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Roomba 670 vs 675 (2021): What’s the Difference?

iRobot’s pioneering smart vacuum technologies have become more attainable to many when they released budget-friendly models such as the Roomba 670 and the best-selling Roomba 675. Apart from their color and small price difference, how else are these two models different? We take a deeper dive into their features to help you better choose your next robot vacuum.

Roomba 670 vs 675 Comparison Chart

ModelRoomba 670Roomba 675
Amazon product Amazon product 
PriceAmazon product Amazon product 
RatingAmazon product
Amazon product 
Amazon product
Amazon product 
Weight6.7 lbs7.8 lbs
Suction Power600Pa600Pa
BrushesDual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping BrushDual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush
Control OptionsMobile App, Voice ControlMobile App, Voice Control
HEPA FilterNoNo
Intelligent NavigationYesYes
Mapping NavigationNoNo
Dirt DetectNoYes
Virtual Wall BarrierOptionalOptional
Runtimeup to 90 minutesup to 90 minutes
Charging Time120 mins120 mins
Automatic Docking and ChargingYesYes
Bin Capacity300 mL300 mL


The Roomba 670 and 675 differ in color but have similar dimensions

Roomba 670 vs 675
The Roomba 670 has a white faceplate while the 675 is black

Color is the only difference in the Roomba 670 and 675’s exterior. While the newer Roomba 675 is consistent with the newer Roombas’ darker faceplates, the 670 comes in white. Otherwise, all the physical controls, handle, and debris bin button are all the same.

They are both 3.6-inches thick so going underneath most furniture is not a problem for these robot vacuums. Their light-touch bumper serves as a cushion in cases where your robot vacuum comes in contact with your walls and furniture.

Mapping and Navigation

Both the Roomba 670 and 675 have intelligent navigation and can be set up with a Virtual Wall Barrier

Roomba 670
These budget-friendly robot vacuums work best on lighter floors and carpets

The Roomba 670 and 675 feature iRobot’s intelligent and cliff sensors that will keep them from bumping into furniture and falling off the stairs. Because of these cliff sensors though, your robot vacuum might mistake dark flooring and carpets as steps and not go to that area, thinking it will fall. This is something that commonly happens in robot vacuums and not just with the 670 and 675.

Since the Roomba 670 and 675 are only equipped with intelligent navigation and not mapping navigation, their vacuuming process might seem random at first. They still deliver their promise of pulling in dust and debris without problems though. If you want to block certain rooms in your house or want your Roomba to only clean one room at a time, you can buy a separate compatible Virtual Wall Barrier and set this up.

Cleaning Performance

They have the same suction power, but the 670 is not equipped with the Dirt Detect Technology

The Roomba 675 (right) comes with patented Dirt Detect sensors

The Roomba 670 and 675 have a suction power of 600 Pa and are both equipped with iRobot’s basic technologies and bristle brushes. Their Dual Multi-Surface Brush, Edge-Sweeping Brush, and vacuum suction comprise iRobot’s patented 3-Stage Cleaning System. They work together to make sure your floor is free from debris, dust, and hair.

One of the minor differences between the two is the Dirt Detect technology found in the Roomba 675. These sensors can identify areas with stubborn dirt and tell your Roomba to work harder on that area before moving forward to clean the rest of the room. The Roomba 670 is not equipped with this.

Both the Roomba 670 and 675 can run for up to 90 minutes on a full cycle. When they are running low on batteries, they will navigate back to their dock and charge. They both need 120 minutes of charging time to run a full cycle again.

Control Options

Their Wi-Fi connectivity lets you control them through a mobile app or smart assistant

You can use the iRobot App or connect your Roomba to Alexa or Google

Both the Roomba 670 and 675 are compatible with the iRobot HOME App that lets you control your Roomba wherever you are. You can also use the app to automatically schedule your cleaning for up to seven days and record your cleaning history. Just make sure your dustbin is empty though as you don’t want your Roomba spiling lint on the floor while vacuuming.

For a completely hands-free cleaning experience, you can connect your Roomba to either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


The minimal price difference makes the Roomba 675 the better buy

Amazon product

The two iRobot Roombas are both well-built, reliable robot vacuums at attractive price points. Apart from the color and Dirt Detect technology though, another difference between the two is the Roomba 670 is no longer sold directly by iRobot. Therefore, the best-selling Roomba 675 will have better support, even if it’s just from thousands of fellow 675 users you will find online. Since pretty much everything under the hood of the two models is the same though, the Roomba 670 is still one of the best options for robot vacuums at the same price range.

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