needs or wear eyeglasses.
  • Own a vehicle and would appreciate savings and priority service at the Tire and Battery Center.
  • Enjoy finding ways to maximize your investment through cashback rewards and special offers.


Sam’s Club Plus membership offers benefits like free shipping, early access, and healthcare discounts, showcasing its commitment to superior service.

The Sam’s Club Plus membership caters to individuals looking for an enhanced shopping experience, offering a variety of benefits such as savings on automotive maintenance, complimentary shipping, access to the store before regular hours, and healthcare discounts. This tier of membership reflects Sam’s Club’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its members, aiming to deliver a high level of service and a broad range of benefits to those who find value in its offerings.

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