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Roomba 890 vs 960 (2020): Which Robot Vacuum Is The Best?

The Roomba 890 and Roomba 960 are both high end Roomba robot vacuum models. Although the Roomba 960 is newer and has some more advanced features, the 890 holds its own at the top of the 800 series. Below we compare the key differences between the Roomba 890 vs 960 to help you choose between the two models.

Roomba 890 vs 960 Comparison Chart

ModelRoomba 890Roomba 960
iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard... iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair,... 
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NavigationBasic iAdapt navigation without cameraAdvanced iAdapt 2.0 navigation with camera
Clean Map ReportsNoYes
Runtime90 mins75 mins
Recharge & ResumeNoYes
Full Bin IndicatorYesYes
Cleaning SettingsBasicAdvanced
Suction Power1000 Pa900 Pa

Mapping & Navigation

The Roomba 960 has a camera and upgraded software for improved mapping and navigation.

Roomba 960 Navigation
The Roomba 960 has more advanced iAdapt 2.0 navigation and mapping.

The new iAdapt 2.0 technology as well as the inclusion of a low resolution camera lets the 960 navigate your home better and clean more efficiently. It will map out a digital layout of the entire area it’s cleaning, making future cleaning cycles faster. Moreover, this visual sensor means the 960 can avoid bumping into furniture better than the 890. In comparison, the Roomba 890 still has the older iAdapt software and doesn’t have a camera, so it will take a bit more time manoeuvring around the house avoiding obstacles.

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Clean Map Reports

The Roomba 960 has a Clean Map Report feature.

Roomba 960 Clean Map Reports
The Roomba 960 provides clean map reports of your home.

Because of the 960’s improved mapping technology, you can actually find out which areas of your home it cleaned through the Clean Map Report feature. Once you connect your unit to the iHome app, you can view the entire layout of your home along with the areas your robot dutifully covered. You’ll also be able to see which areas needed spot cleaning as well as battery information.

Recharge & Resume

The Roomba 960 automatically resumes cleaning after charging, whilst the Roomba 880 needs instructing to continue.

Roomba 960 Recharge and Resume
The Roomba 960 is capable of recharging itself and automatically resuming cleaning.

Both the 960 and the 890 have impressive runtimes due to their lithium-ion battery packs. However, the 960 has a recharge and resume feature that lets it continue a cleaning cycle even if it needed to stop for a recharge along the way. With the 890, like with most Roomba models, you’ll have to manually press the Clean button again or use the app to tell the robot to start cleaning again.

Full Bin Indication

Both the Roomba 890 and 960 have full bin indicators, but the Roomba 960 can continue cleaning even on a full bin.

Both models have a full bin indicator that gives an audible signal when it requires its dust bin to be emptied. The Roomba 890 will stop when this happens, but the 960 will soldier on, giving you more leeway on your unit’s maintenance needs.

Cleaning Settings

Whilst both models offer impressive suction power, the Roomba 960 has additional cleaning settings for deeper cleans.

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Roomba 960 Advanced Cleaning
The Roomba 960 offers Multiple Pass Control and Edge Cleaning modes.

The Multiple Pass Control settings and Edge Cleaning Mode on the 960 means you can order the Roomba to return to previously cleaned areas and edges for another round, resulting in deeper cleans.


The Roomba 960 provides the most features whilst the Roomba 890 offers great value for money.

It’s clear that the Roomba 960 has the upper hand over the Roomba 890 if you’re looking for the full experience of a smart robot vacuum. With so many quality of life improvements as well as options for a more thorough cleaning, the 960 is the clear choice if it’s within your price range.

However, don’t count the Roomba 890 as simply inferior. Performance-wise, their overall cleaning power is comparable, so if you don’t want to pay a premium for the extra features of the 960, the 890 offers good value indeed.

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