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Roomba e6 vs e5 (2021): What’s the Difference?

The Roomba e6 and the Roomba e5 belong to iRobot’s e-series, its mid-tier robot vacuums that combine powerful features with attractive price points. One of their major differences is the Roomba e6 is only available at select retailers while the Roomba e5 is available at more shops like Amazon or the iRobot website. What will you miss out on if you choose one over the other? Our in-depth review below looks at their features to guide you on which Roomba is the better purchase.

iRobot Roomba e6 vs e5 Comparison Chart

ModelRoomba e6Roomba e5
 Roomba e6Roomba e6
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Weight7.2 lbs7.2 lbs
Suction Power5x the suction power of the Roomba 600 Series5x the suction power of the Roomba 600 Series
BrushesDual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes, Edge-Sweeping BrushDual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush
HEPA Filter21
Virtual Wall Barrier2Optional
Runtimeup to 90 minutesup to 90 minutes
Charging Time180 minutes180 minutes
Automatic Docking and ChargingYesYes
Bin Capacity500 mL500 mL

Major Differences

The Roomba e6 and the e5 have different faceplate colors and accompanying accessories

While they have the same internals, you can tell the e6 and the e5 apart by their colors

As mentioned earlier, the Roomba e6 is only available at select big-box retailers like Costco or Walmart. Certain manufacturers partner with major retailers and release exclusive products for them. These products typically have the same internals as the standard version with only slight variations.

Here are the differences between the Roomba e6 and the e5:

  • They have different colors. The e6 has a brown faceplate while the e5 is a monotone black
  • The e6 comes with two dual-mode virtual wall barriers while the e5 doesn’t. Virtual wall barriers are compatible with the e5, but they need to be bought separately.
  • If you get the Roomba e6, you’ll get an extra high-efficiency filter with your purchase. As for the e5, you’ll only get the one installed in the robot vacuum.
  • Their regular prices are different, with the Roomba e5 slightly more expensive than the e6. However, at the time of writing, the e5 is on sale at Amazon at 299 USD, the same price as the e6 from Costco.


The Roomba e6 and e5 have different color schemes, but they have the same rubber brush rolls and large, washable dustbin.

These Roombas boast a washable dustbin (left) and dual rubber brush rolls (right) for avoiding hair tangling

Apart from their different color schemes mentioned earlier, the Roomba e6 and the e5 have the same overall design. They both come with a large 500mL dustbin that slides out of the Roomba. Both the e6 and the e5 come with high-efficiency filters that block off pet dander, dustmite, and other allergy-causing particles. As said earlier, you’ll get an extra filter with the Roomba e6.

Underneath the Roomba e6 and the e5, you’ll find updated dual multi-surface rubber brush rolls that help avoid hair getting stuck in them. The entry-level iRobot 600 series only comes with one bristle and one rubber brush roll. They also have the same edge-sweeping brush to make sure your Roomba won’t miss your home’s nooks and crannies.

Cleaning Performance

The Roomba e6 and the e5 boast 5 times more suction power than the Roomba 600 series

Both Roombas are equipped with iRobot’s patent cleaning technologies

iRobot’s innovative cleaning technologies are present in both the Roomba e6 and the e5. iRobot’s 3-stage cleaning system “loosens, lifts, and suctions,” and as the e6 and the e5 have five times more suction power than the entry-level 600 series, they can do it better. The extra power becomes more evident when the Roomba is cleaning hardwood floors. Either the e6 or the e5 can suck in smaller particles better, thanks to its improved suction power.

Both Roombas work well when it comes to cleaning carpets and they can move from one surface to another without a hitch. Their Dirt Detect technology allows the Roomba to work harder on areas that are dirtier. The e6 and the e5 will keep circling around that area until it cleans the surface completely.

Both the Roomba e6 and the e5 can vacuum for up to 90 minutes at full cycle. Once they’re running out of juice or done with cleaning, they will automatically try to go back to their charging dock. However, when you resume cleaning, you have to put them back where they left off as, unlike the high-end Roombas, they are not equipped with iRobot’s recharge and resume technology.

Mapping and Navigation

The Roomba e6 includes with two virtual wall barriers while the e5 requires a separate purchase

If there are areas you want to contain, the virtual wall barriers (left) of the e6 will come in handy.

Both the Roomba e6 and the e5 are equipped with sensors that help them avoid bumping into your furniture once detected. However, since the Roomba e6 comes with two virtual wall barriers (VWB), you can set boundaries around areas you don’t want your e6 to cover.

Whether you use the halo or straight mode, the VWB contains areas such as the pet feeding area, Christmas tree, sensitive furniture, or areas with a lot of cables. The Roomba e5 is compatible with virtual wall barriers as well, but you have to purchase them separately.

Both the Roomba e6 and the e5 further come with cliff detect sensors that help avoid the Roombas from falling off stairs. However, you may run into issues if you have black carpets. This confuses most robot vacuums, not just Roombas, as they think the dark area is a “cliff” so they might end up avoiding cleaning that part.

Additional Features

Both the Roomba e6 and the e5 can be used with the iRobot HOME app and can be set up with voice assistants

You can schedule the Roomba to clean while you’re away using the iRobot app

These smart robot vacuums can be connected to the iRobot HOME app or your smart home assistant. iRobot’s app lets you schedule cleaning, view cleaning history, and more. When you want to schedule the Roomba to clean while you’re away, make sure the dustbin is empty so the Roomba won’t be spilling dust while it’s also trying to clean your home. For completely hands-free control, you can set the e6 or the e5 with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


You’ll get more value for your money with the Roomba e6 and its added virtual wall barriers and filter

Roomba e6

Roomba e5



The Roomba e6 offers better bang for your buck than the Roomba e5. For a lower cost, you will get two virtual wall barriers and an extra high-efficiency filter. Perhaps what will make users opt for the e5 is its color or when the e6 is not available close to where they live. As the Roomba e5 is currently on sale on Amazon, they cost the same a the e6. If you don’t mind missing out on the extra accessories or paying a bit more to add the virtual wall barriers, the e5 is an excellent alternative.

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