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Purple Hybrid Premier 3 vs 4 (2023): Which Hybrid Mattress Is Better?

Purple enjoys a loyal following of mattress lovers who vouch for the brandโ€™s innovative GelFlex Grid layer. The brand’s Hybrid Premier line is particularly popular and includes two of its most advanced offerings: the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and the Purple Hybrid Premier 4.

While both mattresses share certain features, they differ in construction, firmness, and overall feel. Below, we compare the two beds to help you out. And if youโ€™re wondering what a hybrid mattress is all about, check out our review of the original Purple and Purple Hybrid Mattress.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 vs 4 Comparison Chart

ModelPurple Hybrid Premier 3Purple Hybrid Prmeier 4
CollectionPremium CollectionPremium Collection
Mattress Height12 in.13 in.
CoverPremium StretchMax CoverPremium StretchMax Cover
SizesTwin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split KingTwin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King
Free ShippingYesYes
Free ReturnsYesYes
Trial Period100 nights100 nights
Warranty10 years10 years

Design and Construction

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 have the same design and layers. However, the latter comes with a thicker GelFlex Grid layer.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 vs 4 Layers
Compared with the Hybrid Premier 3 (left), the Hybrid Premier 4 mattress (right) has a thicker layer of GelFlex Grid

Purple’s Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 follow the design and construction of the Purple Hybrid Mattress. Here, the Purple combines its GelFlex Grid with a layer of coils. Unlike standard memory foam, the grid is made of a hyper-elastic polymer in a gel form.

Meanwhile, Purple calls its coil layer the Responsive Coil Core, made of individually-wrapped stainless steel coils. This lends the beds more ease of movement while promoting airflow. On all three beds, the Responsive Coil Core is 7.5 inches thick.

However, some sleepers will find the Hybrid Mattress too firm for their liking. With only two inches of Purple’s Grid layer, it prioritizes support over cushioning. The Premier 3 offers more balance thanks to a thicker, three-inch GelFlex Grid layer. On the other hand, the Premier 4 reduces firmness and support further with its four-inch GelFlex Grid layer.

Like the Hybrid Mattress, the Premier 3 and 4 sandwich its coil layer with one-inch layers of transition foams. They also come with Premium StretchMax Cover. As its name implies, the sleep surface stretches to accommodate the movement of the GelFlex Grid while drawing heat away with its moisture-wicking properties.

Firmness and Feel

The Hybrid Premier 4 is a considerably softer bed than the Hybrid Premier 3.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 vs 4 Firmness
Purple’s Hybrid Premier mattresses are responsive and adaptive, thanks to the GelFlex Grid

With a thicker GelFlex Grid, the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 is softer than the Hybrid Premier 4. It also delivers a more responsive feel. Since it comes with more foam, the Premier 4 also feels more cradling, especially compared with the standard Hybrid Mattress. The best way to describe the Grid’s feel is squishy and firm at the same time.

Heavyweight sleepers stand to benefit the most from the Premier 4. The mattress’s GelFlex Grid conforms to the body’s weight more evenly while delivering pressure relief. If you’re a lightweight sleeper, you may not reap the full benefit of the grid. In addition, stomach sleepers on the heavy side may find the Premier 4 lacks support, especially along the hips.

If you need a medium-soft feel, opt for the Purple Hybrid Premier 3. With a thinner, three-inch GelFlex Grid, you get a more balanced sleeping experience. It’s firmer than the Premier 4 but not too firm like the standard hybrid variant. As such, the bed is ideal for average and lightweight sleepers who want a cushioning experience without too much sinkage.

Both beds are also comfortable for side sleepers. Thanks to the unique design of the grid, these mattresses deliver targeted pressure relief.

Temperature Regulation and Support

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 are breathable and responsive mattresses. However, they only have average motion isolation.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 vs 4 Performance
The Premium StrechMax Cover on the Premier 3 (left) and Premier 4 (right) also lends a cool surface to the mattresses

Unlike traditional memory foam, Purple’s GelFlex Grid provides a breathable surface to sleep on. In addition, it features thousands of channels that draw body heat away. Like Purple’s standard Hybrid Mattress, the Premier beds also feature a moisture-wicking cover. If you’re a hot sleeper, the Hybrid Premier 3 and Premier 4 are some of the best mattresses to get.

As mentioned in the previous section, Purple’s Premier mattresses are responsive, thanks to the springy coil layer. Combination sleepers will benefit from this since it better accommodates a range of movements.

If you sleep with a partner or a pet, you may find the motion isolation between the two is average. They’re not too bouncy like an all-spring bed since the GelFlex Gred absorbs some movement. However, they’re not the best at isolating motion, either. If you’re still keen on buying a Purple Hybrid Premier, the Premier 3 has a slight edge at minimizing motion transfer.

Fortunately, you get more than ample edge support from these beds. Purple’s Responsive Coil Core layer extends to the perimeter of the mattresses. As such, sleepers who like to rest on the edge of a bed will find the Premier 3 and 4 have minimal sagging.

Durability, Noise, and Off-Gassing

Purple’s Premier Hybrid 3 and 4 are durable, quiet, and non-toxic.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 vs 4 Other Features
A look at the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 in use (left) and the GelFlex Grid as it adapts to the sleeper’s body on the Hybrid Premier 4 (right)

Purple uses hyper-elastic polymer for its GelFlex Grid that’s both soft and firm. Since it’s a gel-type of memory foam, it easily conforms to the sleeper’s body. However, once pressure is removed, the grid regains its original shape and form.

The grid’s air channels are also less likely to break down over time. In contrast, the air pockets in traditional memory foam tend to lose shape with frequent usage.

While the Premier 3 and Premier 4 are hybrid mattresses, their coil systems aren’t noisy. Sure, they’re not as quiet as the original Purple Mattress. But they’re not squeaky, even when bearing a sleeper’s weight.

If there is a downside, these Purple Mattresses may have a mild odor out of the box. It’s something typical of any memory foam mattress. In the case of the Hybrid Premier 3 and 4, the off-gassing issues fade away quickly. Plus, the GelFlex Grid is CertiPUR-US certified and made from nontoxic materials, so risks of chemical exposure are minimal. Moreover, the grid is made from recyclable material and is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic.


If you want a balance of support and comfort, opt for the Purple Hybrid Premier 3. However, heavier sleepers will benefit more from the Purple Hybrid Premier 4.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and Purple Hybrid Premier 4 mattresses are recommended for sleepers who prefer a softer feel.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 provides a thicker layer of the brand’s patented GelFlex Grid, resulting in better contouring and cushioning. It also comes with a higher price tag. On the other hand, the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 offers excellent comfort and support but with a thinner layer of polymer material, making it slightly firmer. Itโ€™s also a more affordable option. Ultimately, the choice between these two mattresses will come down to personal preference and budget. 

However, if you prioritize a softer, more luxurious feel and are willing to spend more, the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 is a great choice. If you prefer a firmer mattress and a more budget-friendly option, the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 is an excellent choice that still offers many of the same benefits.


๐Ÿ“Œ What is a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are a type of mattress that combines two or more different materials to provide a unique sleep experience. Typically, a hybrid mattress will feature a combination of memory foam, latex foam, innerspring coils, or other materials.

๐Ÿ“Œ Where are Purple mattresses made?

Purple mattresses are made in the US.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does Purple sell adjustable bases?

Yes. Aside from mattresses, Purple also sells the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does Purple offer financing options?

Yes. Purple has partnered with Affirm for financing options.

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