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Razer Kaira vs Kaira Pro (2022): PS5 Gaming Headset Comparison

Razer continues to expand its lineup of gaming headsets with the Razer Kaira and Kaira Pro for PS5. These two headsets have a lot of similarities, from their design down to how they sound, but the Pro version comes with a couple more features and improved battery life. If you are eyeing the Kaira, should you go for the base model or go with the Pro model? Here is our Razer Kaira and Razer Kaira Pro review and comparison to help you decide.

By the way, there’s also a Razer Kaira and Kaira Pro designed for Xbox, but in this article, we’ll focus on the PlayStation versions.

Razer Kaira vs Kaira Pro Comparison Chart

ModelRazer Kaira Razer Kaira Pro
PriceCheck Price Check Price
Frequency Response20Hz – 20KHz20Hz – 20KHz
Resistance & Sensitivity32 ohms
32 ohms
Earpads FlowKnit memory foamPlush leatherette memory foam
Connectivity2.4Ghz wireless (USB-C dongle)
2.4Ghz wireless (USB-C dongle)
MicrophoneDetachable boom mic
Detachable boom mic
Haptic FeedbackNoYes
Battery30 hours20 hours (haptics/RGB on)
50 hours (haptics/RGB off)


The two headphones have identical designs with very subtle differences.

razer kaira vs kaira pro design
The Razer Kaira headset (left) has FlowKnit memory foam cushions while the Kaira Pro (right) comes with plush leatherette memory foam cushions.

At first glance, the Razer Kaira and Kaira Pro look exactly alike. However, upon closer look, you’ll notice that they have different earpad materials. The Razer Kaira comes with a FlowKnit memory foam cushion whereas the Razer Kaira Pro has plush leatherette memory foam cushions.

Another difference is with their headbands, particularly, the point where the headband meets the earcups. The Razer Kaira Pro has metallic brackets here which provide a nice contrast to the white/black/blue color tone of the headset. Aside from those, there are no other aesthetic differences between the two.

The two pretty much provide the same level of comfort even though they have different earpad materials. Both earpads are soft and feel nice on your skin, however, since these are closed-back headphones, heat trapping can be an issue. As for weight, the two are very light, with the base model weighing 0.73lbs and the Pro model at 0.80lbs. If you are in a well-ventilated or cool area, these headsets can be worn for long gaming sessions.


You get haptic feedback and RGB lighting with the Razer Kaira Pro.

razer kaira vs kaira pro features
Both headphones come with 2.4Ghz wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Razer Kaira and Kaira Pro are designed for use with PlayStation consoles, PC and mobile devices (Bluetooth). There are Xbox versions of these headsets as well since Sony and Microsoft use their own proprietary wireless communications. As for the Kaira and Kaira Pro for PS5, there is no difference when it comes to their connectivity. They both come with USB-C 2.4Ghz dongles and they can connect to other devices that support Bluetooth connectivity.

When connected via Bluetooth, you gain access to Razer’s mobile app. The app is not really essential to get the best out of these headsets, but it does offer EQ presets. As for the Razer Kaira Pro’s RGB settings, you’ll need to download a separate software for that, the Razer Chroma RGB app.

Aside from having RGB, the Razer Kaira Pro also comes with Razer’s HyperSense Haptic Feedback. With this feature, sound cues are converted into touch sensory feedback, allowing for better immersion while gaming. Some people see this as a gimmick, while others enjoy it very much. That said, it can be a bit fatiguing.


The Razer Kaira and Kaira Pro sound the same, but the latter has a longer battery life.

razer kaira vs kaira pro performance
The Razer Kaira (left) and Kaira Pro (right) have the same 50mm driver.

When it comes to sound quality, the Razer Kaira and Kaira Pro use the same 50mm TriForce titanium drivers that can be found on most of their gaming headsets. Both of them have a warm sound profile with surprisingly good bass. The bass is not bloated and they are balanced. The mids are also flat and accurate, so dialogue and sound on this frequency are clearly heard.

However, the treble region is where these headsets suffer. While the inaccurate treble will not be that big of a deal for gaming, it negatively affects music since the whole region has peaks and dips that can result in a veiled and sometimes harsh sound. Needless to say, these gaming headsets are better suited for gaming, and nothing else.

Battery life is great on both headsets. That said, the Razer Kaira Pro has the slight advantage here as it can last between 20 to 50 hours, depending on what settings are enabled. You get up to 20 hours of battery life if both RGB and haptics are enabled, up to 50 hours when both are disabled and somewhere in between if only one of them is turned on. Meanwhile, the Razer Kaira has a battery life of up to 30 hours, which is also good.


The Razer Kaira Pro is worth buying for the haptics alone, however, if you don’t really need that feature, the base Kaira is more than good enough.

Razer Kaira

Best for those on a budget

Razer Kaira Pro

Best if you want haptics

Choosing between these two gaming headsets will come down to whether you want the HyperSense Haptic Feedback of the Razer Kaira Pro or not. If you do want to have that feature, then the Razer Kaira Pro is worth purchasing. It also comes with RGB and a slight improvement in battery performance. However, if you don’t particularly care about the haptic feedback feature, save yourself some cash and get the base Razer Kaira instead. The two headsets sound the same and they have the same build quality and comfort.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the main difference between the Razer Kaira Pro vs Razer Kaira?

The Razer Kaira Pro comes with Razer’s HyperSense Haptic Feedback, RGB and an improved battery life.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Razer Kaira Pro have surround sound?

The Xbox version supports virtual surround sound, as well as Windows Sonic. The PlayStation version supports Sony’s 3D audio.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long does the Razer Kaira last?

The Razer Kaira has a battery life of up to 30 hours, while the Pro model can last up to 50 hours.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can the Razer Kaira Pro be used on PC?

Yes, you can use both the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the Razer Kaira on PC.

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