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Sam’s Club March 2024 Membership Deals: Top Savings on Club & Plus Memberships

A Sam’s Club Membership is a yearly subscription that grants access to exclusive savings at Sam’s Club warehouse locations, both in-store and online. With two tiers to choose from—Club and Plus—members enjoy distinct benefits tailored to their shopping preferences. While both tiers offer savings, the Plus membership stands out as the premium option, delivering even greater discounts and perks. Whether you opt for Club or Plus, significant savings await. In this article, we delve into the distinct advantages of each tier, exploring how Sam’s Club memberships can enhance your shopping experience and maximize your savings potential.

Sam’s Club & Plus Membership Quick Comparison Chart

Club MembershipPlus Membership
Join now & get 50% off Club membership.* That’s only $25! *Terms Apply. See site for details.
Become a Plus member for only $70. *Terms Apply. See site for details.
Sam’s Cash (2% on qualifying orders)NoYes
Free ShippingNoYes
Curbside Pickup$4 feeFree
Early ShoppingNo (10:00 AM for Club members)Yes (8:00 AM for Plus members)
Pharmacy SavingsNoYes
Optical SavingsNoYes

Club Membership

Sam’s Club’s Club membership offers low prices, Scan & Go convenience, and a satisfaction guarantee for shoppers.

Sam’s Club’s base Club membership offers a plethora of benefits tailored to shoppers seeking value and convenience. For a modest $50 (currently under promotion for $25) annual fee, members receive a primary card along with a complimentary card for another household member, providing access to exclusive savings. Moreover, the option to add up to 8 additional members at a reduced rate of $45 each extends these perks to more family members or friends, each with their own complimentary card or the ability to create their own membership.

The allure of Club membership doesn’t stop there. Members revel in low members-only prices coupled with new Instant Savings offers periodically, ensuring consistent opportunities for savings throughout the year. The Scan & Go service revolutionizes the shopping experience, allowing members to effortlessly scan items and pay via the app, bypassing checkout lines entirely. Plus, with the introduction of Scan & Ship, members can conveniently place direct-to-home orders by scanning eligible merchandise, streamlining the purchase process.

With a commitment to member satisfaction, Sam’s Club stands behind its Club membership with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Should members find themselves dissatisfied for any reason, they can inform Sam’s Club that they want to cancel, then receive a refund of the current year’s fee. This assurance underscores Sam’s Club’s dedication to providing unparalleled value and service to its members, making the Club membership an irresistible proposition for discerning shoppers.

Join now & get 50% off Club membership.* That’s only $25! *Terms Apply. See site for details.

Plus Membership

Sam’s Club’s Plus membership offers extensive benefits, including free shipping, early shopping hours, and exclusive discounts, ideal for businesses and individuals.

Sam’s Club’s Plus membership offers unparalleled value, catering to both personal and business needs with a host of exclusive benefits. Priced at $110 annually (currently priced at $70), the Plus membership provides significant advantages over the base Club membership. Alongside the primary cardholder, a complimentary card for another household member ensures extended access to these premium perks.

Unlike the Club membership, Plus members can add up to 16 additional club-level members at a reduced rate, although only primary and complimentary cardholders are eligible for Plus benefits. Plus membership elevates the shopping experience with free shipping on most online items and convenient Curbside Pickup services, streamlining the purchase process for busy individuals and businesses alike.

Moreover, Plus members enjoy extra discounts at the Optical and Pharmacy departments, including 20% off prescription eyewear. Plus Rewards offer 2% back on qualifying purchases, further enhancing savings opportunities. Exclusive early shopping hours at 8:00 AM grant Plus members priority access to Sam’s Club, allowing for a more relaxed and efficient shopping experience.

Furthermore, Plus members gain early access to Tire & Battery Center services and benefit from a 50% discount on tire installations when purchasing sets of four. These additional perks not only enhance savings but also provide convenience and efficiency, making the Plus membership the ultimate choice for those seeking premium benefits at Sam’s Club.

Become a Plus member for only $70. *Terms Apply. See site for details.

Key Differences

Key differences between Sam’s Club’s Club and Plus memberships include fees, cardholder allowances, and exclusive perks for Plus members

While both memberships offer notable benefits, disparities arise in membership fees, cardholder allowances, and exclusive perks. Here’s a summary of the key differences between the two.

Club Membership:

Plus Membership:

  • All Club membership perks included.
  • Annual fee: $110 (Become a Plus member for only $70. *Terms Apply. See site for details.)
  • Primary cardholder and one complimentary household card included.
  • Add up to 16 club-level members at a reduced rate of $45 each.
  • Only primary and complimentary cardholders eligible for Plus benefits.
  • Free shipping on most online items.
  • Free Curbside Pickup for online orders.
  • Extra discounts at Optical and Pharmacy departments.
  • Plus Rewards: Get 2% back on qualifying purchases.
  • Early Shopping Hours: 8:00 AM for Plus members.
  • Early access to Tire & Battery Center Services.
  • 50% off tire installations on sets of 4.

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Sam’s Club offers substantial savings with both Club and Plus memberships.

Sam’s Club membership unlocks exclusive savings at warehouse locations, with Club and Plus tiers tailored to different needs. While both offer savings, Plus stands out with greater discounts and perks. Sam’s Club’s base Club membership’s grants low prices, Scan & Go convenience and a bunch of other perks, while the Sam’s Club’s Plus membership includes all plus perks and adds benefits like free shipping and early shopping hours. Plus accommodates 16 members, compared to Club’s 8, with extra perks like Optical and Pharmacy discounts. Regardless of choice, Sam’s Club ensures satisfaction, cementing its reputation as a go-to for savvy shoppers.

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