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Roomba e5 (5150) Review (2021): Great Performance At Entry Level Price

The Roomba e5 is one of the first iRobot models to be touted as ideal for pets. With a new filtration system along with the latest rubber brushes from the company, it has been well-received in homes both with and without cats and dogs. We’ve broken down its features as well as its limitations below to help you decide whether it’s the right Roomba for your home.

Roomba e5 (5150) Review: Specs and Details

ModelRoomba e5
Amazon product 
PriceAmazon product 
RatingAmazon product
Amazon product 
Dimensions13.45″ x 13.39″ x 3.65″
Weight7.23 lbs
Smart NavigationYes
Dirt DetectYes
High Efficiency FilterYes
Suction Power5x Suction
Runtime90 minutes
Bin Capacity500 ml
Washable BinYes
Voice ControlYes


The Roomba e5 (5150) has a similar design and size as other Roombas.

Roomba e5 5150 Design
Here’s a look at the top and bottom view of the Roomba e5 (5150).

There aren’t too many distinctive touches on Roomba models to tell them apart easily, aside from their colors. The Roomba e5 (5150) has an all-black exterior, though it has a slightly glossier accent than models in the 600 series. Its underside has more in common with more advanced Roombas like the 900 series. Featuring iRobot’s latest AeroForce Cleaning System, it has the new brushless Multi Surface Rubber Brushes designed to get tangled less with hair.

Only three buttons are really necessary to control the Roomba e5, and they’ve been set apart on its top unlike the 600 series of robot vacuums. Moreover, the mechanism to unlock and pull out the bin has been moved underneath, giving it a sleeker look. Finally, it’s a tad smaller and lighter than other models in its range, though moving them room to room won’t feel too different.

Mapping and Navigation

The Roomba e5 (5150) uses sensors to navigate floors.

Roomba e5 5150 Navigation
If the Roomba e5 can fit through these chair legs, it will find it pretty quickly.

A host of sensors guide the Roomba e5 in moving around the house. These tell it whether it’s near a cliff, which it deftly steers clear from. It also relies on its bumpers to avoid obstacles such as table legs, which it will do its best to go around of. There’s a slight bit sticking out in its front for overhead clearance, so it won’t push its way under furniture that it might get stuck in.

Without optical sensors like cameras or any smart mapping features, the Roomba e5 essentially moves in pseudo-random directions until it either can’t go through it or it finds an area that needs extra cleaning. It will spend more time going through that area before moving on. In general, it will be able to cover a lot of ground if you have a fairly open floor plan, and over time it will get better at navigating around your house.

Cleaning Power

The Roomba e5 (5150) can clean hard floors as well as carpets.

Roomba e5 5150 Cleaning Power
A specially designed spinning brush lets the Roomba e5 reach debris along walls.

Using the Roomba 600 series as a baseline, the Roomba e5 is listed as having 5 times the air power of robot vacuums in that line. This makes it more capable of pulling particles into its bin, especially with the improved design of its brushrolls. No longer sporting bristles, it has a ridged rubber pattern that more easily loosens and lifts dirt and debris. As a result, the Roomba e5 is better at cleaning up carpets than other lower model Roombas.

To reach corners and walls that might be difficult for the shape of the Roomba to get to, it uses its Edge Sweeping Brush to sweep dirt into the path of the brushrolls. These also auto-adjust depending on the surface the robot vacuum is on, so it stays in close contact to the surface even as it moves from hardwood to high pile carpet.

Smart Features

The Roomba e5 (5150) can be controlled via mobile app or voice control.

Roomba e5 5150 Smart Features
You can choose from a couple of ways to remotely control the Roomba e5.

Like most modern Roombas, the Roomba e5 is Wi-Fi ready, and can be issued commands through iRobot’s HOME app. With it you can also set cleaning schedules for each day of the week, so you can set up regular sweeps at your most convenient time. Those who prefer giving voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant only need to connect the device in their hub. Even better, you can do all these even when you’re in the office or on vacation.

A single charge on the Roomba e5 powers it up for around 90 minutes of cleaning. Once its battery level gets low, it will look for its Home Base to recharge automatically. It’s a nice and welcome feature, though sometimes the Roomba will run out of battery before it gets back to the charging dock, or else goes too far and simply can’t find its way back home.

Pets and Maintenance

The Roomba e5 (5150) is great for homes with pets.

Roomba e5 5150 Pets
A stronger filter and improved brushes allow the Roomba e5 to clean up pet hair better.

There are a couple features that make the Roomba e5 an effective cleaning machine if you have pets at home. First, the bristle-less brushrolls are actually better at picking up pet hair and fur compared to older versions. It’s less prone to getting tangled, which also means fewer times having to unravel threads later on. Next, the Roomba e5 has a High-Efficiency Filter capable of capturing around 99% of cat and dog allergens, as well as other particles like pollen and dust mites.

Maintenance-wise, you’ll have to manually clear its bin every so often, as it doesn’t have the self-emptying feature that newer models have. It has a sizable bin though, so depending on how often you set it to clean, it shouldn’t take more than once every couple of weeks. Plus, you can simply wash the bin with water to get it all clean and nice, which you weren’t able to do with older models.


The Roomba e5 (5150) is highly recommended and offers amazing value.

Amazon product

At its price range, the Roomba e5 (5150) is simply tough to beat. Its cleaning performance is topnotch, comparable to more advanced and expensive models, while offering improved filters and connectivity than older ones at similar prices.

We recommend the Roomba e5 if you’re looking for a hardworking robot vacuum that’s able to clean hardwood and carpets equally well. It’s also a top pick if you have more than a few pets at home. Those with large rooms, complex floor areas and multiple levels might want to look for Roombas with mapping features though. Otherwise, you’ll find that the Roomba e5 is a capable little cleaner on its own.

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