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Roomba 692 vs 694 (2022): Are They Even Different?

iRobot’s Roomba 600 Series has been around since 2012. Although they have hardly changed over the years, the robovacs in the lineup remain popular. They even work better than some of the ‘smarter’ models today.

The Roomba 692 and Roomba 694 are just two of the favorites from the 600 series. Both deliver the same suction power and use the same cleaning system. They have identical designs, too.

So the question is, what is the difference between Roomba 692 and 694? Below, we look at how these entry-level robot vacuum cleaners fare against each other.

Roomba 692 vs 694 Comparison Chart

ModeliRobot Roomba 692 Robot VacuumiRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum
Cleaning System3-Stage Cleaning System3-Stage Cleaning System
BrushesDual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes, Edge-Sweeping BrushDual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush
NavigationiAdapt NavigationiAdapt 3.0 Navigation
Smart MappingNoNo
Comes With Charging BaseYesYes
Voice Assistant CompatibilityYesYes
Companion AppiRobot HomeiRobot Home
Runtime90 to 117 minutes90 to 130 minutes
Dimensions13.4 x 3.54 inches13.4 x 3.54 inches
Weight6.77 lbs6.77 lbs


The Roomba 692 and 694 have identical dimensions and designs.

Roomba 692 vs 694 Design
Can you see any difference between the Roomba 692 (left) and the Roomba 694 (right)?

It’s hard to tell the Roomba 692 from the 694. Both robot vacuum cleaners sport the same design. Like other robovacs, the units have a round form that allows them to maneuver tight spaces better. But since they don’t feature a D-shaped design, they’re not as good at handling edges.

Construction-wise, the Roomba 692 and 694 are made from high-grade hard plastic. Together with their bumper cladding, this gives the robovacs a durable body. Plastic is also used on the removable dustbin, which feels just as sturdy.

As two of the newer Roomba 600 iterations, these robovacs brandish a more minimalist exterior. For instance, the faceplate and circular panel come in a matte black finish.

Inside the panel, you get a simplified control dashboard consisting of a power/clean button, a home button, and a spot button. Unfortunately, minimalism has its cons. The Roomba 692 and 694 both ditch the built-in handle found in other units.

Underneath the vacuums, you get the same components โ€” from the caster wheels for navigation to the multi-surface and edge brushes. As for the dimensions, there are no distinctions either. Both iRobot vacuums boast a low-profile design. They also weigh less than seven pounds, lighter than the Roomba j7 or i7.

Cleaning Performance

iRobot’s Roomba 692 and 694 use the same cleaning technology.

Roomba 692 vs 694 Cleaning Performance
The dual multi-surface brush on the Roomba 692 (left); a look at the underside of the Roomba 694, including the rotating side brush

To vacuum your home, the Roomba 692 and 694 rely on iRobot’s patented 3-Stage Cleaning System. The first step in this technology is suction. Now, suction power isn’t the strongest suit of the Roomba 600 Series compared to other iRobot vacuum cleaners. In fact, the 600 Series is usually the benchmark for how powerful another Roomba’s suction is.

Based on tests, the Roomba 692 and 694 only offer up to 600 pa of suction power. This is considerably lower than the estimated 2,500 pa of suction power on a premium model like the Roomba S9. Where the Roomba 694 has the edge is that it comes with an extra filter.

For surface-level dirt or messes, the 692 and 694 should be enough. But if you’re keen on deep cleaning, a more powerful robovac or traditional vacuum cleaner is better.

Brushes and Filtration

Now, the Roomba 692 and 694 are equipped with dual multi-surface brushes. They also have a side brush for sweeping edges. But unlike the more advanced iRobot vacuums, the dual multi-surface brushes of the 692 and 694 are composed of two different components.

The first brush, a flexible beater made from rubber, is similar to non-600 series models. It’s bristle-less and designed to agitate dirt. Behind it is another rubber brush, but this time with bristles to lift the loosened dirt from the surface.

These Roomba 600 Series vacuums also have limited ‘smart’ cleaning features. It only comes with Dirt Detect, which identifies dirtier areas of your home for a targeted clean.

Mapping and Navigation

The Roomba 692 and 694 have no smart mapping and limited navigation features.

Roomba 692 vs 694 Mapping and Navigation
Cliff Detect (left) and navigation (right) on the Roomba 692 and 694.

iRobot’s Roomba 692 and 694 don’t have onboard cameras. While it should reassure homeowners who may have privacy concerns, it means intelligent floor mapping is absent on these basic robovacs. There is no obstacle avoidance either. Expect the Roomba 692 and 694 to be clunkier than their smarter counterparts.

The limitations of these robovacs also extend to navigation. In fact, it still relies on the first-gen iAdapt Navigation system. So whereas other Roombas clean in neat rows, the 692 and 694 tend to move around more randomly. Both vacuums typically start working in a spiral before moving to the rest of the room for cleaning. But because they lack mapping, you can’t set up cleaning zones.

There are sensors on these vacuums. However, they’ll have to ‘learn’ the layout of a room first. Once it does, expect the haphazard movements of the Roomba 692 and 694 to settle down. After which, the vacuums should be able to clean under and around furniture. Moreover, you get Cliff Detect on these units, which should prevent them from falling down the stairs.

Smart Features and Battery Life

Although the Roomba 692 and 694 are budget models, they come with smart albeit limited features.

Roomba 692 vs 694 Smart Features and Battery Life
Start cleaning sessions from your phone or follow recommended schedules from the iRobot Home app

Despite being budget models, these Roomba 600 vacuums do have smart features. Most of them can be accessed through iRobot Home. Once the Roomba 692 or 694 is synced with the app, you can use your smartphone for remote operation. You can also schedule cleaning via iRobot Home. Plus, both models support voice controls through Google Home or Alexa-enabled devices.

Since these are entry-level vacuums, there are missing features. For instance, you don’t get access to cleaning reports and insights. You can’t set up digital barriers either.

Thankfully, the iRobot OS is still available. With this feature, the vacuums learn and adapt to your cleaning habits, offering more personalized cleaning sessions. You also get recommendations for specific seasons, including additional sessions during allergy and pet-shedding seasons.

In terms of battery life, the Roomba 694 offers a few minutes more use than the Roomba 692. Based on tests and user reviews, the 694 exceeds its marketed 90-minute battery life and can last up to 130 minutes. The 692 also goes beyond 90 minutes but falls short of two hours of runtime.


The Roomba 692 and Roomba 694 are essentially the same vacuum cleaners โ€” the latter coming with an extra filter and extra minutes of battery life โ€” but different purchase availabilities.

iRobot’s Roomba 692 and the Roomba 694 are the same vacuum cleaners. From design to cleaning features, there’s no difference between them. If anything, the Roomba 694 includes an extra filter and boasts extra minutes of battery life. Other than that, you get the same performance from both robovacs.

It’s also important to note their purchase availability. The Roomba 692 is only available on Amazon. Meanwhile, the Roomba 694 can be purchased directly from the iRobot website and is also available in online retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy.


๐Ÿ“Œ How long are the warranties of the Roomba 692 and Roomba 694?

The Roomba 692 and 694 come with one-year limited warranties.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I use the Roomba 694 on carpets?

iRobot shares that the Roomba 694 can be used on carpets. However, based on user reviews, the vacuum works best on low-pile carpets.

๐Ÿ“Œ What type of battery does the Roomba 692 use?

The iRobot Roomba 692 uses a lithium-ion battery.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Roomba 694 work with iRobot’s Clean Base?

No. The Roomba 694 is not compatible with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal station. Instead, it only works with a standard Home Base charging station.

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