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Respify vs SoClean 2 (2021): How Do These CPAP Cleaners Compare?

Even though sterilizing CPAP equipment is imperative for individuals undergoing CPAP therapy, only a small percentage of CPAP users are in the habit of regularly cleaning their CPAP machines. This is why automatic CPAP cleaners such as Respify and SoClean have recently seen a rise in popularity. These mess-free cleaners don’t use water and mild soap. Instead, they use activated air, or ozone, to kill 99.9% of bacteria that tend to grow in unsanitized PAP equipment.

SoClean’s claim to fame is it’s the pioneer in the automatic CPAP cleaning industry while Respify offers a more portable and affordable alternative to former. Find out below how they stack up against each other and which one better fits your needs. 

Respify vs SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaners Comparison Chart

ModelRespifySoClean 2
 respify CPAP cleaner
PriceCheck Price at Respify.comCheck Price on Walmart
Sanitization Methodactivated oxygen (ozone)activated oxygen (ozone)
Dimensions3″ x 3″ x 1.5″ (device)11″ x 11″ x 13″
Tote Bag18″ x 14″ x 3″ (folds to wallet size)N/A
Cleaning Time90 minutes5 to 10 minutes
Air Hose CleaningYesYes
FilterN/ACartridge Filter
Adapter RequiredNoYes
Free Trial30 days30 days
WarrantyN/AUp to 2 years

Design & Ease of Use

Respify is more travel-friendly and overall easier to use than the SoClean 2

You can bundle your Respify (left) cleaning device with a tote or get your own sanitizing bag or box

Respify and SoClean employ similar cleaning methods, but they have a couple of differences. For instance, Respify is a portable cleaning device that only measures 3″ x 3″ x 1.5″ and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. To clean your CPAP equipment using Respify, you can simply put them inside the bag, turn on the Respify device, and place the machine inside the bag. It will automatically turn off after 90 minutes of cleaning. The tote bag can also be folded so it can fit in your bag when traveling. If you feel the zipped tote is too cramped for all your accessories, you can alternatively buy a generic sealed tote box for more space. 

Meanwhile, the SoClean 2 also makes cleaning your CPAP machine convenient as there’s no disassembly needed anytime you want to disinfect your CPAP machine. You can also program the cleaning schedule so you can just put your mask inside the SoClean 2 every morning and forget about it. However, it requires an adapter so you can connect the CPAP hose to the machine. SoClean has included adapters for ResMed AirSense 10, ResMed S9, and Philips Respironics DreamStation, but if your CPAP machine is not any of these three, you’ll need to purchase a separate adapter. In addition, the SoClean 2 measures 11″ x 11″ x 13″ and is meant more for home use than traveling. 

Sanitizing Performance

Both Respify and SoClean use activated oxygen (ozone) to sterilize your CPAP equipment

respify vs soclean (2)Respify’s bag seals in the ozone that will kill germs, mold, and other bacteria in your CPAP accessories

Moist areas in your CPAP gear can cause mold and bacterial growth, which can consequently lead to your mask smelling weird  (at the least) and worse, respiratory issues. Some users undergoing CPAP therapy for obstructive sleep apnea reported getting sinus infections as well. To avoid inhaling harmful microorganisms, Respify and SoClean sterilize your CPAP equipment through activated oxygen, also known as ozone. Ozone is also used to treat and purify drinking water and air, so it’s generally safe when used properly. 

The downside to using either Respify or SoClean is the pungent smell which, albeit normal for ozone cleaning, can be unpleasant. This is why cleaning your CPAP equipment early during the day is recommended. This way, the smell is gone by the time you need to use the mask at night. It is worth noting that cleaning the CPAP machine itself using Respify or the SoClean 2 is not recommended if your machine is still under warranty. Ozone may corrode the machine, thus voiding manufacturer warranty. We recommend exclusively cleaning the CPAP mask, hose, reservoir, and similar parts if your CPAP equipment is still new. 

Maintenance & Warranty

Unlike the SoClean 2, Respify doesn’t need filter replacement, but SoClean offers a warranty while Respify doesn’t

The SoClean 2 will alert you once the filter cartridge needs to be replaced 

Definitely one of the reasons why some choose Respify over the SoClean 2 is its ease of maintenance. Respify doesn’t have a filter that needs replacement after a couple of months whereas the SoClean 2’s cartridge filter’s lifespan is only around 6 months, a little longer if you don’t use the SoClean 2 every day. 

Both offer a generous 30-day free return so you won’t be stuck with a CPAP cleaner that you don’t like. SoClean also offers a warranty of up to 2 years, so make sure to register your SoClean 2 and keep your receipt. For some reason, Respify doesn’t offer any warranty to its cleaning device. 


Respify is an excellent SoClean alternative 

As they both use the same sanitization process, Respify and the SoClean 2 do not differ in terms of how effective they are in sterilizing your CPAP machine and accessories. Each has its own key advantages, so it depends on your preference and budget. Respify has a more affordable price tag, is travel-friendly, and doesn’t need any adapters or filter replacements, thus making it an attractive choice for many. 

Alternatively, go for the SoClean 2 if you’re after a more trusted brand that has been in the market longer than Respify. SoClean’s 2-year warranty can give you the peace of mind that you’ll get support long after your purchase date. In addition, the SoClean 2 can be programmed to start cleaning at your specified time, so even if you forget to turn it on yourself, you’ll still have a sterilized CPAP machine and accessories come bedtime. 


📌 How do Respify and SoClean CPAP cleaners work? 

Respify and SoClean both use ozone (activated oxygen) to disinfect your CPAP equipment. Ozone has long been used for water treatment and killing up to 99.9% of germs, mold, mildew, and other pathogens on most surfaces. 

📌 Do you really need a CPAP cleaning machine? 

CPAP cleaners such as Respify and SoClean are worthy investments if you have a busy lifestyle or can’t be bothered to regularly clean your CPAP machine and accessories using water and mild soap. Failing to clean your CPAP machine regularly can lead to health issues and respiratory problems as you can breathe in harmful microorganisms that can grow in your CPAP equipment. If you think about the medical expenses these health problems may incur, you’ll understand why CPAP cleaners are a worthwhile purchase.  

📌 Do Respify and SoClean have a free trial? 

Yes, you can try them for 30 days and return them for free if you’re not happy with the machine.

📌 Why is Respify a lot cheaper than the SoClean 2? 

On its website, Respify states that it doesn’t deal with middlemen and sell directly to consumers. This is why Respify is only available on its website and eBay. 

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