Roomba 675 vs 690: How Are They Different?

iRobot made robot vacuums that have wireless connectivity more accessible to many when it released the Roomba 675 and the Roomba 690. With numerous similar features, how exactly are these two vacuums different and which is the better buy? Our comparison chart and detailed review will help you choose which iRobot suits your cleaning needs.

Roomba 675 vs 690 Comparison Chart

ModelRoomba 675Roomba 690
iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets,... iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets,... 
PriceCheck Price Check Price 

Weight7.8 lbs7.8 lbs
Suction Power600Pa600Pa
BrushesDual Multi-Surface Bristle Brushes, Edge-Sweeping BrushDual Multi-Surface Bristle Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush
Wi-Fi and Smart Home ConnectedYesYes
HEPA FilterNoNo
Intelligent NavigationYesYes
Mapping NavigationNoNo
Virtual Wall BarrierOptional1 Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier
Runtimeup to 90 minutesup to 90 minutes
Charging Time120 mins120 mins
Automatic Docking and ChargingYesYes
Bin Capacity300 mL600 mL


The Roomba 675 and 690 have similar dimensions but differ in color and dustbin capacity

roomba 675 vs 690
Which color do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

The Roomba 675 and 690 have similar cleaning features, dimensions, and buttons. They only vary in their colors, dust bin capacity, and release mechanism.

As seen in the picture, the newer Roomba 675 (left photo) is black with gray accents while the Roomba 690 has a silver and black body. The dustbin release mechanism and capacity of the 675 is smaller than the 690’s. If you live in an average-size house, you may need to empty your dust bin after 45 to 50 mins of cleaning for optimal performance when using the 675. Since the 690 has a much bigger dustbin, you don’t have to empty the dustbin as often.

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Both the Roomba 675 and 690 are 3.6 inches thick and can go under most furniture and hard to reach areas without problems.


Both the Roomba 675 and 690 have intelligent navigation, but the 690 comes with a Virtual Wall Barrier

Roomba virtual wall barrier
A Virtual Wall Barrier keeps your robot vacuum from entering areas that don’t need cleaning

The Roomba 675 and 690 are equipped with intelligent sensors so they won’t fall off stairs or bump into furniture and clutter. They are also equipped to climb low thresholds or roll from hardwood floor to carpet. Take note though that even with intelligent navigation capabilities, most robot vacuums have a hard time detecting dark flooring and carpets as cliff sensors tend to think they will fall off in these areas.

Apart from the color, another major difference between the Roomba 675 and 690 is the Virtual Wall Barrier that comes with the Roomba 690. The Virtual Wall Barrier will keep your Roomba from entering a room that does not need cleaning. This is especially helpful when you want to focus on cleaning one room first so you can empty the dust bin before it moves on to another.

You can buy a separate Virtual Wall Barrier for your Roomba 675 if you want better control when cleaning. A separate one is available or you can buy in bundles for more savings.

Cleaning Performance

The iRobot Roomba 675 and 690 have the same cleaning power and runtime

These Roombas can pull in particles and debris and work harder on dirtier areas

The Roomba 675 and 690 are both equipped Dirt Detect sensors that can tell when an area has more dirt and work harder before moving on. Their Dual Multi-Surface Brush does a great job of pulling in debris and hair without getting stuck. They also come with an Edge-Sweeping Brush to ensure that it won’t miss cleaning the corners.

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Both the 675 and 690 can run for 90 minutes on a full cycle and need to be charged for 120 minutes. They can both detect when they are running low on battery, dock, and recharge. However, both Roombas do not have the capability to resume cleaning once they’re fully charged and need to be manually restarted.

Control Options

Both have Wi-Fi and smart assistant connectivity

Roomba 675 vs 690

The Roomba 675 and 690 are among the most pocket-friendly iRobot vacuums with wireless connectivity. Apart from their physical controls, you can also control these Roombas through the iRobot HOME App, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

The app lets you record your cleaning history and schedule daily cleaning even when you are not at home. Keep in mind the dustbin capacity though whenever you intend to clean while you are away as these do not come with self-emptying bins.


The newer Roomba 675 has overall better value for money

Both Roombas are solid options for robot vacuums at their price points. As they have almost the same cleaning features and technology, the more affordable Roomba 675 will be a better deal than the older Roomba 690. Sure, the 690 comes with a Virtual Wall Barrier, but since the 675 is also compatible with this accessory, you can easily buy one separately when you need it. If you have a bigger floor size though, the larger dustbin capacity of the Roomba 690 will definitely make cleaning more convenient. Also, the Roomba 675 is still sold directly by iRobot while the older Roomba 690 is only available through third-party sellers so expect the former to have better support.

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