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Roborock E4 vs Coredy R750 (2022): Which Robot Vacuum Cleaner Wins?

Robot vacuum cleaners are a convenient and hands-free way to clean your home. If you’re in the market for one, the Roborock E4 and Coredy R750 are excellent choices. Both are entry-level models that feature powerful suction and integrated mopping capabilities. They’re also smart devices with support for voice controls. Roborock’s E4, however, edges out Coredy’s R750 when it comes to run time. It also takes the lead in navigation. Are these advantages enough reason to buy the E4 over the R750? Check our head-to-head comparison below to find out.

Roborock E4 vs Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Comparison Chart

ModelRoborock E4Coredy R750
PriceView at AmazonView at Amazon
TypeRobot vacuum with moppingRobot vacuum with mopping
Surface RecommendationCarpet, hard floorCarpet, hard floor
Runtime200 minutes120 minutes
Max Suction Power2000Pa2000Pa
Virtual WallsYesYes
Navigation TechnologyOpticEyen/a
Dustbin Capacity640 ml500 ml
Noise Level70 decibels45 to 65 decibels
Smart AppRoborock AppCoredy Robot
Dimensions11.81 x 11.81 x 3.03 in.12.8 x 12.7 x 2.77 in.
Weight7.94 lbs.11.82 lbs


The Roborock E4 and Coredy R750 are both sleek-looking robot vacuum cleaners.

Roborock E4 vs Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Design
Here’s a look at the Roborock E4 (left) and the Coredy R750 (right).

The Roborock E4 and Coredy R750 are both well-designed vacuum cleaners. Like other robot vacuums, they sport a round form protected by thick bumpers. Roborock shares that the E4 is constructed from durable plastic. It also brandishes a simple matte finish punctuated by power and docking buttons. Underneath, the E4 is equipped with rubber-coated wheels.

Coredy’s R750, on the other hand, boasts a flashier exterior. Its top-part features black and gold rays that give the robot vacuum its distinct look. There is also a Start button that doubles as an indicator light and a Wi-Fi reset key. Unlike the Roborock E4, the Coredy R750’s power switch is located underneath the vacuum cleaner.

Looking at the vacuum cleaners’ underside, you’ll find all the cleaning technology and navigation features. Roborock’s E4 and Coredy’s R750 have their charging contacts, sensors, wheels, and brushes in more or less similar locations.


The Roborock E4 beats the Coredy R750 when it comes to mapping and navigation.

Roborock E4 vs Coredy R750 Mapping and Navigation
Roborock’s E4 can plan a cleaning route (left) while the Coredy R750 is limited to setting virtual boundaries (right).

When it comes to navigation, the Roborock E4 has the advantage over the Coredy R750. Although it’s an entry-level model, the E4 is equipped with an intelligent mapping system.

For instance, the vacuum uses dual gyroscopes to detect changes in its angle of motion. Meanwhile, Roborock’s OpticEye technology provides the E4 with a laser and LED-based tracking system. Combined, the Roborock E4 follows a logical route, ensuring you’re not cleaning the same place twice.

With the Coredy R750, you will miss out on advanced navigation systems. As a result, it moves across a room in a random pattern. Fortunately, the vacuum cleaner can detect edges through its anti-drop technology.

Coredy also shares that the R750 can set virtual boundaries like the Roborock E4. This allows it to only clean specific zones and areas. However, the feature requires placing boundary strips for both Coredy and Roborock, which can be a bit cumbersome.

Cleaning Power and Accessories

Roborock’s E4 has a large dustbin capacity while Coredy’s R750 boasts more side brushes and an intelligent suction system.

Roborock E4 vs Coredy R750 Cleaning and Accessories
Powerful suction and integrated mopping systems are at the heart of the Roborock E4 and Coredy R750.

Despite their size, the Roborock E4 and Coredy R750 deliver powerful vacuuming capabilities. Both cleaners provide up to 2000Pa of suction power, enough to lift out most dirt and debris in your home. They also enjoy an integrated mopping system.

Of course, these robovacs can move between carpeted surfaces and hard floors. Here, Coredy has a bit of an edge, thanks to its Boost-Intellect Technology. It’s a feature that increases the vacuum’s suction power when working on carpeted areas. Roborock’s E4, on the other hand, wins with its larger 640 ml dustbin capacity compared to the Coredy R750’s 500 ml.

When it comes to brushes, the Coredy once again takes the lead. Its R3750 robovac features two side brushes, making it easy to loosen dirt and debris on both cleaning sides. Other than that, you’ll find a comparable main brush for both models.

The Roborock E4 and Coredy R750 are self-charging. Out of the box, these vacuums will come with a charging dock. Users can also buy additional cleaning tools and accessories, including HEPA filters, boundary strips, and replacement brushes.

Runtime and Smart Features

The Roborock E4 and Coredy R750 have comparable smart features. However, Roborock’s vacuum cleaner wins when it comes to battery life.

Roborock E4 vs Coredy R750 Smart Features
Set cleaning schedules and control the vacuum cleaners through voice commands.

While the Coredy R750 has more brushes and an intelligent suction system, it can only clean for so long. The R750 comes with a 3200mAh battery, which translates to about two hours of running time. Meanwhile, the Roborock E4 boasts a larger 5200mAh battery. This gives the vacuum about 200 minutes of cleaning time.

In terms of smart features, these robot vacuum cleaners have the basics. Both the Robrock E4 and Coredy R750 work with Google and Amazon Alexa. This gives you hands-free control over the cleaners. Through their partner mobile apps, users can also set cleaning schedules and modes for the E4 and R750.


The Roborock E4 is a much more capable vacuum cleaner than the Coredy R750. However, it’s also the more expensive of the two.

Roborock E4

The smart robot vacuum cleaner

Coredy R750

The more affordable option

Both the Roborock E4 and Coredy R750 are capable vacuum cleaners. Thanks to their sizes, they can navigate across rooms and under furniture quite well. They also boast powerful suction that can easily handle day-to-day light cleaning. However, the Roborock E4’s mapping technology delivers more efficient cleaning than the Coredy R750.

Yes, Coredy’s entry-level vacuum has an extra side brush and an intelligent suction. It works with voice assistants and has an integrated mopping system, too. Still, the lack of a navigation system means it’s more likely to clean in a random pattern and miss spots. Although it’s more affordable than the Roborock E4, you’re probably better off splurging on a robovac with smart mapping.


📌 What is the key difference between the Roborock E4 and Coredy R750?

Unlike the Coredy R750, the Roborock E4 comes with a mapping technology.

📌 Can the Roborock E4 detect edges?

Yes. The Roborock E4 features what it calls Sensient technology. Sensient keeps the E4 safe from drops and ledges.

📌 How much is the water tank capacity of the Coredy R750?

Coredy’s R750 has a water tank capacity of 300 ml.

📌 Are boundary strips included with the purchase of a Roborock E4?

No, they’re not. If you want to set cleaning zones for the Roborock E4, you’ll need to purchase the boundary strips separately.

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